Gaijin Gunpla

Lots of comments on the last post which just shows how excited and interested people are in this kit. With the Mobile Suit done it’s now time to prepare the full armour but before I get to that I thought I’d show something that was handed to me.

A neat little promotional flyer for this monster of a kit.

Inside it’s got a lot of the images found on the box and used in promotions.

That is a lot of stuff.

The back also advertises the P-Bandai Expansion Unit “Weapon & Armor Hanger’. Yes, I am interested.

It also shows an advertisement for the Summer Gunpla Expo in Ikebukuro which is happening from August 11th to 14th.

The MG Psycho Zaku Thunderbolt Ver. will be revealed there?! Guess I know where I will be August 11th. It’s going to be insane and, I’m just going to throw this out there, this Psycho Zaku could be the equivalent of an MG Zaku 3.0.

So where was I?

Oh yes. Preparing the body armour for my Thunderbolt Gundam.

Start with this frame piece and a bunch of missiles.

Add covers to hide, or just protect, those missiles.

White armour parts finish it off.

Next up, prepare the chest covers.

On this kit Bandai has done an excellent job of making sure you can’t confuse which way is up on some parts. For example, they have two grooves which take the red vent cover part.

The proper red part can only fit in one way.

There are two optional covers for these vents.

I elected to put these on. For now.

The armour for the lower torso is next.

These fit connect to the underside of the chest vent sections.

Now for the cockpit hatch armour.

That finished up the body armour for the torso.

The shoulders are next and for those you first put together two of these thruster-heavy assemblies.

After those are assembled the rest of the armour is just put on the kit as is without any assembling needed. As I’m not ready to armour my kit yet, and am only preparing to, I skipped this step and left these parts on the runners.

Thus I moved on to the leg armour.

That is the knee joint. It, surprise!, houses more missiles.

Now to prepare the armour for the feet.

Those little red parts you see can pivot outwards like claws. Those are also found on the heels.

Skirt time!

All four assemble the same.

The side skirts are slightly different.

I also prepped the skirt centre parts.

Here is everything!

That actually didn’t take too long and I expect actually putting it on the kit won’t either. There’s something else I need to prepare now.


That monster of a backpack start with these three rather large parts.

It’s interesting to note that this part slides down.

Put these two parts together.

And drop that into the backpack.

Next add some parts to the front and bottom.

It’s just a big rectangle. heh.

Two large arms are next starting with these parts.

You then make two claws for those two arms.

Connect these together.

You’ve got one more section to add on there.

Wait, there’s another section. These things have many steps.

Oh wait, not done yet.

Now they are done.

But I do have two more frame parts that go together.

These aren’t part of the arms that I just showed. They are for something else. Drop these into the large white parts fitting like so.

Into that large white part you will drop your arm assembly.

Here they are completed. Check out how that arm slides out.

Add some thruster covers.

Those long tanks are next.

This frame part goes into the end of the tanks before closing it up. Note the shape of the top portion of this piece. Like the leg thrusters you are meant to drop a sticker over top of that.

And like with the thrusters I’ll pass on that for now.

Add all the red.

Up until now you’ve assembled these large things at the same time.

For these you’ve got one more frame/joint to put together.

Note the movement.

Now it’s time to differentiate right from left. Start by putting on a frame part that can mount a beam saber handle.

At the top add this frame part.

Connect that funky joint.

When you first put it in it does not lay flat.

You’ve got to push it down with a slight click to get it flat.

Now you have to push this red piece into the white piece.

It’s quite deep but with that open side it wasn’t difficult. Drop that onto that frame part.

Repeat the process for the bottom.

This white part does not have an open side so pushing the red part all the way down, until you get the click you’re told to listen for, can be tough. I had to use my tweezers.

There you go.

When I put together the other side I changed tactics and put the red part on the frame and then pushed the white part down on top.

It worked much better.

So here are the two completed sides.

To get these onto the main part of the backpack you place them into openings and slide them down into slots.

Look at this thing!

There is more to the backpack of course, but seeing as I was going to put the weapons in a separate post, the rest of the backpack assembly involves weapons, and the fact this post is quite long already coupled with my running out of time at this moment, I’ve decided to leave the backpack weapons for the next post.

Add a little suspense.

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  1. Frankon says:

    Looks like a realy fun build. Im kind of sad that i had to pass on this kit (ill get it on some other restock date) cause the Winner ! ( used up the rest on my budget for this month.

    Btw Syd. Was that crest the only thing that needed painting? If so shame on banda for not providing the part in color or stickers.

  2. Charlo says:

    I am really excited for this kit but still cannot understand the P-Bandai Expansion Unit ‘Weapon & Armor Hanger’ as so far I have only seen the images of 2 additional guns. I think that the expansion unit will include some ‘hanger’ where one would be able to hang the additional armor, shields and weapons though I am still not sure and unfortunately I do not read Japanese 🙁 Can someone give us ‘non-japanese’ a heads up on this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the Psycho Zaku is probably going to be based on the 2.0 frame because that’s what the internal frame looked like in the manga and OVA.

    • Frankon says:

      Well 2.0 frame isnt design to work with the covers, So maybe 2.5 frame?

      • Anonymous says:

        Now that you say that, yeah, it’ll probably either be a redesign of the 2.0 to work with the covers like a 2.5 version or a new frame that resembles the 2.0.

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