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So I’m finally getting my hands on an SD EX Standard Gundam months after they were released. For those that don’t know, these were released only outside of Japan, the opposite of how things usually work, and so I was left to watch from the sidelines as this line launched. Now, for some reason, Bandai has released them in Japan but it looks like they are only going to be a limited thing possibly just from Bandai trying to move excess stock. That means they could disappear on me quickly so I picked a couple up.

The first one I started on was the Unicorn Gundam.

Inside that small box are two small bags of runners.

And a little manual with your SD Standard Gundam shown on it.

We knew this was released abroad and the manual points to that. The colour guide has english on it.

And there are a few stickers.

Just a few.

There are red clear parts for some areas but the remainder will be red stickers on your white plastic or white stickers to cover some areas of your red plastic. This build doesn’t need a lot of explanation so I think I’ll make it a pictorial WIP.

Here we go!

Stickers cover up most of the red part that makes up the arm.

Alignment has to be precise.

Once finished I tried to pose him as he’s shown in the manual because, let’s face it, they do a good job of making their kits look cool.

That was a fun thirty minutes. The unicorn was a neat build but due to its unique look I’m not sure it is the norm or something different than other SD EX Standard kits. Guess there is only one way to know for sure.

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  1. Phillax says:

    You could build this without ever referring to the manual 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    The more I look at this kit, the more I feel it’s a step back compared to the older SD Unicorn. Only thing I prefer about it is the proportions.

    • Alexander Eddy says:

      I feel the same way about the Ex Standard line in general. The proportions are great! If only the parts separation was as good (or better) than previous SD kits, I’d really be into them.

      My old SD Astray red frame looks great without stickers compared to the mostly white Ex Standard.

  3. Gunpla_kamkid says:

    Yes you can build this without looking at the manual, but still will refer to manuals for some correct sticker applications.
    Here’s mine please watch

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