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Mark another RG complete for Gaijin Gunpla’s RG Complete Project!

I must admit I am really glad I went back and completed the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW. Once finished with the markings applied and some panel-lining it sure is a thing of beauty.

I took a lot of shots of this guy from a variety of angles. Pardon me while I do a bit of a Photo-dump.

I did add some detail to an area of the rifle with a Tamiya Paint Marker.

I’m not usually one for using stands but if any kit shlud use one, it’s this guy.

I’ll have to update the list of RGs to mark off the three I recently completed and mention what else I’ve been working on. These Real Grades can keep you quite busy.

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  1. Kiluwastrife says:

    Is it just me, or the wings are installed backwards? It’s as if you swapped between left and right wing…

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