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The second season of IBO hasn’t started yet so while we wait Bandai has released the Astaroth Origin from a side story. No, despite having the first release Astaroth (I can’t call him the original one) in my pile I haven’t built him yet so maybe I’m assembling these out of order. Or maybe I’m assembling them in the correct order. We need time travel.

I’m sure many Gunplars are wondering what is borrowed from the first kit and what is new so let me state here that the only older runner is the A runner.

It is designated as HG 1/144 IBO Gundam Frame 4. After that all runners are designated as Astaroth Origin but there’s another thing I wanted to point out. So often in kits you are given two of the same runner. Usually these include the parts for the arms and legs or anywhere there are two identical parts used in the assembly. That is not the case with this kit. While the parts are the same, they are on different runners and indicated with different numbers. Sure the feet are built ‘x 2’ but that’s because all the feet parts come on the one runner rather than two identical runners, however the sides of the knee, for example, are indicated as E11 and E12 for the right leg and B7 and B8 for the left leg. This was rather surprising and I can’t remember when I’ve seen something like this before. If I have it was some time ago and I’ve forgotten. Now that that observation is out of the way, let’s proceed with the build.

The torso assembly starts, to no one’s surprise, with the HG Gundam IBO frame 4. You grab one of the larger pars and insert the white collar.

Put in the two shoulder poly-caps and then add the back frame part to close it up.

Now to add the main support part for this torso along with its poly-cap at the bottom.

Close that up and cover the top with a nice dark red piece.

Pepare the chest plate by inserting a white part into a red part from the back and then those go into the maroon-coloured part.

You have a sticker to add here.

The sticker is large enough that it covers some of the little recesses that are moulded into the plastic. Bandai has added lines to the sticker to represent those recesses so you need to be careful lining things up.

There’s the torso.

And here’s the head.

Inserting the small square peg on the white part into the small hollow meant for it on the frame part was not easy. It was just so small that I found my fingers getting in the way.

Add an even smaller red part onto that and then place it between the head frame parts.

Now for the armour.

Another tiny white part finds a home in the back of a red part. This time it’s the V-fin.

Drop that onto the head from above and it is complete.

Okay, now we have some arms to assemble. First assemble the upper frame of the right arm.

A frame part goes in between the larger red parts which make up the shoulder.

These then plugs onto a tab sticking out of the frame.

Next assemble the frame for the lower arm.

Cover it with the red parts for the forearm.

Now you have a sticker to wrap around it.

Really? Check out the contours of the piece that needs the sticker.

This is going to take some patience to get lined up properl.. all done!

A small frame arm assembly is added next.

Join your shoulder and arm together.

But your arm is not complete. You’ve got a wing to assemble.

And while you’re at it, a sticker to put on.

Repeat the process for the left arm and wing and then your upper body is complete.

The feet, as mentioned before, are x 2.

Your poly-cap is supposed to be inserted this way.

I recommend inserting it so the opening points towards the back. You can adjust is later when you plug in the frame.

These two parts require stickers.

The stickers wrap around again.

With the sticker on you plug those red parts onto larger red parts that together make up the heel.

Join the front of the foot and the heel to the frame.

Now for the right leg.

This is an HG kit but like the most other IBO kits in the HG line there is a frame in there. Similar to an MG you construct the leg frame joining upper and lower legs at the knee.

Here is the hip joint.

One small frame part slides on the top from the back.

Armor will go on the front but you’ve got a sticker to put on it.

Place the poly-cap in the bottom of the leg and apply the long front armour piece to hold the poly-cap in.

Apply the armour for the sides of the leg.

Once those are on you have a sticker to wrap around and a thruster to add.

I couldn’t get a black piece just to slide on here? I had to use a sticker?

Add the foot to finish the leg assemble then build the left leg.

The skirt construction starts with these two frame parts.

Add the parts that make up the rear skirt.

Followed by the parts for the front.

And now for the side skirts.

These parts may look the same but they aren’t identical so be sure to put the correct part on the correct side.

I’ll add my completed upper body to this.

He is missing something.

The large backpack is three parts with a fourth being the piece that will attach it to the Astaroth.

Now for a sticker.

Let’s jam that on here.

That completes the suit but I’ve got a couple weapons to assemble.

That looks like a giant shotgun.

That looks like a hand to hold the giant shotgun.

It looks like Bandai doesn’t provide the armour part for this hand. You have to take it from another hand.


Here is the Sledgehammer.

Once it’s together the Nanolaminate sword can slide inside of it.

You can even join the Shogtun and Sledgehammer (and Sword) together using an connector.


This can then mount onto a side skirt.

All right! My Amazing Red Astaroth is complete!

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  1. Steven says:

    Wow, thanks for the quick build and images of it Syd! I am really looking forward to picking this thing up, though some of the sticker placement is really….urgh.

    *scrolls up*


  2. JonMallinson says:

    Looks like a fun build that will really benefit from a little paint and panel lininh.

    • Danforth Vista says:

      IBO kits having frames is a much easier paint job than the usual HGs out there. You can paint the armors after making a quick build, and they also offer a large number of separated parts, which avoids masking a particular part to much.

  3. Cloudrunner62 says:

    This is the first IBO suit design that appeals to me.

  4. Limerickli says:

    The question is: will it transform? Curious to see what’s the wing-on-shoulder is all about. Are they really wings or are the shields? Or some sort of giant cleavers of some sort? Do they move? I need to know!!

    • Danforth Vista says:

      They are some sort of gliders. Btw, AO is not a transformable MS or whatever, the cockpit in the backpack serves more like a binder.

  5. Bocalt says:

    I’m really enjoy Ippei Gyoubu designs, there’s a bit of something for everyone and Bandai is making a great job at giving detailed hg and 1/100 (Kimaris variations), His designs here are a bit of a throwback to the G Arcane but damn he is delivering mechas which are both playfull and still taken seriously

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