Gaijin Gunpla

Carrying on with both the RG Skygrasper and the RG Complete Project brings me to the second stage of the Skygrasper kit. The Skygrasper is done so I’m building the Sword Striker Pack.

First up, these parts.

You’ll insert the smaller parts into the larger back piece before closing it up.

The next step is to make a claw of some sort.

This will join to what you previously assembled.

From there these frame parts come into play.

You’re almost finished with that light blue runner from which a couple of parts are used here.

It seems I’m putting together a bunch of little assemblies that will eventually come together.

Now for two of these which do look like shoulders in a way.

Okay, now it’s time for the theme of this post, the sword!

Lay in the cutting edge, which would be called the Kissaki in Japanese sword nomenclature.

Construct the handle.

There are two little tabs in the handle that will flip out so it can be grabbed. Given that this is an RG these things are tiny.

You can put those in before or after attaching the handle onto the sword.

A few more parts for the handle.

It will clip on to the underside at one end.

I’ve now got these ready to go.

These are meant to go on the Skygrasper however I am not done with the Skygrasper just yet. I have the markings to put on.

Dear lord. This will take me a while. I’ll get back to you about my progress when I get back to building the rest of this kit.

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  1. Kiluwastrife says:

    When you finished applying stickers to Skygrasper, did you noticed there is a pair of “Aile Striker” Stickers? Where should you put it on Aile Striker Pack?

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