Gaijin Gunpla

Until now all the HG kits from Gundam The Origin, except for the HG Guntank Early Type, were from the Zeon faction. No more! We’ve now got a new HG Gundam The Origin MSD Local Type in stores and on my workbench (aka, the floor). I’m not too sure what to expect from this kit though with it being a local type I guess I can’t expect too much. I live in the sticks.

I’ll give a quick runner breakdown.

Two A runners?! You can see that they’ve got the frame and armour parts for one leg and one arm on each of these runners. There also appears to be two yellow chest pieces but I don’t think I’m going to need both.

B runner and Beam saber blades. B is for Beam Saber.

C and D runners.

G runners and the poly-caps.

The foils are in this shot as well.

Plus these!

That is a lot of markings for such a small little Gundam.

So the question is, what kind of build will this be? Can I expect more of the same great builds that the Zeon kits from Origin feature? Will it be like the Revive RX-78-2? Follow along and let’s find out together.

We start with the torso. The lower part of the torso to be more precise.

The ball-jointed piece fits in at a precise angle and won’t go anywhere.

The neck joint is similar to the other Zeon Origin kits.

I put both into the armour piece for the back of the torso.

The shoulder poly-caps then go in here. Note they swivel up like the Revive Gundam and not forwards like the Origin kits.

Add the main front torso armour and then the chest vents along with the cockpit hatch piece.

Add the collar as well here.

The backpack consists of three parts.

Next up, the head. Lay the eye sticker onto the red piece adding the face mask here too. But look! You’ve got a clear red visor to put over the eyes at this stage.

You also add the small sticker for the forehead but that sticker seemed much smaller than the space it was required to fit in.

The rear sticker is more appropriately sized.

Here are all the parts for the main section of the skirt.

Center block and front skirts. I cut them into two separate pieces.

Side skirts. Simple enough.

That was easy.

Here are the frame parts for the arm.

It’s nice to see a new look or effect on that elbow piece.

Lay that frame into the armour parts.

We are doing the left arm first which has a larger blue cuff. More on that later.


Combine those.

You can see you’ve got the two saber handles to put on here.

Difference between the arms.

Not bad articulation.

Here come the feet.

Those big clumsy things.

They assemble a little differently than what I would expect.

You plug this frame part into the poly-cap then bend it back.

You then add a second frame part to complete it.

Here is the knee joint.

Drop that into the back piece for the upper leg, which comes from the A runner. The front thigh armour comes from the B runner. Just thought I’d let you know. Now a hip joint.

Note how the knee frame parts fit onto the lower leg armour piece.

The front armour section is one long piece which you have to place in before closing up the lower leg.

Add the side sections next.


He’s not ready yet.

He’s got a submachine gun.

And a shield.

This is kinda cool.

I’ll just hide behind it.

You’ve got to place the beam saber handles on the shield before you can attach it to the arm.

I have two parts left over?

This is the runner they are found on.


And here he is.

Man, I think this guy really needs the sticker. I better get started on that.

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  1. Bocalt says:

    Kindly advise why you think its so expensive compared to revive and origin kits…

    • S2 says:

      I think it has something to do with what bandai plans to do with the molds. The origin kits so far have been relatively cheap but that’s probably because they’ve reused many of the molds multiple times so costs for each kit are lower. This is the first kit of its kind in the Origin line and I don’t really expect many more like it.

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