Gaijin Gunpla

To go along with the (mostly)most excellent RG Sinanju Bandai followed up quickly with this expansion set.

So what exactly does this kit come with? It’s shown on the back of the very thin box.

Here is the set contents.

You get two bazookas, a damaged head, and two effect parts, as well as two fists and a little figure and an adaptor piece.

The damaged head doesn’t look like this though.

When you open the flap and pull out the contents you find its all included in one bag.

Here is the runner of head parts.

Those side pieces are not symmetrical unlike the original Sinanju kit’s.

And you’re given two of these runners.

Um, that means I get two bazookas and two effect parts but also the frame parts for a second Sinanju head was well as two more hands. I think that’s not a bad deal.

So that means I get an extra figure!

Aw sweet.

Here are the closed fist hands which really should have been in the original kit to begin with.

I still feel slighted.

You’re also given markings for this set.

Here are the two fists.

Of course, you’re not given the two red armour parts you need. You’ll need to swap those from your original Sinanju kit hands. Really?

Here are the frame parts for the new head.

You’ll need to put a couple small stickers on.

Then all the glossy red parts.

The bazookas start out like this.

Lay the white barrel into the body of the bazooka.

Here is what they look like when closed.

The piece that make the ammo rounds is separate from the the rest of the kit. You know what that means. Easy painting! I’ll leave that part out for now.

Now for the end of the barrel.

It elongates to more than I expected.

Now for the scope assembly.

Once done you drop it on there.

Note that you can’t compact the barrel all the way if the site is on.

This is where I’ll end this post as I want to do some minor painting before putting the markings on. I’ve already painted the rifle and want this to match. Then I’ll show it with my OOB Sinanju before working on that second one.

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  1. Phillax says:

    Just how much do two pieces of hand armor cost? :'(

  2. Paolo Alexis Falcone says:

    Is this really the same bazooka as from System Weapons 007? Doesn’t really seem like it

  3. jango says:

    aren’t you also suppose to put that green #2 sticker on the monoeye?

  4. HBSK says:

    Wait, is that Bazooka waaaaay too similar to the HG’s?

  5. Michael says:

    Good overview of the expansion set Syd! Any updates on the completed kit?? Also, would you recommend hand painting the weapons or would spray cans be the way to go? I’m just getting into painting my kits and I’m very hesitant on using spray cans. Thanks in advance!

    • S2 says:

      Thanks for the comment. The kits are still in a box in my closet but that’s better than being in a box in a bigger box on a boat. I would always recommend spray cans over hand painting unless you’re doing tiny details.

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