Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve an update on the Gaijin Gunpla’s RG Complete Project and it’s not the Sinanju. Okay, that will need to be addressed but before there was the RG Sinanju release, there was the MG Full Armour Gundam Ver Ka Thunderbolt Ver so, despite putting in work on the RG Complete Project I needed to post some other things.

The previous RG completed for this project was the RG Wing Gundam EW which turned out quite nice and for #2 in the Project I’ve finished the 00 Qan[T].

This kit was reviewed already so it’s built but it does not yet have the stickers applied. I didn’t have the time to get them all on there before the review.

There are quite a few and several are quite long/large and will take some effort to lay in the proper position.

Pulling the Qan[T] out of the box.

I’ve got to take some areas apart or put some things back on. One of those two.

Actually, I wanted to panel line this kit more than I usually do. I most often go with a small amount of panel-lining where there are definitive recesses indicating a separation panels. For the Qan[T], where many people had complained the panel-line detail wasn’t up to RG standard, I wanted to panel line as much as possible. I first did the legs.

Start with the biggest thing first, right?

But.. after I panel lined a recessed section on the blue part that sits behind the knee I noticed on the marking guid that a sticker is meant to to go there. I had to lay the sticker over top of my carefully-applied panel lines.

Doh! I swear this happens once an RG kit.

The rest of the kit was panel-lined quite easily and the markings were applied.

Of course, I still had the shield to do which, with the long angled stickers, took a little more time but I finished it in a pretty decent time, I feel.

I’ll throw some larger pics up here so people can see the details better.

That’s two down! Actually, I have a third already finished and will be posting about soon. And then I had two more RGs come to me. Two steps forward…

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  1. Michael says:

    Heh, I see shoulder are screwed up again – once again they require cutting to stick to the geometry. They had it pretty much perfect on Astray shoulders, but 00 kits are a step back here.

  2. わきにき says:

    I’m pretty sure you still haven’t reviewed Qan[T] yet Syd? Before Sinanju it’s only RG Wing EW. CMIIW

  3. Shinbei says:

    May i know what type of marker do you use for the extra fine lining? like on the head and the shoulder. Sorry for a noobish q, im a beginner :C

    • Danforth Vista says:

      You can use any panel liner (the one I have is GSI Creos basic black and Copic liner, both 0.5) liberally in the panel lines, even with excess. Leave it for 30 seconds, then have a qtip (cotton wrapped on a toothpick will be fine) damped in 70% alcohol, and pass carefully rub it parallel on the panel line. The alcohol will be thinning the excess marker and the cotton will absorb the ink, leaving only the ink on the recessed areas.

      • Ragnaroc05 says:

        I use a brush pen to do essentially the same thing as well as using a Sakura 005 pen. The 005 pen has a .20 tip which allows me to get nice crisp lines but it is fragile. That’s why I’ve started using the brush/lighter fluid technique as well.

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