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Like the RG Qan[T] the RG Wing Zero has only a First Look and Review post here on This is because this kit too, was built as part of Live Stream. However, I was intrigued enough by this kit at the time to pick myself up a second kit which I could build later. What better time than now as part of Gaijin Gunpla’s RG Complete Project!

I’ll break Project #3 into three parts; WIP #1, WIP #2, then the quality images to close it out. I do realise that most people no longer need to see a WIP at this point after the kit’s release but I want to be as thorough as possible so I think it’s a good idea to include it for reference.

Let’s get going on Part#1

The RG Wing kits use Advanced MS Joint 9 for their frame runner.

The notable thing about this frame is that you have to connect the upper leg frame with the lower leg frame using parts from the grey runner.

Once the first set of frame parts are on you add the red parts for the feet.

Add the top and toes.

Cover up the front of the upper leg frame while you’re at it.

The ankle armour consists of two smaller grey pieces going onto the frame than a large white piece sliding on behind them to hold them in place.

Now you add the knee frame part and the armour for the upper leg.

Add the front part of the ankle armour and the pieces for the side of the knees.

Now the remainder of the armour can be applied to the leg. I’m panel-lining before I put the parts on.

I’ll add the sticker for the back of the knee at this point as well.

One complete leg.

Two complete legs.

The skirt is next so cut out that part.

Add the front center pieces.

Before adding any of the skirts you need to place one of the foil stickers on.

Then slide them onto the peg from the back and the blue part from the front to close around the peg and keep the skirt on there.

Rear centre piece.

Assembly for the rear skirts is similar to the front despite the parts being a different shape.

Now for the torso. You need these to sections.

Remember how the manual has you do the funky plug-it-in, swing-it-up, unplug it sequence?


Slide the main red part on from below.

Assemble the chest and attach it to the front of the torso frame.

There are foil stickers that I recommend putting on here now.

And while I was putting those on I realised I can put them on the small sections of the knee as well.

Add the armour parts for the top as well as bottom of the torso.

A red ring and white neck are next. You’ve got to make sure they are pushed in all the way or the neck won’t move much.

Lastly the parts for the sides of the torso go on.

Well, I guess the shoulder weapons are technically the last part of the torso.

So far you have this.

Just this is sexy.

Side skirts.

I’ll sticker these before putting them on to make my life easier.

That is where I stopped for my first session so I’ll end the post here and pick up where I left off next time.

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    Recently built this myself great kit and a worthy entry in the RG line up

  2. Stephen says:

    It’s one of my favorite MS. It just looks too small having built it earlier this year…

    • Ryan says:

      The Gundams from wing are on the 16m head height range, while most MS are 18 meters. It’s why the Tallgeese looks so huge when fighting Heavy arms in episode 16, it’s in the 18/19 meter range. Would like to see a Wing next to the Sinanju as it’s in the 22-24 meter range

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