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At the time of this post going live I am in L.A. enjoying (hopefully) some great weather. I’m here for the first week of the month so I’ve prepared the Donate and Win post for July but don’t worry, I’ve also chosen the winner and will be contacting them but please, Mr. Winner, be patient. I can’t ship until my return. Thanks to everyone who participated in the June 2016 contest.

The prize for this month is another recent, highly sought-after exclusive kit, the HG Hi-Nu Gundam Influx! I love the Hi-Nu MS and so ordered this one without thinking if I’d have the time to actually build it. Rather than hold onto it indefinitely where it would get lost in what is called the backlog-blackhole I thought I’d offer it to others who would be really interested in it as well.

Let’s glance inside the box.

It’s actually quite a thick box which makes sense given that the Hi-Nu is already a massive suit and now it’s even crazier. I mean look at this.

Here are the box contents.

These things are massive.

Plenty of funnels.

The frame is the cool Gun Metal colour that Bandai sometimes whips out for special kits.

More Fin Funnel crazy parts.

Like with previous Donate and Win kits I can’t really give you a better look at the box contents because I’m not opening the plastic bags. That’s for the lucky winner to do. Instead I’ll post some of the images Bandai used to promote it.


Just like last time, to join in this, and to help me out while doing so, all you need to do is click the ‘Support Gaijin Gunpla’ button I put into the right sidebar right below the comments field.

Thanks again everyone and good luck!

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  1. HBSK says:

    Still hating that this is the only way to get the Kampfer Amazing Machineguns. Where are you,Model Legend, FPM?

  2. Novasmair says:

    It’s so beautiful!

  3. Chris Lin says:

    I think I’ll just keep donating monthly lol, great posts!

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