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The HG Gundam Astaroth from back in May hasn’t made an appearance on Gaijin Gunpla yet likely due to it being released alongside some pretty exciting stuff however I didn’t wait to assemble the HG Gundam Astaroth Origin. Is that because it’s awesome or because I actually had a few free Gunpla hour last week? Found out below. (I did have some free Gunpla hours last week.)

Overall Look: 9/10

While I found the look of the first Astaroth kit to be on the boring side that is not the case with the Origin Astaroth. This guy, to me, just looks more complete and much meaner. He’s obviously much more symmetrical than the first Astaroth so if that’s your thing you may lean towards this one. I think a big part of the appeal of this guy is that he looks capable of more things due to those wings and tail he has hanging from from his body.

I do like the clodhopper feet, as I call them.

The more foot surface area touching the ground the higher the score!

Colors: 8/10

The contrasting red and maroon remind me of a Real Grade kit so this kit gets some high marks in this category however the inclusion of stickers for the feet, elbow, and tail kid of drag the score down a notch.


They couldn’t have moulded one more grey part on the grey runner for this section?

White is added to this build in some areas such as the torso and head though it is minimal.

In other areas where you see white it is done using stickers. The chest emblem has to go on over some recessed areas so the sticker has lines to demarcate those

It looks find if you’ve got the alignment correct. For other areas with stickers you won’t experience that issue.

Weapons: 10/10

The three S’s, Shotgun, Sledgehammer, and Sword make up this guy’s arsenal. The sword is just one piece.

It fits simply in Astaroth’s hand and looks quite good with some nice detail.

But it serves an other, more important function.

Here is the Sledgehammer.

The rod on the back of it can be slotted into Astaroth’s hand.

Kind of looks like luggage.

It doesn’t look much like sledgehammers I’ve seen and that’s because it’s missing something. A handle. And that’s where the Sword comes in. The blade of the Sword slides into the Sledgehammer giving it a handle.

It is pretty large and heavy so Bandai has designed a little arm, found on the back of the forearm, which can attach to the end of the handle and help this guy wield his massive Sledgehammer.

That’s more like it!

The shotgun is only one piece of plastic and you are given a molded hand specifically for it.

However, you’re not given a red armor piece for this hand. You have to take it from one of the other hands. Huh? That’s lazy.

Who’s got the shotgun?


These weapons are all cool but they become even more so because you have the ability, thanks to the included adaptor, to combine them.

This seems to be mostly for storage purposes. A peg found on one side of the adaptor connects to the side skirt.

Gotta lug these around somehow.

I did have quite a bit of fun with this guy and his weapons.

Articulation: 9/10

Despite that giant backpack this kit is quite stable and features some good articulation. In fact, it could be because it’s got the backpack that it can stand with its monstrous Sledgehammer and not fall over.

Without the weapons you have a little more freedom to experiment.

Those wings on the shoulders can get in the way on the odd occasion, though.

Build Design: 9/10

I was skeptical at first when I saw that the wings could fold out and the tail come up. Let’s be clear here and say that there isn’t really a transformation here. You just rotate the wings down, tilt them out, and unfold the grey parts like a jackknife, then the tail just moves up on the end of its connecting arm.

These don’t even join together but instead free-float. You may spend some time lining them all up but once you’re done it actually looks really cool.

I was going to put this guy on a stand to pose him with the wings out but enjoyed just looking at him in a neural pose too much.

Outside of that backpack and those wings the rest is pretty standard IBO fare however there are some differences. Or there’s not. But there is. Are you confused yet? Let me bring in someone to help explain.

These two kits bear the same name yet look quite different. There are some similarities in the armour if you look carefully but the similarity and thus the difference is found in the frame. To put it simply, these kits have the same frame but they don’t come on the same runner. eh?

Yup, the Astaroth kit has a frame marked HG IBO frame 1 but the Astaroth Origin’s frame, though using the same parts, is on a different runner labeled as HG IBO frame 4. I don’t know why this was done but it was something that took me by surprise when I went to assemble the first Astaroth kit shortly after completing the Origin.

I’ve mentioned the cool design of the weapons so I don’t need to repeat myself but as a complete package the Astaroth Origin scores pretty high when it comes to its design.

Fun Factor: 9/10

I’m not sure what I expected when I started building this kit but I can say I had more fun than expected after it was completed. I really like how it looks from different angles and took quite a few photographs from slightly different angles as I admired it.

Extras: 6/10
The emblem stickers work well for the most part and add to the kit however I am really disappointed that Bandai didn’t provide one more hand armour part. That may seem like a simple thing but in order to swap weapons you have to swap armour parts and construct hands rather than just swap a hand in and out. Maybe it’s just me but if they’re already molding in two of the same part why couldn’t they just make it three so the swapping of these weapons happens that much quicker. I’m a nit-picker.

I enjoyed this kit more as the build went on and have a finished kit that I really enjoy and will go back to. That says something about the quality of it as an HG. And it now has a brother it can party with.

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  1. Krytios says:

    I have to say that this one has got to be my favorite from this series so far. I love the primal reds that remind me of Char’s Mobile Suits. The contrast of bulky geometric shapes vs some really sharp edges is cool too.

  2. Jango says:

    “Yup, the Astaroth kit has a frame marked HG IBO frame 1 but the Astaroth Origin’s frame, though using the same parts, is on a different runner labeled as HG IBO frame 4. I don’t know why this was done but it was something that took me by surprise when I went to assemble the first Astaroth kit shortly after completing the Origin.”

    the frames are different because Frame 4 comes from the HGIBO Gundam Barbatos Form 6 which has shoulder armor that needed to be compatible with Graze kits, so they changed the inner frame for the shoulder.

    you can see the differences between the two frames in this review.

  3. Bocalt says:

    Would have loved to see a review of the 1/100 Kimaris trooper

  4. Danforth Vista says:

    Am I the only one who loved the asymmetrical Astaroth? I find him more brute than that red one, it’s just like Char’s custom.

    • Steven says:

      Naw, I also really like the asymmetrical design (also why I prefer Banshee over the Norn – also giant claw), though I know a lot of folks prefer symmetry.

      But I’m picking up the Origin vs the…blue one, because I find the red one to have a stronger presence in a world of limited shelf space. Also sledgehammer.

      • Danforth Vista says:

        yeah the sledgehammer! what i really see good in this one is its legs. looks like he’s having 3 leg days a week XD

  5. Chang Wern Soong Ethan says:

    I just bought this kit yesterday and did a unboxing video on it yesterday. So far I have made the weapons but not the actual mobile suit yet. However one thing that upsets me is that I have to build the barbatos frame for the 4th time and it is becoming slightly monotonous. But it’s design and weapons(especially that badass shotgun) takes my mind off the fact that it has the barbatos frame. BTW do any of you have problems with the B runner having lots of bad marks?

  6. Adrindrata says:

    is it just me or bandai got too greedy with this kit?
    I felt the kit has too much things happening at once. while posing with the Sledgehammer, the wing hindered some movements since they hitting the backpack and the backpack fell down. when I store everything at the Side skirt, the arm doesn’t looked too natural, and the side skirt seems to fell easily when I want to take the sword out.
    I moved something, something else kept fell down in other places.

  7. B-Nuts says:

    Someone please make a Sarge (RvB) custom.
    “Suck it, Blue!”

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