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Once again I failed to resist picking up some rare stuff. This time there are three of them but they don’t come in a set. That means I had a choice of which of the three I wanted but ended up buying all three anyways. Gentei is my crack.

These three go together like three slightly different peas in a pod so I thought I’d introduce them all together in this one post and then when I get around to building one or more of them I’ll have a category for each of them. The three in question are:

HGUC 21st Century Real Type Ver. RX-78 Gundam (based on the HGUC Revive RX-78-2 Gundam)

HGUC 21st Century Real Type MS-07 Gouf (based on the HGUC Gouf)

HGUC 21st Century Real Type RX-77 Guncannon (Based on the HGUC Revive RX-77-2 Guncannon)

Let’s look through them one by one starting with the RX-78

Plastic is all recoloured but what surprised me is the large amount of water slide markings. Lots of the recolour to the Real Type scheme is going to be done with decals on this kit.

I would almost prefer the Realistic Stickers in this case.

Next up is the Gouf.

Digging the retro art work here.

Plenty of water-slides here too but in this case it seems to be mostly for trim and not recolour. I may hit this one first.

Last but not least, the Guncannon.

Again quite a few markings here.

These Real Type Colour kits may take a while.

I hope to get to one of these soon but there is some good stuff coming this month (MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Ver.!!!!!) so they may be delayed. Priorities!

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  1. Luis says:

    Love the boxart!
    Man if I’d known the came with waterslides I would have been all over them!

  2. Phillax says:

    Man the Gouf looks awesome!

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