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[Just a note that there is about a week left in September meaning a week left to enter a chance to win the MG Powered GM through September’s Donate and Win. Those who have already donated, thank you. You are already entered. Anyone else who wants to get in on a chance to win an MG GM (palindrome!) there is still some time, though it’s counting down.]

Found myself with twenty minutes of my own time during last weekend and decided to use that time wisely and so pulled out of stack the SD Gundam EX Standard 00 Gundam

This kit is going to be much like the SD EX Standard Unicorn but I’ll show you the box contents, anyway.

Yup. That’s it. If you don’t count the PC runner and stickers.

Right away you are on those stickers. Or, more correctly you, you are using them on the Gundam.

This is a 00 kit meaning lots of green circles.

You even have to sticker the vents.

And the V-fin, both yellow and red sections.

That was quite an effort. Surely the worst is over.

Um… maybe not.

Um… definitely not.

Dear lord.

There are more sticker parts on the torso than there are plastic parts.

But it’s done so let’s move to the arms.

Stickers aren’t so bad here.

The shoulders actually have no stickers so here is the completed upper body.


The legs have the stickers for the outside of the leg but that’s about it.

And only one on the skirt.

But the those GN Drives. My god.

There are four stickers to make up that bulb.

Ya, this looks great.

Okay, let’s get those on.

These use large stickers as well but at least they are not wrapping around anything.

I’d need a stand to recreate the cool box images so for now I’ll just pose him mini-badass like this.

All that’s left from the SD EX Standard kits I grabbed a couple months ago is the Exia. But I have different plans for that one.


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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    Hi Syd, just wanted to let you know in the “Contests” section the September post doesn’t show up. Maybe a tagging issue?
    In the meantime, for anyone who wants info on the September iteration, here is the link:

    Hope this helps.

    • S2 says:

      Last time this happened it was a caching issue (I think). I’ve let the webmaster know about it and hopefully he can restore some things while we find a solution. Maybe my site is just too big now..?

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