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I’ve got a whole Sinanju body! I just need that monstrous backpack which almost happens to be the size of a body on a regular MG kit. Have a mentioned this guy is massive?

First up, the massive fuel tanks.

These are actually a step up from the MG kits, I think. The four grey vents on the RG kit are done by inserting two small parts that combine to make an X shape.

Some people may feel they need to remove the seam lines. I haven’t committed to doing that yet.

Now to assemble the frame of the upper thruster.

The silver piece is meant to lay inside in a specific position.

You can see that the thruster part of it can slide outwards.

Now you can slide the red armour and white part on.

The red part slides on with a bit of a click and once in can be pulled back slightly.

When I pushed the white part on however the red piece would no longer stop in the proper place when I pulled back on it. Maybe the pressure applied to the end of it changed how it sits in its slot but after this each time I pulled back on it the red part would come right off. On the second one I put the white part onto the red part before putting it onto the frame. That seemed to work much better when it came to pulling it back again.

Now add the frame for the lower thruster which assembles much the same way but connects to the upper one.

Slide on the armour.

These thrusters can now open very widely however you do have two more frame parts to put on which will cap that movement.

Here’s a comparison of the movement before the added frame parts and after.

That large top armour piece has a silver piece inserted inside.

You can see the silver piece through the opening at the top of the red part.

Then the bottom armour is prepared.

I’ll put the bottom on first.

Note how far it can open.

The largest part of them all then goes on.

I like it.

Now for the centre of the backpack onto which everything will attach.

Thrusters go on here but not right now. I am painting them.

Red armour parts for the top and bottom are next.

They do open so I should have no difficulties putting the thrusters in once I’m ready.

I have a small sticker to place in here.

Should have remembered that and put it in before putting this part on.

Add the sections which will hold the fuel tanks.

The wings then go on via a small arm part.

And there you go.

It’s so beautiful.

I will be painting the rifle so I’m not assembling that at this time but it’s much like the HG kit‘s rifle. Here’s a peek.

What I think everyone wants to see more is the shield.

Here is the huge red part. It has undergates.

Here is that huge, plated, gold part.

There aren’t any undergates on this piece, which was a bit of a surprise, but trimming off the gold gate leaves behind… more gold?

Lay two black parts on first.

Lay that into your red part and add the third black piece.

Oh yes!

To connect this to the Sinanju there are a couple things you need to put on.

Note that you are using a piece from the B frame runner.

The manual states to push that part in just this much.

That fits onto onto the underside of the shield and another part, which will hold the beam axe handles is also added.

I’ve got some more work to do on Sinanju #2 but it’s given me more perspective on what I experienced with Sinanju #1. I think that means I am ready to tackle the review. Check back soon!

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  1. Sablenk87 says:

    One question, may stop me for buying expansion set, does Sinanju bazooka from Neo zeong fit properly on this riffle?

    • Jango says:

      it does. the bazooka from system weapon 007 also works.

      • Krow says:

        Does the hands that come from the weapon system compatible in the Rg? . . just wondering .

      • Sablenk87 says:

        Really? Nice,,,, then it’s fixed, not gonna buy the expansion set,

        @ Krow, the hands from System Weapon are for hg, so as its mentioned in pt.2 it will need a little tweaking on the ball joint

  2. chris says:

    I’m just sitting here looking at my mg like why can’t your boosters separate

  3. Manpig says:

    Actually, I don’t think that’s gold underneath the mekki runner. The mekki runner is labeled “H1” while the yellow runner already on the kit is labeled “H2”, and they likely share a single runner when molding. More proof is that H2 starts it’s part count at “16”, while H1 finishes at part “15”. Meaning that it’s actually yellow under the mekki plate.

  4. Pearce says:

    Hi Syd.How did you paint the thrusters? what paint/s did you use?

  5. yukosteel says:

    After the first assembly my RG Sinanju backpack thrusters also opened to same angle you shown on comparing picture. I think it is normal due to higher initial friction. Actually you lowered down only bottom thruster, you can add same angle by pulling top thruster up. I noticed it in few weeks after, during the applying decals.

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