Gaijin Gunpla

These WIP posts are quite in-depth with a lot of reading required so I hope those of you who have made it this far have enough left in the tank for one more go around. The last post saw us go through the Full Armor and backpack assembly and this final WIP post is dedicated to…

Those weapons.

Leading off this marathon are the shields.

Yup. Four of them.

Here is what I need to start.

As that shot of the manual showed you just lay those orange parts onto the red parts onto the white parts.

You will need frame parts as well.

You first have to lay the handle in place along with some smaller pieces.

This gives you little claw like grips on the bottom of the frame parts on the back of the shield.

Now push this into the long groove at the top and slide it down.

Four times.

Now I have a Twin Beam Rifle to assemble.

You have a scope sticker to put in here so I recommend placing it first before assembling this section.

Now you have a handle to insert and the hand guard to put on the front.

Now for those twin barrels.

You know what is awesome? The orange on the barrels is done with plastic and not stickers.


Now these large blue parts that I noticed at the beginning of the build are finally coming into play.

You have two stickers to put in here as well.

Lay those barrels in there.

Add more orange plastic.


There are two more frame parts, similar to those found on the shields, that go onto a large white piece.

This can slide like those on the shields.

Check out this thing!

Now for the Rocket Launcher.

Again a handle.

On the other side you will add a handle exactly like the one you placed on the Twin Beam Rifle.

I am going to wait for the review to show the Full Armour going on and the final product. Along with everything I assembled I will be taking these parts.

I will not need these.

Here I prepare for the trip to the studio.

Mr. Full Armor is ready for his closeup now.

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  1. Sablenk87 says:

    At least the shields are less frustating than Nu ver.Ka’s funnels, to be honest, seeing wip part by part makes building this kit less frustrating than i think it would (seeing how much of parts that should be assembled).
    Well my kit is still in the “air”, and i think i will build it part by part like your wip, a slowly build but surely will enjoy it

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