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Maybe some people saw this when I hinted at it back in this post but I’m actually going to be building a No-Grade kit. Well, not OOB. Okay, OOB but with a little bit of modifications thrown in there. This is one of those projects you tinker with when you’re in-between the bigger ones or the big releases.

I’ve seen so many modellers put SD heads on their 1/100 scale kits (or 1/144) and every time, probably because the modeller is highly skilled, it has looked pretty bad-ass and because I’ve got a SD EX Standard Exia in my possession I went ahead and picked up the 1/100 Exia from 2007.

If you’re not familiar with the older 1/100 scale kits, which usually are called No-Grades because they don’t fit into any of the Gundam grades as we know them, I’ll show you the box contents. Let’s start with the manual.

Not bad manual art. Inside you’ll see the runner breakdown page is in colour.

And if you’re new to Gundam and need a hand two little characters are there to help you.

Other notable pages include.

Considering it’s a NG which are quite a bit less expensive than their MG counterparts the effort put into the manual is a good sign.

Let me show you the runners (in no specific order).

And check out this one.

These parts are quite flexible.

I wonder what they are for…

And you’ve gota sizeable sticker sheet.

It’s not that the stickers are plentiful. They are just big.

So let’s start this build!

Here are the subsections for the sides of the torso where you will attach the arms.

Now I’ll put in some of the rubber parts into the sides of the large torso part.

To the opposite frame part I’ll add the poly-cap and neck joint.

I guess this guy won’t be bending sideways mid-torso like other versions of the Exia do.

There are stickers involved in the build but I’m leaving them all off for now.

Armour the front and back.

Add the hatches for the cockpit and the frame part that sits at the base of the neck.

GN Drive activated!

I mean located. Some assembly required.

GN Drive activated!

Finish up the front of the torso with chest sections which use the yellow parts.

Red parts go on at this stage as well.

There is a completed NG torso.

Typing that seems funny. Japanese culture has now adopted the word ‘NG’ to refer to anything improper or ‘Not Good’. You’ll hear sentences like, “撮影はNGです。” (filming is not permitted.) No, they really talk like this now.

Arms start with these parts.

Along with the two poly-caps, I spy another rubber piece. It is fed into the frame part.

Now for some frame.

This is your elbow joint. Once assembled it drops into the armour part for the lower arm

Close up the lower arm and add the hand.

The arm assembly is complete even if it doesn’t look like it.

Are you ready for the next part? You may want to sit down. Here is the assembly for the shoulders.

Whoa. I need a cigarette.

That frame part on the end of the rubber strip slides into the underside of the constructed shoulder.

Then some manoeuvring is required to get the shoulder and arm onto the arm peg.

Upper body (sans head) complete!

I’ll put this aside for now and attend to more important things. When I’ve got some free time I’ll work on the lower body and head.

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  1. Uriel Ventris says:

    Very interesting, thanks for looking at some of the older kits. How does building this compare to the more modern no grades like the IBO 1/100s?

    • S2 says:

      IBO 1/100 inner frames have much more parts for starters. However, due to using the same frame across MS it often feels like the parts don’t stay on well. This 00 1/100 seems rock solid.

      • Uriel Ventris says:

        That’s good news. I just ordered the designer color 1/100 Cherudim and didn’t know what to expect.

  2. Charlo says:

    Hi Syd! Thanks for this WIP. I build mostly Master Grades, but have been thinking about getting the 1/60 Exia ever since I got the MG Exia. Seeing the build and quality of this kit, and considering that the Exia is my daughter’s favourite suit :-), I’ll probably get the 1/60 soon.

    • Manpig says:

      It’s essentially a Mega Size of the Existing minus the panel detail. Personally i think the color inaccuracies at such a large scale, sub-par articulation and derpy proportions are a bit of a turn off. :/

    • Dominic says:

      Hi Charlo, I built it a few years back and can heartily recommend it. The build is much the same as the 1/100.

      • Charlo says:

        Thanks Dominic and Manpig! My daughter will not really care about the panel detail, but considering that the build is similar to this one, she’ll be happy cause she’ll probably be able to build it by herself. Appreciate your comments! 🙂

  3. Ralph Lauren Torres says:

    this kit was actually my first from getting back into gunpla. back in 2010. since then, the hobby has still been with me.

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