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It has been five and a half years since the release of the MG 00 QAN[T] a kit that still maintains its popularity due to the success of the anime. That kit was one of the first reviews I did on this site. Since then so many more kits have been released including the whole new Real Grade line and this suit has found its way back again as the RG GNT-0000 00 QAN[T].

Overall Look: 8/10

I think at a glance it would be hard to tell the difference between an RG Qan[T] and the MG version. The RG version does have what I consider to be slightly better proportions. The asymetrical look still catches the eye but if asymetry isn’t your thing then it might be hard to appreciate this kit particularly in the upper body, for instance, the arms.

But if you like MS that sport a shield as part of their design, ala a Zaku, then the Qan[T] might be the best shield-carrying suit around.

You can make it symmetrical if you like, though.

More on this later.

If you like the look of the Exia and 00 Gundams in the joint areas, which Bandai designed using green effect parts then you’ll also like the Qan[T] which seems to have those in abundance.

And check out the elbow joint.

That is done with a sticker, similar to the first RG but it looks much better here (and has a better chance of staying).

And I should mention that he carries around his GN Drive.

Maybe not as cool as the Exia’s but it’s still a nice touch.

Colors: 9/10

The colour scheme always throws me off a bit. Is it a predominantly white MS with blue or is it the other way around, a blue suit with a lot of white? Regardless, it’s an RG so that means more colour separation when it comes to the blue and white armour parts, something that would have made the MG look much better in my opinion. The red and yellow parts are very few so it’s the green parts on the suit and when on the shield that add the extra colour some might feel it needs.

Weapons: 9/10

Yes, there is a shield but it is part of the MS so we are going to talk about that in more detail in the Build Design section of this review. Right now I’ll go into more detail about the GN Sword and the Sword bits.

That sword is massive but Bandai at least helps you attach it to the Qan[T] using a little tab that plugs into the arm.

Still this isn’t really going to help you when it comes to posing this thing. Bandai gives you something else for that!

The Sword Bits come in pairs with each bit having a small handle that can flip around depending on how you want to use it.

These handles allow you to have the Qan[T] hold the Sword bits in his hand if you like but I don’t know of anyone who would choose to do that over the other configurations available to you.

By flipping the handles on some of the bits the other way you can combine them.

Then mount them on the shield.

There even small tabs fitted inside the sides of the shield that can pop out allowing you to connect the bits.

Slap on your preferred bit.

And assume a fearsome stance.

Can’t see the length of the sword here.

That’s better.

You can mount the bits in various ways.

Admittedly, I did not play with this to its full potential.

But probably the coolest part of all is how you can combine the bits onto the GN Sword. Rotate the barrel of the sword 90 degrees.

Attach combined bits.

It may take a few minutes to learn the proper alignment of the bits but once you have them on there they look pretty impressive.

However, while you are trying to determine what is correct or not you need to be careful because the hook on the frame part that is key to holding these things together is not that strong.


Articulation: 9/10

Even without any weapons in hand the 00 Qan[T]’s balance is compromised due to that shield however the Qan[T] holds itself up pretty well. The leg joints are flexible and strong and unlike the MG kit the movement of the legs isn’t inhibited much by the side skirts. Those actually move out of the way towards the back of the kit, similar to side skirts on Strike Freedom kits, rather than up to the side.

They may run up against the rear skirt armour, though.

The knee bend isn’t inhibited by the large blue armour piece on the back of the legs because that moves as much as it needs to.

There is a limit to how high you can raise the right arm due to that white armour piece that hangs down from the shoulder.

The wrists also have a lot of movement both forwards and back.

Even the shield moves quite a bit.

Now we can talk about the shield in more detail.

Build Design: 9/10

The shield can be positioned several ways ranging from hanging out to the side over the left shoulder to being completely centered in the back.

This allows you to control somewhat the center of gravity when you’re doing your poses as well as move it out of the way if you’re playing with the weapons.

It also can flip up so the gadget inside can be used/seen.

It is designed very well and I never felt like the shield compromised the integrity of the kit as a whole. After experiencing both RG Wing kit and now the asymmetrical (there’s that word again) Qan[T] I have to admit that Bandai does something right when it comes to making their RG kits solid.

Another area worth mentioning is the arm assembly. What makes it interesting? Well, the fact that you don’t use the included RG arm frames for one.

Instead you assemble the frame for the arm using a combination of the E and G frame runners. When I looked into the box of the Qan[T] originally I did find it intriguing that the frame parts came on three runners. Now I know why.

This is the part of a review where I do most of my bitching but I don’t have many complaints when it comes to the design of this kit. I had mentioned some problems I had with the handles on the GN bits but I’ll also mention here that the V-fin can come off too easily.

This happened a few times while I was taking pictures for this review.

One other complaint I have is on the left shoulder. The piece you drop in to form the edge has the gate marks facing out instead of in. I actually tried to assemble that shoulder with the gate marks facing inwards where they would be hidden, which makes the most sense!, but the fit only works one way so when your shield is not directly over the left shoulder you may see some unsightly nubs.

Fun Factor: 8/10

It is hard for me to rate this category in a way that is fair so I will just come right out and say that I don’t much care for the 00 Qan[T] MS design. I don’t dislike it, but it doesn’t touch me in the way other designs do and especially other designs in the RG line. For me, it’s the weakest of the big three 00 designs so I didn’t go into the build with high hopes for an RG of it. Then again, the Exia was an MS I didn’t give too much thought to but really enjoyed the build and the 00 Raiser was another suit design that I wouldn’t name as among my favourites but the RG build of that suit is amazing. Maybe them’s the breaks for this kit. It’s a good kit, most likely worthy of the RG name, but it comes after kits like the Wing Gundam Zero and Astray Red Frame and just before the Sinanju. Maybe it’s a victim of bad timing.

The new concept such as the new design of the arms made the build memorable and I know I’ll have to take some time to enjoy what the kit can do with the included weapon stand (spoiler!) There is room for it to grow on me. I mean, look at some of what it can do.

Extras: 10/10

All the standard RG stuff is here. Extra hands, stand adaptor, and the markings.

I’m sure once I get them all applied he’ll look that much better.

You also get armour parts that aren’t used in the build but can be if you wish to. Basically you can build the arms to look the same way either with the blue armour piece or without.

And I guess if you need some extra RG frame arm or skirt parts then this kit will help you out.

But, of course, the best extra here is the included mini stand that you can use for your GN Sword.

The end of it plugs into a hole in the side of the handle of the GN Sword

If you have it extended to its full height you can get some overhanded sword-chopping action or you can bend it at the first joint and have the Sword spread out in front.

I did find that sometimes it was tough to get the stand flat.

But turning the sword handle and adjusting the arm angle fixed that.

This is where people have to decide for themselves if this kit is for them and hopefully I’ve helped with that decision. If you are a Real Grade fan then the decision is easy. The RG concept is solid and each kit holds to that high standard with the 00 Qan[T] continuing that. This is a much better kit than the MG and there is a lot to like here, for 00 fans especially. This could be the last 00 kit we see in RG for some time so don’t pass it up if you’re a fan in any way. It is better to build and know the kit than to not build and always wonder.

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  1. Alex B says:

    “It is better to build and know the kit, than to not build and always wonder”

    True words of gunpla wisdom!

    • Sablenk87 says:

      Becarefull, That’s not a wisdom, that is a curse all hobbyists have to face. It’s like “Better regret of buying it than regret of don’t have opportunity to buy it”.
      I’m waiting it to arrive anyway,

      • Alex B says:

        It might be a drug, but at least it’s legal =D

      • Lusat says:

        Hey, it’s what I did with the HWS for the Hi-Nu ver. ka – don’t even have the Hi-Nu yet but when I saw the HWS available for less than other sites it was a no brainer.

        …and then I got transferred to another city for a year -.- NO REGRETS!

  2. HBSK says:

    I don’t know why,but that GN Sword seems to be wrong

  3. yacoob says:

    Hmm, it really doesn’t look like an RG – more of a slightly more detailed HG. Weird.

    • Innovator says:

      I’ve always heard that people are complaining about the lack of details on 00’s kit . Well , the hg kits from Gundam 00 is not that old. Even for bandai , it’s probably hard to add more details to something that is already good . Same goes for the upcoming RG Sinanju .

      • Manpig says:

        My honest opinion is that they are trying to save money by having less color separation.

    • sumo.monkey says:

      yeah i agrees, i think it lacks that RG signature realistic look also i think the plastic’s kinda dull compared to other rg’s but then again maybe it’s just me or is it because im looking at a picture?

    • Kiko says:

      I totally agree. It doesn’t really feel like an RG. It felt like most recent RG releases are just HG with innerframes. :/

      I also noticed that the arm and leg armors lacks details comparing it to RG 00 Raiser.

      • AzzKe says:

        00 raiser have more of that ‘gundam’ design. it looks like a machine that can move anytime while 00 quanT is more of a clean, sleek aesthetic design. it doesnt look gundam to me, more like an alien hybrid ms. in terms of articulation and quality,it has an RG feel and i can say one of the best. definitely beats astray base with my exp on both kits

    • gorogo says:

      just typical bandai, saving cost by degrading the RG line up with less color separation, less detail but more p-bandai release with add-on & other versions to come!

      • S2 says:

        This kit is mostly blue and white and both the blue and white areas have colour separation. Do we need colour separation on the two red parts and 4 yellow parts?

  4. Tyhato says:

    If you had a choice to choose only between this kit and Rg Exia, who would you choose?

  5. Ian says:

    An issue I heard about the MG was that it’s torso would lean due to the shield’s weight. Have you experienced any issues like this on the RG?

    • S2 says:

      Actually, the kit is pretty solid even with the shield on. I do find it’s legs tend to splay out a bit under the weight sometimes.

  6. Belades says:

    Wow, no parts for Trans Am Burst? That’s really disappointing. I found it disappointing enough that the MG was missing a couple yellow chest parts for it (that I remember seeing in promotional photos before the MG release), but for the RG not to have it AT ALL? That really feels like a Premium Bandai setup.

  7. Jose Paulo Acyatan says:

    Just hope they consider having Lockon’s MSs.. they deserve atleast an MG release. Zabanya would be great as an RG kit..even Dynames

  8. r/hg lover says:

    I think you should add this into the rg kit reviews, just to be fair with other releases.

  9. pipoy says:

    i found a workaround for the v-fin
    just put some double adhesive around that peg and stick it on the head
    mine doesn’t fall off anymore
    it’s not permanent but quite sturdy

  10. Stephen Crawley says:

    I just noticed in this review (and then went to check some of your other RG reviews) that you don’t have the decals on in these pictures. Do you not use the decals at all? If you do not use them, what do you do with them? Throw them away? Keep them in the box?

  11. halcyon42 says:

    This RG has been the most finicky RG I’ve built to date, hell, not even the RG Zaku II and Aile Strike were this much of a plastic handgrenade. The joint connectors for the arms immediately got stress marks when I attached them to the torso, the small GN condenser things on the arms always pop off on me (Ended up gluing them down.), the shield never wants to stay in, and the swords are so finicky it’s annoying. Sometimes I think I actually got a bootleg. Does anyone else have these problems?

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