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I know what you’re thinking. Episode I. Yuck. Still, if they were to do a figure from Episode I I’m glad it’s the Battle Droid and not, for example, Jar Jar.

In this set they give you the Stap as well (kit’s full name is 1/12 バトルドロイド & スタップ) which I think is pretty cool however, as it turns out, it’s not the coolest part of this set. That would be the Battle Droid itself and, more specifically, this runner.

Yes, that’s a Real Grade runner right there.

Like an RG the limbs come molded as one piece but feature some moving parts.

You’re also given a clear stand for the Stap.

The A runner has the different colours on it.

C1 and C2 are full of brown.

And there is a frame runner as well.

Construction starts with the Battle Droid though nothing from the B runner at first.

These are from the B runner.

What the hell?!

I’ve seen Real Grade frame molded from two types of plastic that move together but this is the first time I’ve seen two pieces molded together that can come apart once off the runner. What kind of sorcery is this?

These parts go into the main body part.

Add some, um, I’m guessing hips.

And a crotch?

You’ve got a torso piece to put on next.

And two parts from the B runner drop into the other main torso piece.

You can see I’m panel-lining as I go. I’ve been doing a lot of that recently.

Add two shoulder pieces next.

Here is the neck part off of that RG runner.

Let’s flex it a bit before putting it on.

You insert it into the torso and then cover up the neck area with one small part.

Then push it down into the body of the Battle Droid.

I think everyone recognises what this is.

Here is his, um, hair?

Place the face on then cover it with his, um, hair.

Remove the arm frame.

Loosen it up.

You only need to add one part and that is the thumb.

You’ll then attach two more parts going on the shoulder.

Do that for the next arm and once done move onto the leg.

Sandwich two parts around the peg at the bottom to make the foot.

That’s it. So do it again.

Now for the backpack.

You add some antennae as well.

Actually, you make a second set of antennae.

This replaces the backpack if you want your Droid stripped down.

This thing looks awesome! I know. I know. Ep. I. But still, a weak CG character can still make an intriguing model kit. Oh my god, there will be a Jar Jar…

Here’s the weapon.

And the binoculars.

While I was applying that sticker I noticed these stickers.

These are meant for the backpack and appear to be some kind of foreign, or digital, language.

The manual says you can mix and match to make your own number. Cool! I still modded.

Before assembling the Stap you first assemble its stand.

This little assembly here is specific for the Stap but you can use the rest of the stand on any of your other Star Wars ship kits.

Plug a round part in from below for some reason.

Now for the Stap.

As I’m not too familiar with the Stap I don’t really know what I’m putting together.

Get that tilting assembly into the body of the Stap.

Add some brown to the front.

Now for the two engines.

Once assembled you put stickers on the inside.

Now for the stabiliser wing (I just decided to give it that designation).

It slides into the slot near the bottom of the body of the Stap.

But I was having problems getting it in there.

I knew Bandai’s engineering is so precise that I must have been doing something incorrectly. It took me a while to realise I hadn’t completely closed together the two halves of the Stap.

Once those went together with a snap I could insert the wing.

Mount that on the stand.

Let it rest while you assemble the top section starting with these.

These insert into the underside of the top armour piece.

Add a few extra parts.

Prepare the bottom half.

Join them together and then attach a couple small dark pieces to the underside.

One more part goes on the top to complete its assembly.

I tried to pull the stand off the stabiliser wing so I could add some markings but it doesn’t come off so easily.

Or at all? Looks like I’m working around it.

I used more of those markings to put some art onto my Stap.


Need the handle bars.

And the foot rests.

That completes all assembly for this kit. Let’s see what the end result is.

Pretty cool.

Now what about that Droid.

Man, that looks great.

Now how do I get it onto the Stap? The feet have an opening that will fit onto the tab in the footrest.

This will support it for the most part if the Droid is standing mostly upright. The ankle joints are quite loose so it will topple backwards easily if the hands aren’t around the handles.

He’s coming for you!

Here are the extras that come with the kit.

You’ve got the blaster, binoculars, stand adaptor for the droid, extra antennae should you drop the backpack, and extra parts for the hand and neck so you can swap heads with the C-3PO kit. Why would you do that? The very idea seems preposterous. If someone were to try something as unthinkable as that I imagine the results would, instead of being comical, be absolutely disastrous.

The blaster can attach to the backpack by swinging out a little tab.

And one of the coolest parts of the kit is that the Droid can do this!

This position is similar to how I looked during most of the midnight viewing the day Episode I released in theatres.

Kit is awesome, though!

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  1. James Miles says:

    I you look at the bottom half of the STAP without the droid on it, it looks like Dory from Nemo.
    This is a neat kit. I have the original American release in a box at home. I wonder how this Bandai offering compares.
    Great job as usual Syd!

  2. HammyHamster says:

    I can see this looking quite nice with a custom paint job and weathering

  3. DomoDes says:

    The interchangeable parts with C3P0 is for that one scene in Episode 2 on Geonosis. Renacment I guess. If you think about it, it’s a neat feature for hardcore Star Wars fans.

  4. Brian says:

    Does it come panel lined like that or did you do some lining on this kit?

  5. Salads says:

    Looking at this review has me saying “Roger, Roger” to being persuaded into buying this kit. Also, *insert Jar Jar voice*, “Mesa so excited!”

  6. ChocolateCrisps says:

    What did you use to do the panel lining on this kit? I’m thinking of getting a few of these and yours looks really good!

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