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I, for the most part, love the Ver. Ka Master Grade kits. Sure, I haven’t yet built all of them (I’m just missing the MG Ball Ver. Ka.) but each one I have built has been a fun experience. Like all other grades and series some releases are better than others but so far the MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.) looks to be right up there with the good ones.

Box art is the Ver. Ka standard and, like the RG art, I hope they never change. There is just something about these kits.

The side of the box shows the ‘naked’ MS.

But then it shows everything.

Oh… My… God…

I also love Ver. Ka manuals!

That first page unfurls to reveal…

…so much stuff!

I also noticed right then that the build starts with the base.

You know it’s a big/heavy kit when you start with a base.

Marking guide!

Yup, like other Ver. Ka kits over the past couple of years the markings are done with water-slide decals.

Included in the bag with the markings are these interesting things.

These are called Frame Cover (thin) and Frame Cover (fat). These will go over the elbow and knee/upper leg frames after they are assembled but before the armour goes on. Awesome.

Here’s the manual list of all the runners.

Three pages!

Aw, what the hell, I’ll show you them all!

Runner A

Runner B (x 2)

Runner C (x 2)

Runner D

Look at the details in the hands!

Runner E (x 2)

Runner F (x 2)

Runner G

Some larger pieces on here.

Runner H (x 2)

Runner I (x 2)

Runner J and J2

Some details from there.

Runner K and K2

And that base.

Following all that are the Poly-cap runner, Beam Saber blades, and the foil stickers.

What a huge stack of stuff!

It starts tonight!

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  1. Fury-S12 says:

    Man im so torn about this kit, on one hand ridiculously loaded kits like these are my jam love it but i just cant bring myself to love the core ms here the “naked ms” just does nothing for me

    still keen to see the build

  2. Paul says:

    “I haven’t built the Ball”

    You should fix that. Honestly one of the most fun builds I’ve ever done.

  3. Charlo says:

    I have just finished my HG FA-78 Thunderbolt and think it’s awesome. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I wish I had enough money to order another one, would be really cool displaying both the ‘naked’ and the full armor next to each other, maybe one day ?!

  4. Lewis says:

    Looks great!

    Out of curiosity, for someone who has only built RG Gundam kits at this point, how tricky would a Ver. Ka MG be for someone like me?

    • S2 says:

      This kit is tricky. The WIP posts will explain in more detail. After reading those you’ll be better equipped to make a decision on if it’s for you or not.

    • Fury-S12 says:

      MGs are generally easier purely because the kits bigger so the pieces are too, complexity wise they are about the same imo if you can do an RG you can do an MG, plus the amount of decals RGs have will prepare you for Ver Ka nicely

  5. Guzi says:

    I’m from the Philippines and I’m desperate and in badly needing of shoulder joint parts. I accidentally broke both shoulder joints. If anyone of you guys can point me as to where I can get/order the parts I need, I’ll be forever grateful to you. I need two sets of these parts – B32, B43, B23, B25, B26. Or two runner B’s. This is my first Bandai kit and I felt awful when I broke them. Please help me. 🙁

    • Carl says:

      Hi therr Guzi, so sorry to hear your broken parts 🙁 You can try performing a Google search for what you need, you can use the keyword “gundam replacement parts.” I’ve read some posts about it and you have to email Banda directly for the replacement. Some have mentioned getting their parts replaced for free but it will take a while. I’ve accidentally broke mine as well and waiting for Bandai’s feedback. Good luck!

      • Guzi says:

        Hey Carl, I’ve tried every corner of Google but to no avail. I am currently waiting for Bandai’s reply with my email. Hopefully they reply to me though. As of now, I am looking for someone with a kind heart to lend me the parts of the FA I need so that I can cast them (which I’ll still need to look on how to). But of course, having fresh replacement parts is way better.

      • Carl says:

        Thanks for the suggestions, I haven’t seen them during my search on replacement parts. I just joined the FB group and will monitor from time to time if there are scrap parts for my kit.

    • Paul Emical* says:

      Have you tried the service offered by Gentei Kits?

      There’s a queue system you have to submit to, and I don’t know if it’s still running (the web page is up, anyway), but I think it’s worth a try.

    • AscendantEvincar says:

      There’s a local Facebook group of gunpla enthusiasts called Bandai Gundam Philippines. I just saw someone selling scrap parts for this particular kit. Not sure if it’s still available as of the time of writing this comment (FB is blocked at work). If you still haven’t got replacements, give it a look.

    • Gerald says:

      I also broke one of the arm piece when I was trying to wrap the plastic cloth around. :/
      the B32 ring is broken and super gluing it didn’t work since it keeps breaking again.I’m desperate to find a replacement! I was even wondering if there was any cheaper kit that would share the same part. Any suggestion?

      • Guzi says:

        @AscendantEvincar, I’ll check it out after shift’s over. I sure hope that there’s still a chance for my 6 month unfinished Full Armor Gundam due to those broken joints/pegs.

        @Gerald, I’ll get back to you when I found our luck with this situation.

      • Gerald says:

        Thanks! I’m a bit desperate. I’m building the guy with this wonky right arm for now (the frame cloth is holding it in place somehow). Good and bad thing is guy is a new mold…

      • Guzi says:

        Hi guys! Any luck with our FA verka?

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