Gaijin Gunpla

Being a big fan of the Zaku II 2.0 kit and also being a fan of exclusive kits means one thing; I can’t stop myself. It doesn’t help when it’s white. Thus another of these cool kit has ended up in my hands. This time it’s the MS that was piloted by Eric Mansfield.

This kit comes like pretty much all the MS-06R MG kits but as this is a visual blog me telling you that in text just doesn’t cut it so here are some quick shots.

Check out those water-slides.


This Zaku’s colour scheme is a little different in that it’s not all one colour so in the box you’re getting all the same parts as you would with a regular MG but the runners are broken up due to the different colours.

Oh. This takes me back!

As do these.

The frame isn’t the same grey that I’m used to seeing on the MG Zaku 2.0 kits but instead looks to be a darker almost metal-ish colour.


The manual gives you the colour shot.

And of course the marking guide is on the back.

If that’s tough to see here are some better pictures.

Often I pick up these exclusive kits but don’t get a chance to build them right away and then they end up at a bottom of a pile somewhere or I end up giving them away. However, I have a plan for this one and maybe it’s a good one. I hope to follow through with that in the very near future. Well, not very near as in tomorrow but very near as in the next month or so. Maybe after my trip to California at the end of the month. If I’ve recovered. And nothing else big comes in. Definitely before the RG Sinanju in August.

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  1. Antony says:

    Hey Syd, just wondering if you have any recommendations as to where to order P-Bandai stuff?

    Is there any chance in the future HLJ will start to stock any P-Bandai Kits???


    • S2 says:

      Bandai doesn’t wish to sell the p-bandai stuff through the normal channels and distributors don’t get them either so the only place to go for people outside of Japan are the resellers such as and gginfinite. They show up in eBay as well, I hear.

    • Brian says:

      Antony, never ever EVER buy P-Bandai from eBay or Amazon. No way Nataku is worth $150ish. Try Mandarake (you’ll have to know how to type Katakana for best results) and Nippon-Yasan for past P-Bandais like Noir, Nataku, etc. I use Nippon-Yasan frequently and they have fair prices if you preorder early (got a Tallgeese III and Nataku (individually) for under $50). Genteikits is also great (imo better shipping at GK). GG often has coupons and ship from CA (if that matters haha), so they’re a viable option if you don’t have any or would rather not buy from abroad (got the RG Strike Freedom Effect for $30ish with shipping I think).

      • antony says:

        Awesome thanks Syd and Brian I will check those retailers out! Thanks for your help. I live in New Zealand BTW, and HLJ is such a good good site to order from!,,??????

  2. Toby says:

    Those red stripe water slides for the spikes look good…

  3. Tag says:

    I was looking at one of the earlier Donate and Win’s, from February, and in that one you gave out the Robert Gilliam’s Zaku, and you mentioned that this kit and that one came with some double runners. I was wondering, does this Eric Mansfield one come with enough extras to make a second spiked shoulder? Like an extra round piece and three extra spikes?

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