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It is the end of May and the last Real Grade kit we had came back in January in the form of the RG Wing Gundam EW. Is it just me or are these things coming further and farther between? This newest RG happens to be from 00 Gundam which is a good sign seeing as the RG 00 Raiser is the best RG there is. Will the 1/144 RG GNT-0000 00 QAN[T] be more of the same?

The 00 Qan[T] has a very distinctive face and it is represented well on the box art and manual cover. The back of the manual shows the marking guide.

Also found in the manual, cool poses and a spelling error.


Let’s move on to the runner breakdown.

A runner:

Mix of colours here with the only yellow parts found on this runner. Also worth noting is the lighter blue colour.

B runner:

Advanced MS Joint 7. This looks to be the same runner as the RG Exia.

C runner:

The other mixed-colour runner. Here be the red parts.

D runner x 2:

E runner x 2:

F runner x 2:

These are the darker blue parts.

G runner:

A third frame runner?

H runner x 2:

Transparent green parts for all those joints and also the GN weapons.

There are some unexpected elements here such as the extra frame runner parts but I won’t know what that means for the kit until I get it snapped together which will happen very soon.

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  1. Josh says:

    Hey syd, I’m genuinly looking forward to your build! Good luck!

  2. Manus MhoolTaar says:

    Is this RG already out? Cant’ t wait to get this one!!

  3. Paul says:

    The G runner looks like it’s for the backpack. Speaking of which, wonder how they engineered the huge shield without compromising the balance of the kit.

  4. r/hg lover says:

    I took a look at the manual. It seems the arms are more like HG this time. Maybe because of his massive sword. Looking forward to your review.

  5. Innovator says:

    Do you can actually have both symmetrical arm? The blue runners seems to have two armguard .

  6. Alex B says:

    So there is no small transparent base that was in the previews =(((

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