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Of all the TIE Fighter designs the Interceptor was, and still is, my favourite. I was never given one during my childhood so instead I switched the wings on my Darth Vader TIE Fighter so it kind of looked like an Interceptor in a really lame kind of way. Well, I now have my own Interceptor thanks to Bandai’s newest Star Wars kit!

No, I haven’t yet built any of the TIE Fighters that were among the first releases from Bandai so I don’t know how much this one differs. I’ll get to those eventually (they are under my desk) but there’s no way I’m going to be building them before the Interceptor. Most runners are for the new Interceptor.

But one at least is from the previous kits.

Check out this runner.

On the first TIE kits they molded the black and grey wings as one piece on the runner and you needed stickers to cover up some of the black gate marks. Here they’ve gone a different route and the result is much better. Those black parts will be wedged in with these.

Like usual you get a set of stickers and matching water-slides.

Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of stickers here?

You get this guy too!

Still haven’t figured this out.

The build starts with the the TIE Fighter pilot (Yes, I had the Kenner figure) in his little seat.

Set him up with the controls.

Now for the ball that makes up the body of the TIE fighters.

See those little triangles molded in there? You’ve got to sticker them.


Some go on the opposite side as well.

And once you close those together around the seat you’ll never see the stickers again.

The ball sits inside the large parts that make up the body/arms.

You can use a clear piece and a sticker or the supplied grey/black parts that don’t need a sticker but are hollow.

Always choose an option that doesn’t involve a sticker. (Well, almost always.)

A couple small parts go up top on either side.

And there is a piece for the bottom.

There is a hole here for the stand that you can cover with a supplied stand but this Interceptor is not going to sit straight if you lay it on a surface. You can’t get by without the stand on this one.

Small parts next.

Now for the wings. Lay the black parts into one of the large grey parts.

Lay on the other grey part.

Along the edges place more grey pieces.

These will hold the wings together.

On the ends of each wing place the weapon.

Everything is assembled.

See, it doesn’t sit up.

You’ve got some bad posture there, Mr. Interceptor. Here, take this.

After finishing the assembly I looked to put on the stickers.

Yuck. This is an issue with some of these Star Wars kits. Bandai has you place stickers over surfaces that are quite pronounced. There’s no way the sticker wraps around properly. After cringing in disgust I removed these stickers.

There were a few I put on.

Let’s have a better look at this bad boy.

Okay, it doesn’t really do much but I am satisfied.

6 Responses so far.

  1. ndhoel says:

    I dont really like the color scheme.
    I’ve built the first order special forces tie fighter, it look better.

  2. Lewis says:

    Looks alright, but I’ve always preferred TIE defenders

    • Wolfbane says:

      To be honest I wish the Phantom TIE had more releases and such…or the TIE Avenger from TIE Figther (the mass production version of Vader’s TIE Advanced x1).

  3. Wolfbane says:

    Well, if this was pre-Disney, you could have a selection of good pilots, Baron Soontir Fel, Turr Phenir, Tan Maarek Steele, among others (though you could have some Rogues from Rogue Squadron who infiltrated using TIEs of various types).

    I have an old Revil Interceptor model and to be honest, I like this one much better. ^^ And if I recall more accurate on the cockpit too.

  4. Krytios says:

    I LOVE the TIE Interceptor. But then, I love all the classic TIE fighters. They were so innovative in their day. No movie or show had invented anything like them before. I used to like the Phantom TIE, for example, until it hit me that some designer just attached the Millenium Falcon’s cockpit to a three-winged version of the interceptor.

    Anyhow, these Bandai kits are amazing. I’m so hooked on their Revive, Origin, and Iron Blooded Orphans gunpla, and of course, all the Star Wars stuff. They are making me poorer every day!

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