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We knew it was only a matter of time. Bandai having the rights to make models of anything from Star Wars meant that,sooner or later, we would see something from the prequels. I was hoping for a 1/12 Darth Maul but instead for the first prequel kit we get the 1/12 Clone Trooper.

I’ve assembled the 1/12 First Order Stormtrooper and both the 1/12 Stormtrooper and Sandtrooper from the originals (need to get those up) so the idea of a Clone Trooper didn’t really excite me much. Bandai, to their credit, did try to make it interesting by having both the Phase I and Phase II Clone Troopers in this kit.

Runners look just like what we are used to seeing.

I thought these lonely gray parts were kind of cute.

The small sticker sheet is here too.

Additional interesting little gimmick is the macro-binoculars.

The manual follows up with what we saw with the A Wing, namely some areas you need to ‘Check’ which are indicated in English.

They also have new icons that indicate you are not to cut certain areas off with your nippers.

The build starts with the head of the Phase I and then you build the body and the weapons before finally building the Phase II head so you’re only swapping heads.

I couldn’t do it that way.

After completing two heads the assembly of the body went quickly. I managed to get this built a little over an hour though I’ve still to build the Macro-binoculars and have to apply a few stickers, but before I show the (almost) completed kit in its Phases let me first admit to something.

I was not aware that there was a Phase I and a Phase II Clone Trooper.

Being a big Star Wars fan ever since I was a kid you would think I would know everything there is to know about the prequels and the Clone Troopers but that isn’t the case. I think in my deep place of disappointment after Episode I, I wasn’t really paying too much attention to the thousands of CG white dudes running around for two movies. Well, now I know and I’ve built them both. Do I have a favourite?

Well, the Phase II looks like the Storm Trooper we all grew up loving so at first my eyes are drawn there but I think I actually like the Phase I better just because it’s different than any of the other Troopers. If I had to choose one I think I’d go with the I. So let’s start there.

Clone Trooper Phase I

I try to appreciate this as a model kit and not think about the awkwardness of some of the prequel stuff. The assembly of the Phase I head, and the Phase II’s for that matter, are a little more intricate than the previous Troopers.

Clone Trooper Phase II

This is more like what we are used to seeing. I think having a cross between a Phase I trooper and the Storm Trooper is an interesting idea though it may have been unnecessary.

Clone Trooper going through a phase.

This guy just can’t decide what he wants to be.

You get a pretty long rifle and the short rifle and each Trooper can use both.

I would have to say that the build of the Clone Trooper has some novelty to it and was more than I expected. Truthfully I expected this kit to be a clone of the Storm Trooper (pun intended) but that is not really the case. Differences in design in areas such as the elbows and ankles leads to a much differently designed model kit.

There may be more parts to this kit than the previous Troopers. I may have to count.

Whichever Phase you choose I am sure you’ll enjoy the kit and when you get bored you can just swap heads and shake things up.

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  1. Alex B says:

    Nice! Now we need some commander kits.

  2. Manpig says:

    I wasn’t aware there was a Phase I and Phase II clone trooper either, so you’re not alone there Syd. Although I can be excused as although I love Star Wars, i’m not addicted to it and don’t know a lot of things. Although, it’s held back due to the fact that i’m actually a fan of the prequels.

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