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Thanks to all who donated during the August 2016 Donate and Win Giveaway. The lucky winner of the MG Geara Doga (Unicorn Ver.) has been contacted. Congratulations! Everyone’s support is much appreciated and when my old web-hosting provider tried to send me a bill for my renewal I was able to tell them that I’ve moved to a better-suited situation thanks to all the generous people out there. For the September giveaway I’m sticking with an MG kit.

MG Powered GM

GMs are probably the most famous grunt suit after the Zaku and when this was announced there was a big buzz around it. I’m passing that buzz on to a lucky winner.

The box, despite being one of the small-box MG sizes, comes packed.

One of the bags that contains the frame parts has three runners in there!

There are even screws!

The manual isn’t just an insert to be coupled with an existing manual. A whole new manual is provided for this kit.

Looks like you’ll have some extra parts once you’re done.

As usual with these Donate and Win Giveaways, I’m offering a kit even I haven’t built yet so I’ll include the promo shots so you can see just how great this kit looks and have an idea what the lucky winner will have in his hands once the contest ends at the end of September.

That is a lot of stuff!

Just like last time, to join in this, and to help me out while doing so, all you need to do is click the ‘Support Gaijin Gunpla’ button I put into the right sidebar right below the comments field.

Good luck everyone!

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Caleb L. says:

    Donated! I figure since this is one of my favorite blogs, it’s high time I supported it! Good luck with your future endeavors, Syd!

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    ….and done!
    I can’t afford much, but I do it wholeheartedly.
    Keep up the good work, Syd!

  3. Javier Lusby says:

    Donation Done !

    Again, i can´t afford too much this month, but i know that every litle bit helps

  4. Ryan G says:

    Love the site, glad to help out when I can.

  5. Erick A says:

    First site I check every time I sit down at the comp. Glad I can be of assistance.

  6. Wei.S C says:

    I can’t give much unfortunately, but I’ll still donate. Know that this is the first (and only) site I go to for MG gunpla reviews before buying new kits. Cheers

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