Gaijin Gunpla

[Editor’s note: Jonathan wrote me eager to share his newest creation. Here is another great example how hand-painting produces some great results when done with proper care. Enjoy the Hyakuren!]

Hi, I’m Jonathan from the Philippines, and this would be my 3rd kit but the 1st one I’ve fully repainted. Didn’t like the original color scheme, and I opted for a sort of warmachine look. Hand painted this kit and it took some real patience just to get the paint to set right. Used German gray and Light gray Tamiya acrylics for the various armor pieces and gunmetal gray for the joints, inner pieces and the weapons. I wasn’t able to find some primer so I painted on bare plastic. Fortunately after several layers the paint had good coverage. Slapped on some pledge shine and wipe (Johnson’s wipe and shine) and did a gunk wash with black oil paint. After drying I did some matte varnishing and added the finishing touches by dry brushing some flat aluminum. Put on some extra stickers from my Zaku II Origin and finished this bad boy… or girl. This is Amida’s suit.

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  1. Krytios says:

    Hi Jonathan. YES! This looks great. Some people swear that priming is an absolute must. I try to prime half the time but it’s really not always necessary. Sometimes it is. But I’ve also had fantastic results by just applying brushed-on acrylic on bare plastic. It’s tricky and you need patience, but it’s totally doable, and can make for great weathering or other effects. Obviously, good sprays like Tamiya’s will be thinner than a brush and an airbrush even more fine-layered. But I’ve had even a well-primed surface, that dried and cured for weeks, tear from a masking job. There’s few wrongs or rights in painting these things. Innovation and improvisation are key elements. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ben Dixon says:

    Nice work! Looks very gritty and realistic. Well done.

  3. AscendantEvincar says:

    That’s some nice work! I wish I have that kind of patience. Oh well, maybe I’ll get into painting one of these days.

  4. Sparkrattle says:

    That’s very well done. I do have to admit seeing some seam lines but they’re masked pretty well by the pain anyway. It’s really nice to see how handbrushers still make creatios as good as these. I admit to getting lazy and switching to cans but I’d love to be able to hand brush like this some day. Thanks for the share!

  5. Dash says:

    hey jonathan..kabayan!..hehehe..i am new to painting model kits..and being in the province its hard to find a hobby shop..fortunately we have one..isa talaga..hehehe..and things are really quite pricey i patiently hand paint without priming and honestly i get frustrated..but seeing your work really inspired me..i will improvise as you did..thanks!

  6. Jonathan Gapay says:

    Thanks for the comments guys! I’m hoping to master hand painting gunpla kits since I don’t have the space or the money for an airbrush kit, and I know that in the past they just painted by hand. Just don’t be discouraged when making mistakes and be patient.

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