Gaijin Gunpla

I missed out on previous versions of the Beargguy such as the HGBF Beargguy III (SAN) and HGBF Beargguy F (Family) Gundam so when the HGBF Beargguy P showed up I thought, ‘Sweet! I can build one of these.’ I did build a 7-11 Exclusive version of the original Beargguy way back in 2011 but that was six years ago. That was six years ago!? I’ve been doing this a while.

The Beargguy P or Pretty is pretty much the same kit as the last two Beargguys but comes with some extras.

This is Mirai Kamiki’s Mobile Suit. Just so you know. I felt you needed to know that.

You can make cut faces including some hearts!

I don’t think I’ll need all those hearts. Not that I’m a jaded individual or anything (I am) but it’s more that I don’t have many uses for hearts. Don’t let the missus hear me say that.

The biggest runner is this one. It belongs to another man. An Ac guy.

The body is for the most part two giant pieces but to get these to attach to limbs later on you need to insert some smaller parts before closing it up.

Add parts for the front, back, and neck area.

The poly-cap runner is all white.

Except his poly-cap runner which is not.

One of the white poly-caps goes into the backpack.

Heere is a tail.

The ears are made up of a pink piece, a white inner piece, and a poly-cap.

You will lay these into the part that is the front of the head so be sure not to put them in there backwards.

Two clear poly-caps go on the front.

Now for the snout!

I believe this is the first occurrence of the word ‘snout’ on Gaijin Gunpla.

Yes, I had to colour that panel-line.

Here is the neck section.

Now you have to put on the eye piece, of which there are two, before the snout goes on

I chose the standard Beargguy eyes for now. If you want to use the angry eyes you can swap the entire eye section. But that’s for later. Now it’s arm day.

Pretty’s forearms are like beer kegs!

Now for the upper arms.

For hands you choose between one set with flat fingertips and another with hollow fingertips. If you want your Beargguy Pretty to hold it’s wand you’ll need to use the hollows.

When typing that last sentence I had the word wang in there and spell-check didn’t direct me to correct it.

The feet start out with this piece and two accompanying poly-caps.

Those pc parts will fit into areas near the front of the foot and once in you’ll drop the larger part of the foot on over top.

Here are the knee joints.

Fit those into the frame parts for the lower leg.

Not a bad bend.

To construct the upper leg you have to slide a poly-cap into a relatively thin part.

You are not building x 2 here so pay careful attention.

Here is the hip joint.

Remember, these two assemblies are not identical. But you’ll do identical things with them.

This is what you have for leg sections.

Bend is still good even with the armour on.

Now for the new stuff. The cool I runner.

I use the word cool because it’s molded in a cool flexible plastic which can bend. It also has a cool kind of gloss finish.

Grab these parts.

A sticker and quick panel-line effort later.

I may go back and do something else there.

Slap that on his back.

Add stickers to the wand and hand it to Mr. Pretty. Or is it Ms. Pretty.

The flexible plastic for the backpack allows you to bend that halo so it hovers just above his head but I don’t want to bend anything at the moment. I snuck in this build when I should have been doing housework so that’s what I hurriedly had to complete after building a Beargguy P [Pretty].

It’s a Pretty good kit…

da dum dum

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  1. VisX says:

    A refreshingly different kind of gunpla. Bandai should consider making a version where you can press a button and it would pop out an engagement ring.

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