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Didn’t the first 1/100 Graze come out something like five years ago now? It’s only been seven months? My how time flies! That means it’s taken this long for Bandai to release the 1/100 Graze Kai? Shame on you, Bandai. This is the coolest Graze there is. In 1/100.

Just look at that massive shoulder cannon.

As cool as all those extra new Kai parts are…

what I’m more interested in are the parts to make a Ground Type Graze.

All the runners are marked 1/100 Graze.

Even the new one with the custom parts and the cannon.

The build has you assemble the Kai leaving out the old graze parts. Of course you assemble the frame first.

Once that is done you can start on the armour.

You have some things to add to make the Kai head.

That yellow piece requires an almost all yellow sticker.

This actually goes on covering up the normal Graze eye.

Now for the top armour piece.

Looks like some kind of dinosaur to me.

The armour for the arms is the same as the regular Graze.

But you’ve got to assemble the shoulders using the white parts.

These slide on fairly simply.

Looks alright.

Now for the new backpack with that single, large thruster.

Standard rifle and axe.

But now for the fun part. The shoulder cannon.

Two handles?!

Then you get to get into these runners.

Assemble two of these contraptions.

Note how the small piece will move along the a rail they’ve moulded in.

This piece can swivel from one side to the other.

When you go to put the armour on you’ll make each one face the opposite of the other.

You’re making one for each shoulder, after all.

The cannon will attach to whichever side you want to use.

But now the moment I’ve all been waiting for. Assembling the ground type parts! Note the manual shows it as if you’ve got the regular Graze, though you’re not given the parts for the backpack.

Start with the feet.

So much better than the high heels.

Then the upper leg armour areas.

You’ll make the opposing sides by putting the cover in a different piece on each one.

One of these for each leg.

And now the very simple backpack.

This little bar can open and close.

Latching together with a piece coming down from the top.

And a sweet sword!

Here are the Ground Type sections all together.

That’s not a bad haul.

So how does each version of the Graze Kai look?

About as awkward as I feel the normal Graze looks. I do like the shape of the white parts though.

Now let’s attach one of those new shoulders and the cannon.

It’s so huge.

It can be tricky to get the hand to grip one of the handles. I had to take the assembly off and set it up there first before putting it back on.


So if I want to change my Graze Kai into a regular Graze to make the Ground Type I have to not only take off all those white parts but I have to reconstruct the head.

That wasn’t so hard.

I also need to swap out the chest armour.

Much better.

Those are my kind of feet.

The sword across the back is a nice touch.

Much cooler than wearing it on your hip, in my opinion. If you’re a mecha, anyway.

So here is the set.

It’s a pretty good deal. You end up with the ability to make three different types of Graze units (except for those missing backpack parts?!). That’s a lot of value in that small MG size box.

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  1. Manpig says:

    I’ve definitely got my eyes on this kit. Is it possible to mash both variants of the kits and make a Graze Kai Ground Type? Because if so, i’m definitely doing that to differentiate it more from the regular 1/100 Graze.

  2. Bocalt says:

    Bandai’s move on the line is very strange. I mean the ground type didn’t even make it as a HG kit nor can it be done with the expansion packs. Moreover the color is all wrong as the ground forces aren’t green. Won’t complain about the extra provided parts but it sure seems strange. Now as the line progresses(reborn as Full mechanics), this frame and the similar Grimgerde’s haven’t been reused at all for a 1/100 Helmwige Reincar or Regingraze…

    • Pablo says:

      Well with the upcoming Option Set 9 (that comes with the Ground Type feet and backpack) all you really need right now for that HG version are the hip thrusters from the Ritter and the sword from Option Set 4. And a lot of painting.

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