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Yup this is still part of the RG Complete Project but it is the middle of this particular kit’s WIP. Last time I completed construction and panel-lining of the lower body so this WIP will focus on the top half. And those other things. Rhymes with things.

Yes, we all know what we are looking at here so I don’t need to go into too much detail.

Put it into its proper alignment and pull off the hand.

The first armour pieces now go on and remember I’m panel-lining as I go.

Wing Zero has a very unique forearm/cuff and that is what you’re preparing next.

Yes, I panel-lined the red part as well.

To make it easier I panel-lined that small part before cutting it off the runner.

Those two assemblies go together to make the finished forearm.

As you put that onto the arm frame you are also adding a white armour part at the shoulder.

That’s one arm done.

Once you’ve completed the other arm you move on to the shoulders. The first step is to assemble the frame parts then add the blue cover.

This will then drop onto the larger white piece with the yellow sandwiched in between.

You’ll need to insert the small circles.

Yes, those are the black ones meant for the EW RG Wing kit.

Sometimes even a little change is a good thing.

At this point I decided to put the markings on before continuing.

I also realised I hadn’t put markings on the lower body so I did that at the same time.

With all the markings applied that could be, I proceeded with the head.

Those are some small stickers. It is tough to tell whether you’ve got them on correctly and I wasn’t sure until I added the armour pieces later.

Make the face and put on the larger blue piece.

Now you can add the white armour parts and the blue wings which are found on both sides as well as putting on the V fin.

Gotta love the Wing Zero head.

The body for Wing Zero is complete which leaves only the backpack and wings (and weapons). Before putting on those I wanted to show some pictures of the body of the Wing Zero because I think the Real Grade looks fantastic and usually our attention is captivated by the large wings this MS has.

It’s a beauty.

Okay! Now for the backpack. Two of these are needed.

And some part to the end of those.

Construct the main part of the backpack.

You’ll need two of these assemblies as well.

Now you can start on those all white wings. First up, two of these sub-assemblies.

Insert one of your frame assemblies into the longer, flat wing pieces.

These are the lower wings.

The beam saber handles fit into these.

Grab this interesting piece and the two parts that go around it at the top.

Here you start adding the small feathers. There are a total of fourteen of them and they are all different. To help you determine which one is which Bandai has moulded a small designation marker in the end of each feather and indicated so in the manual.

Tough to see but it is really helpful if you get a little mixed up.

Once you’ve laid the feathers down into the piece you close it up using the assembly you just made. I found it easiest to leave the side with the feathers in on the mat and push the other side down on top of it. This way I didn’t have to risk dropping a feather out while holding it in my hands. Once those are together and the feathers locked in place you add several smaller parts.

Yes, I am panel-lining certain areas of the wings as well.

Once you are finished with both wings you have these two amazing looking things.

At that point I laid on the markings. There wasn’t as many for the wings as I thought there would be. In fact, I though the markings on the wings looked a little sparse for an RG kit so I went back to the marking sheet and took some of the unused markings and found places for them on the wings and on the kit.

This marking here which is an extra from the rifle was cut in two found a home on the backpack arms.

The fit was surprisingly perfect.

As I had a couple extra white markings I placed them on the backpack.

There were a couple extra large red markings as well which found a nice little home on the sides of the wings.

That will be my little secret.

I even put one in a place it’s likely not to be seen.

The ends of the wings were pretty barren so I stuck one there as well.

All done!

The nicer shots will be in the final post to close out the Wing Zero and put me one step closer to full completion of the RG Complete Project. I’m making some good progress here.

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  1. Phillax says:

    I built mine around a year ago and it was a magnificent ornament that I put at my workstation. There was very little flaw and in fact those wings build was more sturdy than I thought it would be. Granted that the wings are meant to be displayed in all angles including front, there was no balance issue as well.

  2. Chris says:

    Nice job with the panels. You kept it subtle.

    The frame on my RG EW was weak: I snapped the arm just rotating it into the initial position.I had to superglue both broken bits of the frame into the armour to get it back together strong enough to be poseable.

    Have you ever had problems with RG frame weakness?

    • S2 says:

      I have broken a joint on the knee of my firsts RG, the RX-78-2. I also broke an arm on my Zeta. I try to be super careful with these frames.

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