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Have I forgotten? With the release of the MG Freedom 2.0 and the excitement of the Shizuoka Hobby Show I didn’t realize that I hadn’t yet posted the next WIP in the MG Zeta 2.0 build. So let’s take care of that now.

So this is how it starts. With the Zeta you know it has its Wave Rider form which means the backpack is a big set of wings. To start you build the center.

Once together the long blue part will pivot. You have some red and yellow parts to add to that.

I have a joint of some kind to make.

It sits between two armour parts that go on the outside of your assembly so far.

Okay, so now we work on the wings.

These red parts join and lay inside the large blue wing parts.

Here you can see the peg that runs in the groove directing the wing as it folds out.

Here’s the finished wing.

Here it is folded out.

Now to hook this onto a frame part.

Then fold it in.

This long frame part then lays inside a longer blue armour part.

Opposite of that you have this blue part.

Your completed wing lays inside that latter blue piece.

Here’s how it lays in on one end.

And the other.

So here is one almost-completed full side.

Watch the wings in action.

You do have to put the red end part on and a piece to cover up that opening.

Not bad for an eleven year old kit.

This thing will need to change position depending on what mode the Zeta is in so for that you construct a joint.

Once attached to the wing it can fold down.

It holds in place thanks to a little tab on the underside of one of the frame parts.

Now to get these things onto the Zeta. First that center assembly.

Then you have two points on each side you attach. The manual shows you how it’s done.

That looks like the Zeta we all know and love.

Now I’ve got some weapons to assemble and then some transformations to try.

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  1. James says:

    Will Zeta 2.0 get a full review?

  2. Papiyoh says:

    Syd, hope you can give a review for this kit. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      He has. Check the MG reviews.

      • Leopold Fieseler says:

        The review archives are fragmented. Nothing since the Freedom has actually made the long term listings. They still exist on the server, but they can’t be accessed from the main index.

        At least, that’s what I could tell from two hours in the archives.

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