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As I wrote in this post after completing the RG Sinanju I wasn’t ready to write the review. That isn’t exactly true. I was ready to review it in that I had everything prepared. All the pictures were uploaded and accessible. The issue was that I felt I didn’t really experience the kit as it should be. I didn’t want to write a review based on a false impression and do a disservice to both the kit and to the readers who come here looking for information. So I built a second kit. And I tore down the first one and rebuilt it. Now I feel I know the kit very well and can write about it. Some of the pictures you’ll see in this review come from the batch I uploaded first while most others were taken after I rebuilt it. Because of that you may see some inconsistency in the images but it’s the text and explanations that are most important here.

Let’s review the latest Real Grade model from Bandai, the MSN-06S Sinanju.

Overall Look: 10/10

It’s the Sinanju. Possibly the most impressive, if not gorgeous, looking Mobile Suit there is and Bandai has captured it perfectly in 1/144 scale for their Real Grade release. Many have claimed it to be the best mono-eye suit out there but I would say it is up there among the best of all of them.

This suit is designed as an extreme example of a elegant fighting machine and as such has armour over top of its armour. I refer here to areas such as the back of the arms and the sides and back of the legs.

There is a lot more I could write about the looks of this kit but those need to be addressed in the other sections of the review so I’ll just end with a couple of cool shots showing how great it looks.

Dear Lord, that backpack!

Colors: 10/10

Maybe the biggest reason this kit looks so good is because of the mekki parts used for the gold areas instead of foil stickers which were everywhere on both the HG and MG kits. If you handled those gold foils correctly you could have a decent looking kit and until this RG released that was the only choice you had for your own Sinanju. This Real Grade release changes not only how we feel about the Sinanju but also how we feel about the older HG and MG kits. How many comments have we seen in the last week and a half saying something like, “MG Sinanju 2.0?” Yes, in some ways, this Real Grade now overshadows one of the best Master Grade kits out there and the biggest reason in the gold. It’s gorgeous!

Just that plated gold is enough to put this kit ahead of other versions but that’s not the only difference Bandai made. They also released this kit in a glossy finish, a rarity when it comes to standard release kits. The light bounces off of all those curves and is quite eye-catching.

Being an RG there are some foil stickers on to be found placed throughout the MS. The brass foils appear mostly on the silver parts that are mostly hidden under the armour to be revealed at your leisure. I’ll write about these during the Build Design section because that’s where discuss gimmicks and the like but I’ll show some of the silver ones here. You’ve got on under the flap on the back of the skirt.

The middle red piece can move to reveal it, something the MG and HG kits can’t do. Another is found on the shoulders. Here you open up one section of the armour.

Again, the HG and MG kits don’t do this.

Another aspect about the colors on this kit that I like is found on the end of the fuel tanks.

Here the grey is done by parts inside the fuel tanks. The HG and MG kits’ fuel tanks were just solid white.

Weapons: 10/10

No, there is no bazooka but one should keep in mind that the original HG and MG kits didn’t have it either. The MG Bazooka was released together with a comic back in 2009 before being included in the OVA version of the MG. The HG version of the kit didn’t see a bazooka until it was bunched in with the Sinanju that came with the Neo Zeong.

What you do get is pretty impressive starting with the shield. The shield of the Sinanju is very intimidating and all versions look great but the RG has that beautiful gold trim.

The shield can attach to the Sinanju’s lower arm by sliding down over top of the large armour part on the back of the arm.

Like with the MG kit you also have the option of mounting it underneath the shoulder. On the RG this is accomplished by inserting the part that came off the B frame runner into a hole found in the silver assembling underneath the shoulder.

It’s actually quite secure here though I don’t know if I prefer this look.

You get two beam axe handles as well.

These can connect together and be used Darth Maul-style.

Or they can be kept separate.

You can also reposition the head on the handle by putting the handle into one of three slots.

But I think most people will be using these attached to the shield.

These secure in place by dropping onto a little tab.

They can be repositioned to the bottom by spreading the heads out and flipping them over.

There are tabs here as well to hold them down.

Attach the effect parts here and you are good to go.

You’re also given two beam saber handles.

I have to be honest here. I don’t normally try to pose a kit with Beam Sabers if it has a massive rifle and shield but I really wanted to replicate one of the images in the instruction manual.

Sinanju is so badass.

On the MG kit the Beam Saber handles can fit inside the armour assembly on the back of the forearm. The RG lacks the ability to do that so instead Bandai incorporated a small red piece to look like the end of the handle. You can plug the blade in there.

For me, the rifle is gorgeous as well, but maybe some of that is nostalgia as I put a lot of time an effort into my Ver. Ka rifle.
Part of the scope can move, like the MG kit’s rifle.

And the under-mounted grenade launcher can come off and be put on the underside of the shield if you prefer.

Articulation: 8/10

This picture above doesn’t highlight enough what the kit can do standing but that is because I was having problems posing the first kit when I was taking pictures for the review. That was due to issues I had with the design (more details on that later) that may have been builder error. When I rebuilt it and went back later I put it on the stand right away and could show off the nice range of movement in the legs but neglected to get pictures of it standing. My bad.

You’ve got nice articulation in the feet so the toes can point down to give it a nice flying look.

The neck has nice movement up and down to add to that flying effect.

Should you need it the front lower leg armour will move out as you can bend the ankle forward more.

You don’t get much movement in the shoulders as all, however. This is due to the frame Bandai had to design for the arms. They seem set into one position and if you try to move the shoulders down the frame piece on the shoulder will bump into the side of the torso and you may find your shoulder comes off.

Fortunately, you can rotate the arms 360 degrees at the connection at the top of the upper arm and bend the elbow completely so you can work around the shoulders to get the poses you want.

I took eight pictures of this pose from this angle. I want to use them all if possible.

Build Design: 9/10

Let the debate begin! It is no secret that this kit uses the RG frame that we first saw in the RG Mk-II Titans. This wasn’t shown until its release so it was a surprise.

It seems like you could look at the design of the RG Sinanju, and its use of the Mk-II frame, in one of two ways.

1) Bandai are really lazy and/or cheap and didn’t want to engineer a new frame for the Sinanju.


2) Bandai are geniuses for coming up with a design that gives us a Sinanju using a standard RG frame.

I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle so while we are discussing the frame I’ll put up some images of it.

The frame is quite poseable with the armour off.

Personally, I lean towards number 2. If Bandai used the Mk-II frame and the Sinanju featured almost no detail or gimmicks of any kind because of the limitations from using a frame for another MS then this kit would be a disappointment. Instead this kit is worthy of the RG tag and in some ways is better than its MG big brother.

On the RG kit you’ll find gimmicks not found on any other Sinanju kit. I’ve shown some above but I’ll list more here.

Those giant thruster housings on the outside of the legs can not only rotate, like on the MG, but they open to reveal silver frame underneath.

This is where the brass foils come into play.

The side skirts also elongate revealing silver frame and brass foils.

On the back of skirt, just underneath the black part is a little frame piece that looks like a vent. It can move.

There is silver frame, with the accompanying brass foils, underneath the shoulder which can be exposed.

You know what this reminds me of? The MG Sazabi Ver. Ka. Just sayin’.

That gimmick repeats itself all over the kit. You’ll find them on the backpack as well.

While I am showing the backpack I will mention that you can pull back on the thruster housing and extend them slightly.

I did find, however, that on one of them even if I pull back with great care it will come off completely.

In some ways the RG Sinanju could be considered a step up from the MG.


This kit is not without issues. There are certain areas where problems occur. Some of these I experienced and dismissed as shoddy building on my part so took great care on the second kit, saw better results, only to have the issue pop up again.

The first of these is the toe assembly. You slide the black toe piece after you’ve assembled the front of the foot. On the first kit the toes came off a lot, so with the second kit I put that part on before putting the armour on. It worked better. Until it came off.

The connection just seems too shallow to support that long part.

This exact thing happened again with the red part on the knee. Build it once, experience it come apart, build it again taking greater care, have better results, have it happen again.

Again the connection is just to shallow to hold it securely. It will be fine until you apply pressure on that piece at an angle that isn’t straight on. That is when it will loosen and be prone to coming off.

The next area that caused me such frustration, and I’m happy to report that it was mostly my fault, is the wrists.

The cuffs are made of two parts, one going on from the front and the other from the back. On the first kit as I was posing it for pictures for the review, the cuff would come apart. I experienced this on both arms.

When I was building that area on kit number two I looked hard at this and realized that there was some undergate in there which prevented the cuffs from going together completely. I trimmed those down and had much better results so I touched up kit number one. The angle of the undergate and the light reflecting off of the gold makes it hard to see and if you cut too much you will have a ghastly opening for all to see. Please be careful.

With the cuffs fixed I proceeded to play around with the kits and experienced, on both kits, the whole wrist assembly coming off if I pushed something the wrong way.

The wrist goes on the end of the arm using a frame part that has an opening the size of the end of the RG frame.

It’s only held on by friction so it’s not surprising it comes off. But now, at least it is not coming apart.

Three minor areas I’ll mention as I finish talking about the gimmicks on this kit. The first is that you can mount the rifle on the back skirt by flipping open a hatch back there. It’s really tough to reach so I didn’t bother with it.

A second gimmick is the ability of the cockpit hatch to open. I don’t think I’ll ever have need to do so but I’m glad Bandai engineered it in.

Lastly, you can change the position of the mono-eye by popping off the top armour piece on the head and turning the clear part below.

Two last things that need to be addressed. The first is how obviously fantastic the mekki-plated gold/black insert combination is on this kit. Not only is it stunning to look at but, just as important I feel, it is fool-proof. How many of us struggled with the foil stickers on the HG and/or MG kits trying to get the alignment absolutely perfect? I know I did but I’m a bit OCD when it comes to that kind of thing. If you made a mistake on a sticker on either of those two kits it was usually pretty noticeable. That fear is removed for you on the RG.

Now to talk about the waist connection for a bit. The MG Sinanju had the famous waist peg problem. Although I never experienced this there were many Gunplars who experienced the waist peg snapping when they tried to connect the kit’s top and bottom together. The connection on the RG is completely different. I detailed it in the second WIP post if youwant to go back and take a look.

Instead of dropping the torso onto a large peg which is what the MG had, and what is really quite sturdy despite being prone to break if mishandled, the RG connection between the top and bottom of the kit is built using three parts. The top of this kit is heavy even if you took the backpack off and the connection seems to be designed to give you several points of resistance which can distribute the weight the connection has to hold. I think it works quite well and does also work as a point of articulation for the waist, something not seen on the HG or MG, but those three frame parts can also be weak if pushed against from the wrong direction. Some people have reported breakage.

Just like with the MG Sinanju, you’ll need to be careful with your RG getting the top and bottom connected.

Many people have asked about the undergating on this kit. The gold for the most part is all undergated. The red is not. Most gates are in decent places but there are a couple that could have been done better.

Fun Factor: 10/10

I shed happy tears when this dropped at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in May and I was lucky to start on it immediately when it showed up. I’ve pretty much worked non-stop on two of these kits for the past 9 days.

Usually, for me, the building of the kit is enough. I will put it through its paces for the reivew but then the kit stands nicely on my shelf or desk and I just admire it. With the Sinanju, I really just want to play with it. Let me show you my favourite pose so far.

Man, that is sexy.

(Throwing in the last one.)

(I promise.)

Extras: 8/10

Two nice sets of Effect parts accompany the RG Sinanju and allow you to get the most out of it.

You’re given a Full Frontal figure as well as an action base adapter, another thing you really need.

RG marking stickers.

Bandai put in the effort to have these stickers feature glossy transparent areas rather than the matte the comes with all other RG kits.

This kit having that special gloss finish had you needed to apply matte stickers it would have been a shame.

You’re not given the markings to make a Ver. Ka. but I feel what they did provide gives you a really nice look once you’re done.

And when you’re done assembling the kit you’ll find yourself with one extra hand part.


Yup. According to the manual this piece is not used in the build.

This is now going to be where I write my biggest gripe about this kit and I deem it inexcusable. You are not provided with a set of closed-fist hands!

Your default hands are these.

Are you kidding me?

These work fine if Sinanju is holding something but if not he has this half grip thing going on that looks more SD than RG.

On other RG kits you can use the B frame runner hand for your closed fists but because the Sinanju uses the Mk-II frame the size is wrong.

They give you the armour parts for these hands so it seems they want you to use them. Really, Bandai?

Even the HG kit had extra closed-fist hands!

Unforgivable. I will find a way to get the HG kit’s hands to work because I can’t accept this.

I’m furious about this.

I shouldn’t end the review for this fantastic kit on such a negative so I’ll turn my attention back to all the good things this kit has going for it.

That’s better.

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  1. yacoob says:

    The most important information missing from that post: how do the gate situation look like? Undergates? How many nubmarks sticking out like sore thumbs?

    Also, a nitpick: does ‘mekki gold’ actually mean anything? AFAIK, it’s just ‘gold plated’.

    • Manpig says:

      It’s undergated for the most part, but some do stick out so be careful. A good thing is that the runner is yellow underneath, so even if you make a mistake, it’s yellow as opposed to black, so it doesn’t look as bad as it could’ve been.

    • Lee says:

      Built the kit, it looks really good out of the box with the plated gold and glossy armour

      The biggest issue i have with the kit is the gold plated shield part, the gates (not undergated) are located at the front facing part of the kit, so you’ll see non-plated nubs since the part does not sit fully recessed.

      I’m not sure why Bandai just didn’t have the gates at the back, seems like a mistake and a big one at that.

    • Harold says:

      Technically it is a specific plating process, in Bandai’s case somewhat significant because Bandai has the titanium finish that is different from the normal (mekki). But in general, yeah, Mekki is just gold finish.

    • Lee says:

      Built the kit, it looks really good out of the box with the plated gold and glossy armour

      The biggest issue i have with the kit is the gold plated shield part, the gates (not undergated) are located at the front facing part of the kit, so you’ll see non-plated nubs since the part does not sit fully recessed.

  2. Bernard says:

    Thanks for the review Syd! I came here curious to see if you’d raise any major issues about the waist and head joint. Over on youtube, mechagaikotsu did a review too and there seemed to be a really poor waist to upper torso connection, and the head seemed to pop off real easily. I certainly hope that it isn’t the case when I get mine soon.

    • Womnat says:

      I honestly feel mechagaikotsu rushed the build and that caused him the issues he experienced

      • Bernard says:

        I won’t be surprised if mechagaikotsu rushed the built and he’s generally a rough handler. But I’ve also seen zakuaurelius’ youtube review – he seems to be a more careful builder, but the same issues arise. Knee caps and head falling off easily. But I guess it won’t really matter since I’m intending to just build and display it. I don’t treat or play my gunpla like toys…

      • Krow says:

        if you watch how he reviews his Figma no wonder how he does it in Gunpla . .

    • Steven says:

      Hrm…my RG Titans has a really weak torso-waist connection as well, and since the Sinanju (omg it looks so pretty…) uses the same frame I’m kinda worried about this. However a lot of people have said the RG Titans/AEUG are one of the most solid RG’s, so it could’ve just been me shaving a bit too much of the peg? Just be really careful when you get to that part.

    • Gunpla says:

      Mecha gaikotsu is a shit builder
      Syd is the best builder i had seen for reviewer
      Why? Mecha qlways rush building and treat like toy
      Finally those stupid affect by mecha gaikotsu can stfu

      • Krow says:

        just topcoated the innerframe and now it’s quite sturdy . .and modded the waist section a little bit .

      • Mehung says:

        Mecha gaikotsu just bugs the crap out of me when he talks. Couldn’t stand more than 2 mins of his videos so I never really know if he’s good or not.

        Syd’s reviews are always on the mark and I am making my purchases based on his ratings from top to bottom.

      • Amanda says:

        there are other great reviewerss along side Syd like jabman025 and Zaku Aurelius. . those guys really do make reviews unlike mech who only need views for his channel . .

      • Kun says:

        Isn’t that what they are?

  3. Paul says:

    Guess this is one kit that needs some glue, huh?

    Anyway, how do you plan on working around the “lack of fists” issue?

  4. Amanda says:

    i’ll never watched the other guys review after i read this. . .
    even though seeing is believing. . i’d always go to Syd’s review to all kits. since he does elaborate things way nicer.

  5. bryanmerel says:

    IF SYD SAIDS IT’S GOOD, IT’S GOOD! Yes, mecha Gaikotsu’s reviews are also reliable but, i am realy exited for this kit because to be honest, i love the sinanju and i don’t want to end my anticipation for this kit with a negative note.

    • bryanmerel says:

      Now that i know the ups and downs of this kit, i can confidently buy my self this kit. I am no new commer for fragile reputated kit(i own both RG Zeta and Strike Freedom and they are both awesome), so i guess i can handle this kit. Realy, thanks for the review, i knew i can count on it. XD

      • Sablenk87 says:

        Buy it. Build, and love it!
        You have experience with Zeta so it will be no problem for you to build Sinanju

  6. Amand says:

    Kudos to you Syd!

  7. Communistmoy says:

    Very nice review Sid! I just finished building mine and I love it. Though I wanted to ask yeah, has your shield have a tendency to fall off rather easily when clipped to the arm? On mine it doesn’t seem to like to really stay put.

  8. Micheal Mcleod says:

    I think Bandai should made the knee armor peg a little more securely to the inner frame of the kit and should work a bit more on the waist section as well and the inner of the wrist as well too all in all i can’t wait to get this kit.

  9. limerick says:

    Hi Sid, just notifying you that the latest reviews, including this one, haven’t been put into the review page. If that is by choice, pardon my nosiness. But should this go unnoticed, I hope this helps.

    • S2 says:

      They are up there when I checked. I wonder if it’s a memory or caching issue.

      • Paul Emical* says:

        Hi Syd,

        actually I can’t see them either. Tried on three different PCs.
        The newest review I see in the “Latest RG Review” section is the one for RG Wing Gundam EW.

      • S2 says:

        I looked into this more and the reason I could see them is because I was logged in. When logging out it seems the Builds and Reviews pages stopped updating in May. Hmm. Call the webmaster! [turns out webmaster beacon]

  10. smallpro_20 says:

    Hi Syd, do you suggest on putting some cement/glue on parts that tends to fall off? Like the toes and knee cap?

  11. Krow says:

    Syd which parts do we need to glue?

    • witzelsucht says:

      I just built my RG sinanju and I gotta say the aesthetics look flawless but not without its imperfections. Here are the things you may need to glue or reinforce to prevent or at least lessen those problems.

      Waist unit – upon building the waist unit in section 05-2, you’ll need to glue those right away to lessen the wobble of the kit.

      Leg unit – in section 04-3 with parts F2-7 and F2-6 pegs that connect to the waist unit. You’ll need to reinforce the peg w glue around it to prevent stress marks because those things are tight to swivel and eventually you’ll end up breaking it soon enough.

      Yes, you may need to glue the knee caps and the toes (should you wish to) since they’re a pain to put them back on each time you pose your sinanju.

      Lastly are those shoulder pegs where you firmly attach it on top of the joints between the torso and the arm. Those shoulder armor will pop off if you extend the arms upward and each time you placed those shoulder armor back in will cause stress marks so I suggest you reinforce it w glue as well to prevent damage.

      • Krow says:

        Haven’t built mine yet and it’s in my locker for 2 weeks now. . .

        So in Section 05-2. I’ll have to glue the F1-41 to B-7?

        Then at Section 04-3 Can i top coat those F2-7 and F2-6 parts?

        and lastly would top coat work too on the shoulder part?

      • witzelsucht says:

        Yeah. I checked mechagaikotsu’s and zakuaurelius’ reviews and the waist was so wobbly but if you glue it up (won’t hinder any movements) it will at least lessen it but not entirely stop the wobble action. It’s the best I could come up with.

        Topcoat is merely for strengthening the grip of the peg but I suggest a really light layer of glue spread around it using a needle or toothpick to reinforce the plastic and prevent it from getting stress marks and snapping of the parts. I’ve done this technique w my MG Exia given the loose joints and everything and it worked really well and finally held on on its own.

      • Krow says:

        Thanks! now i can unbox;paint the silver parts and thrusters with chrome and the yellow parts with gold . this really helped bigtime . .

      • Normee says:

        so basically the waist area is the big issue of this kit.

  12. jamal pak tongko says:

    Looks reallyyyyy nice, btw can u guys do a review about an old gundam, i want to order one but not really sure if its a good model or not, the RX-78 GP02A Gundam GP02 PHYSALIS (HGUC)

    • theghostofchar79 says:

      in my experience for an older HG the GPO2 is a great kit…i own all the Stardust Memory HGs and this is one of the best next to the only complaint about it the vents on the yellow parts or seals are supplied..and painting them was a PITA…other than that its solid…shoulder boosters stay up no problem…everthing is nice and tight…give it a go..

  13. rgt says:

    Hi Syd, Im planning on painting this kit but I’m not sure how the paint would react to the glossy plastic. Would the usual priming work just fine?

    • Tyrion133 says:

      I think stripping the mekki plating and then painting would work a lot better

      • rgt says:

        Sorry, I meant just the red glossy parts if it needs some stripping or not. I plan to keep the gold plated parts as is.

      • Tyrion133 says:

        I totally read that wrong, sorry about that 😛

        I don’t think there’d be any issues painting the glossy red pieces… I think they’re just molded in a way that makes them glossy

      • rgt says:

        Cool! I guess there wouldn’t be no problems then. Thanks for answering!

    • Amanda says:

      what will be the outcome if i matte the glossy red? . any links of what the outcome would be? . .

  14. Sablenk87 says:

    Just a small thing you should know, for anyone who want to paint this kit, if you see decal instruction youll see that Sinanju has two tone of reds, darker red for head, torso, skirt and flaps on the leg trhuster, even on the colour chart there is two reds, seeing by runner, C runner should be the darker one

  15. Fisch says:

    The moment I saw hour Sinanju stood upright with its full backpack, I felt a bit envious. I just finished mine and it looks so monstrous yet elegant at the same time. My only problem is that I can’t get it stand up without leaning it forward or folding the thrusters. I do realize that those thrusters by itself has considerable weight, but I didn’t expect it to be that heavy for the kit. Did you ever have the same problem like this?

  16. Spring says:

    There is a fairly new guy “RG Gerry” on YouTube showed how he addressed the stability issues during his review. Around 8 minutes into the video

  17. Red Burner says:

    Can anybody help me with this .

    im trying to figure out what paint he used on those thrusters?

    is it TS-30 or TS-83 paint? . .

  18. Valentino says:

    This unit is way better than the MG version even the ver ka version..This RG line is glossy, it looks very cool, this one feels like building MG line…The best RG line ever…

  19. Bruce says:

    Hey Syd, me again. Thanks for this review, the toe thing was really helpful. I built mine a few days ago as my first RG. I know I’ve been missing much on these beauties but I preferred HG; and I still do mostly because of the models available (i.e. villain mobile suits). Anyway, I think you made a great job with the yellow-orange thruster pieces, they’re too orange-y for me. I would tone it down to a more yellow shade. I also wanna panel line some of the inner frame and add the decals. Can you advise what kind of top coat I should use so I won’t loose the gloss on the red? Looking forward to your reply 🙂 Keep up the good work, love your site!

    • S2 says:

      To keep the nice glossy shine you’ll need a semi-gloss or gloss top-coat but you may want to avoid the Tamiya as has been known to damage decals and sometimes paint-work. I don’t know if the gloss that is OOB in this kit would be affected or not but with such a great kit, and after you’ve put the extra work into it, it would be a shame if it went sour during the top-coat phase. Trust me, I know.

  20. Hilman says:

    Hai..are there any one have same issues about standing the sinanju while full back pack and armor?because the waist is so flexible or easy moving,it is so difficult to balance it.

  21. Earl says:

    I dont know if its been asked before but here goes. Has anyone tried using the rg zaku hands on this guy? Is it compatible?

    • Hikarunu says:

      I only own the HGUC kit but his hands are huge.

      There are 3 types of hand:

      Small: Usually for small sized 1/144 scale like F91,Crossbone,Victory and V2.

      Medium: Typical normal 18 meter tall mobile suit. Gundam,Zaku and many other main Gundams are in this list.

      Large: Bigger than usual mobile suits. Sazabi and Sinanju fall in this category.

      So,you cant fit Zaku hands on Sinanju. Its too small.

  22. Daniel says:

    Just finished my version of the kit. Love the design of the Sinanju, but I had all the problems that you documented here on the site. The knee, toe, and shoulders all could use a rework considering they’re barely connect to the kit at all. Also found that the wrists have trouble holding the rifle because the rifle presses against the connection

  23. Raymond Foo says:

    Hey,I am currently building the RG Sinanju Clear Color version. Now still building th eleg part. But I found no issue for the toe assembly here. You mentioned that it cpme off after a while. But I didn’t experience that. I also find that the toe connect firmly to the foot. Did they changed the design for the Clear Color version or they are the same?

    • Alvin says:

      I’m building it too and I already built the regular one. I’ve observed the same thing-the parts fits nicely unlike the regular one. It seems like the pegs are a bit longer on the clear color version-even the gauntlet fits more tighly to the forearms. And I even noticed that the waist parts in the inner frame are different-it is fix and doesnt give a useless articulation to the waist. Also the Clear color one comes with pre-painted runners.

  24. Bocalt says:

    Hello peolple,

    Just to advise that a friend who bought a recent release of the RG Sinanju (clear color) has found that some parts have been tweaked in lenght and joint in the legs, foot. Likely bandai has tried to solve some of the issues of this kit over time.

  25. MD says:

    The shinaju right and left sides of the chest cannot work and the backpack connector cannot connect thus. This means the entire model was a waist and it costed me $40 :(. Well, can anyone help with solving this problem. Please someone help.
    Also, does anyone know a help-site for the model if none of you have a solution?.

    • dutchgundamfan says:

      Can you send me some photo’s via facebook? I could take a look what’s going on. As far as I know, there is not a troubleshoot website for gunpla. Best advice would be to join a gunpla group on facebook

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