Gaijin Gunpla

I swear I’ve seen this before. Was it this? Or maybe this? Could it be both?

Yes, it looks like the newest exclusive Origin HG kit is a cross between the Zaku II and the Dom. I am not complaining!

Here are the runners labeled as Origin MSD MS 1.

And those labeled as High Mobility Zaku (though it’s in Japanese).

And the stickers.

I don’t remember this being fun. I remember it looking cool but not necessarily being fun.

But wait, there’s a new set of foils here.

Ya, I didn’t use them.

Poly-caps and Zaku Machine Gun round out the kit.

I don’t think I need to show you how to assemble it so instead let’s look at some nice images of the completed kit (complete with some changes from me).

That sticker on the side of the leg is large enough to cause some problems going over that rounded surface.

The shoulder sticker has a similar issue.

I found these long thin stickers easier the second time around.

So what little changes did I make or what things did I add? Well, for starters I added my S2.

The S is an upside down 5 with the corner cut off.

I also added some of the leftover red areas from the sticker sheet to the bottom of the toes.

I could have used the foils they provided there but thought I’d go a different way.

Some of the extra red from the sticker sheet also went on the Zaku Machine Gun.

I think it looks decent.

I put the piping on the head on upside down to is droops down instead of coming up.


Origin HG’s for the win!

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  1. Frankon says:

    You need some serious BALLs to fight against this Zaku. Preferably some orange ones ^^.

    Serious mode. God dammit Bandai… Why P-Bandai????

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