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As shown in the latest update of the Real Grade Complete Project, I’ve started on the 1/144 RG FX-550 Skygrasper Launcher/Sword Pack. This kit came out in February 2012 which means… I’m extremely tardy! They say better late than never, which is true in a way, but it probably should have been done some time ago considering I’ve had this kit in my possession for a couple of years.

I’m making up for lost time.

This set comes in basically two parts, the FX-550 Skygrasper and the Launcher/Sword Pack.

Despite it not being a full MS there is a lot of stuff in this box including separate marking sheets for both the Skygrasper and the Sword Pack.

Here are the Skygrasper markings.

And here is the Sword Pack’s sheet.

The stack of runners is not bad.

All start with an S in their designation; SA, SD, SG, etc.

You also get this thing.

I don’t know yet what it is for.

I’m going to divide this WIP up into part 1 (Skygrasper) and part 2 (Launcher/Sword Pack) so for now I’m only assembling an airplane of sorts.

Put the pilot in his seat in the cockpit and close it up.

Add a wing to the bottom.

You’ll then add another clear part for the canopy and the nose.

To complete the cockpit section you just add some smaller pieces to the back.

You then move onto the wing. For that you enclose a frame piece between a top and bottom wing section.

You can see I’m panel-lining as I go.

To that wing slide in a blue piece from the front and another frame part from the back.

Onto this wing assembly you are going to add frame parts.

The first small one drop onto the two pegs found at the narrow end of the wing.

You then place the larger frame parts around the smaller frame piece.

Add another frame part before adding two off-white armour parts to the sides.

From there add more armour parts, this time the white pieces.

Blue pieces follow this up with a small yellow end piece going on after those.

You then sandwich two more white parts on to finish the first wing.

You’ll repeat all those steps again for the second wing and once done place both of those into a belly piece.

Frame parts go on to secure them in place.

You need to put the top armour on but you’ll need to construct that section first.

Things can get a little tricky here.

You place two small frame parts together to make a gun. You’ll need one for both sides. You’ll need to sticker them during this stage as well.

These small sticker have to start in a specific place and wrap around.

The way you lay the sticker on the right gun is different from the left so you need to pay attention. If you’ve lined up that small sticker on that small part correctly the look between the two guns will be uniform.

Once you’re satisfied with your sticker work you can drop those into the underside of the top piece.

Some sharp sections go the top is on while some white parts go on from below.

Then you’ve got the tail stabilisers to go on.

And then the um, engine?

You’ll end up with three sections.

Just join them together.

Last of all you’ve got the giant top cannon to assemble.

This little thing was quite complex and looks amazing once done. Just like all other Real Grades. At this point you can put it on a stand or you can attach the landing gears but I opted to leave it as is. It’s going in a box while I work on the other stuff so I don’t need to use the landing gear parts yet.

I hope the second half of this kit was as fun as the first.

8 Responses so far.

  1. General Rasp says:

    The Skygrasper looks great! Are you finding it easy to panel line as you go instead of after the kit is finished?

  2. Danforth Vista says:

    Good thing having someone see the same habit of panel lining first before assembling. I usually do it in all my kits, then did the same thing to my RGs as well, even lining those hidden details.

  3. Jango says:

    you really should have done all the decals as you built this kit. it’ll be alot harder to do now that the kit is fully built.

  4. PonPon says:

    the wire thing is for the shield of the sword pack.
    the tip of the shield can detach as a weapon. so it flies out using that wire. kind a like gouf custom Hot Wire weapon thing ^,^

  5. Uriel Ventris says:

    Very interesting. I build the PG version and wanted to see how this compared. It’s remarkably similar build wise.

  6. Kiluwastrife says:

    uh Guys, I think i need help.

    I attached the Landing Gear Cover into the Skygrasper and I can’t seems to be able to detached it.

    The guide said I should use the small plastic part to pinch it out, but I can’t.

    any solutions?
    Thx before

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