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I often get questions about the tools I use and I answer as best I can so when people would write me about the nippers I would always answer I use these. There are a couple of reasons why I like them. First, I like having that curve to allow me to get into some tight spots and second, they were easily available to me. Then came the God Hands. Or, more correctly, my awareness of God Hands.

Mineshima’s God Hand nippers are impossible to get a hold of because they purposely don’t make enough. I’m not kidding here! If you’re lucky enough to be on Facebook at the time a batch is announced, or if you’re at an event where they have a booth and you have lined up early the first day, you may be able to almost get close to possibly getting a pair of God Hands. Many builders find this unfair or just plain ridiculous.

Hobbyco, an Australian company, likely felt the same way and so went ahead and made their own godly nippers, the Ultra Premium Nipper.

Curiousity getting the better of me, I wrote the people at Hobbyco asking about these and they were kind enough to send me a sample to try out.

You’ll notice some Japanese on the package. This made me think they were a Japanese product but that’s not the case. These babies are Australian born and bred.

They have a very solid spring on the inside which provides enough resistance that you’ll be making slow precise cuts rather than quick sloppy ones and, unlike with the Tamiya nippers I usually use, that spring won’t fail and cause your nippers to have no spring back at all.

The blades are flat, something that didn’t take me long to get used to, and quite sharp slicing through the plastic with ease leaving minimal gate marks.

Yes, I’ve been using them already. I had to try them out on the A-Wing!

I have tried the God Hands, a prized-possession of a friend of mine, and the feeling of the Ultra Premium Nippers is very close to those and, probably more importantly, the cutting result on your model is identical. Any modellers lamenting their inability to get a hold of God Hand Nippers will definitely want to look at Hobbyco and their modelling tools.

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  1. Ray Gonzales says:

    Where can I buy one???

    • Luke says:

      From They are called Ultimate Nippers.

      • christian says:

        99 AUD with less 10% discount plus flat shipping of 50 AUD for international order. I guess only people from AU can get to enjoy this since this might end up same or more expensive than Godhand

      • S2 says:

        There may be some confusion about which nipper I’m discussing. As far as I remember, the Ultra Premium Nippers retail for 49.99 AUD. Unfortunately they seem to be sold out.

      • Ray Gonzales says:

        I tried the link it’s says acess denied.. It is because they’re out of stock

      • Luke says:

        Ah apologies. Their version of Godhands are the Ultimate Nippers. Odd that your link says access denied as even when something is out of stock it is still on the site, just out of stock. Still listed on their wholesale page so no idea what’s going on.

      • christian says:

        I guess that is a misunderstanding, i searched for Ultimate nipper as you said and saw it at 99AUD.

        Opening your link, I actually experience the same. I cant open it, access denied. Searching for Ultra premium nipper return NO results

  2. Ragnaroc05 says:

    Have you heard of the premium nippers from GundamPlanet? They have the same set of features as those and I’ve loved them. I was lucky enough to get a set from reddits gunpla groups secret santa program and haven’t looked back.

  3. David says:

    when i was in tokyo, i went to the kotobukiya store in akiba, and got a pair of “koto god hands”

    they work wonderfully, and i think they’re about as close to a god hand as i’m ever gonna get. any thoughts on these, and if they stack up to the hobbyco?

  4. Martin says:

    These look just like the Gundam Planet Nippers, which look just like G-Temple GT-02 nippers from Asia, which look just like the HG Fine nipper by Wave sold in Japan. I suspect that they’re all re-branded versions of the same single-blade nipper and sold in different regions.

    I have the HG Fine nipper by Wave Corp. and they cut pretty much identical to what I’ve seen the other nippers cut from reading/watching reviews. They retail for 2200 Yen which is much cheaper than what I’ve seen the other nippers go for when shipped to the US, but unfortunately it’s listed as discontinued on HLJ.

    • Ray Gonzales says:

      Those are pretty cool I looked it up on the website might just get that one cause it’s cheaper

  5. Charlo says:

    I use the Tamiya Sharp Pointed Side-cutter. They are very good, precise, sharp and are small and light enough for my 10 year old daughter to use them properly as well. Can’t really complain about them, though I have never tried the Godhands, wish I could get a pair someday 🙂

    • Tony says:

      I have both the Tamiya Sharp Pointed Side-cutter and God Hands and almost always use the Tamiya cutters as they cut just as well and have a longer cutting edge. I got my God Hands from a show last year in Tokyo, I didn’t realise that they were so hard to get. The booth had heaps.

  6. scid says:

    hey syd..why dont hlj brings them in. I’ve been wanting the god hand but getting the is ridiculously hard. even hlj order stop once they come in.

    • Manpig says:

      He wrote in this post that Mineshima purposely doesn’t make enough Godhand nippers. So if they don’t make any, how do you think HLJ can restock them?

  7. Jack says:

    It’s a little annoying that a pair of nippers become so hard to find. It’s a necessary tool for modelling and I’m getting a little tired having to win the lottery for the chance at obtaining a nipper. It shouldn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars and a good one should be available readily

  8. Kenny says:

    Check they have them in stock and ship internationally

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