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As much as I love the original trilogy, I would be hard-pressed now that so much time has passed, to recall from memory a scene featuring the 1/72 A Wing Starfighter. Amongst all the starfighters and Imperial ships in those giant space battle scenes the A-Wing gets overshadowed by pretty much everything. Except for maybe the tennis shoe in Jedi. I’m serious, it happened. Look it up.

That said, when your favourite model making company makes a model of even the smallest Starfighter it’s worth checking out.

For such a small fighter there are some big pieces on this runner.

And in this model, maybe to make up for the tiny fighter, we get a tower from the Death Star.

The base looks huge on the runner.

Here are the stickers, and yes there is an identical sheet of waterslides if you prefer those.

One thing that is worth noting, and I feel could signal something very important, is that there is noticeably a large amount of English text in the manual.

Maybe circumstances involving distribution of these models and the limitations therein will be changing…

Who the hell is this guy?

He’s totally flat. One-dimensional.

Like some of the people I meet in this country. Bazziinnng!

Let’s make a cockpit.

There’s that English again.


Of course, you’ll have to put on those tiny dashboard stickers.

Take that very large body piece.

Insert some small edge pieces.

And then this part on either wing.

Drop in the cockpit and close it up.

The first of the brown parts goes on next but you’ve got to insert two small white parts first.


That drops on along with the larger brown part.


Now you continue on the back side.

You’ve got two sides to put on along with the bottom brown pieces.

Next you put in the pilot and choose your cockpit.

So I have to choose between my canopy lined with a small black plastic rib or a canopy lined with a small black sticker? Um. okay.

Now for the rear wings. You first place the clear round parts on top of round white parts before inserting them into the middle of the rear wing.

That’s as far in as it goes.

You’ve got a brown piece to place on either side of the each rear wing but the piece on the outside has a small black part that needs to be inserted as well.

To join these wings you need to assemble the centre area.

Reminding me of the feet of the R2 model you have two small black hoses to put in place here.

Now put these two small thin pieces together.

This then inserts into the centre piece.

To get the rear wings on here you have to slide them on lining up a groove and slat.

This doesn’t actually snap into place but instead just sits there. It’s not until you attach the full rear wing assembly to the body of the A Wing that it all holds together.

That does it for the body of the fighter but you’ve got some weapons to attach here.

Just two of these.

I need to note that the end of these weapons are covered by a brown sticker. You couldn’t design it to use two small brown parts, Bandai?

if you wish to have this baby sitting on its included base you need to cover up some areas on the bottom.

Here’s the base. Just drop it on there.

All these pieces are used when you have the landing gears on.

I’ll leave that for now and put that cool tower together.

Starts with the turret. There are two guns on the assembly uses quite a few parts.

That is pretty cool. The rest of the tower is four sides and a base.

Let’s try to get some better shots to show this off.

And here is the A Wing Starfighter.

I went ahead and did a rough panel line job with marker.

So many rivets.

What happens when the Starfighter and Tower meet?

A fly-by apparently.

Let’s pull off the bottom pieces and put on the landing gears.

A nice low, sleek profile.

But what do I do with one-dimensional man?

Is he a member of the crew?

Or a tourist?

I guess we will never know.

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  1. Jason says:

    Considering it was an A Wing that crashed into the bridge of the Super Destroyer which bright it crashing into the Death Star II I’m surprised you don’t remember it.

  2. Kaigame says:

    too early, and i can’t read, exactly what you just said 🙂

  3. unnownrelic says:

    I’m going to make a guess that the flatperson is a “for-scale” silhouette like you’d see in a scale diagram picture

    • Jason says:

      Probably true.

      Scaling is the only real failure I have seen with the Bandai Star Wars line. The pilot sizes are completely inconsistent from one kit to the next in the same scales. If you compare the 1/72 X-Wing pilot to the 1/72 TIE pilot the TIE pilot dwarfs the X-any pilot. Compare the 1/144 Boba Fett from the Slave I kit to the various figures for the 1/144 Millennium Falcon and Fett ends up being a midget in comparison.

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