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[Before I get even more nerdy (new Rogue One trailer is out!) I’ll remind everyone that there is still half a month left to get in on the Donate and Win contest for the big prize of a MG Z Gundam Unit 3 P2 Red Zeta. Check out that link for more details if you haven’t done so yet. It’s quite the prize.]

I was all set to tell you that the 1/72 Xウイング・ファイター ポー専用機 (Poe’s X-wing) kit was just almost exactly like the 1/72 Xウイング・ファイター レジスタンス仕様 (1/72 Resistance X-wing) when I looked and realised that I haven’t made a WIP for that first X-Wing from the Force Awakens. My bad. Of course, both are similar to the Episode IV X Wing kit from 2014. Except Poe’s has that cool colour scheme!

The runners are labeled simply as 1/72 X-Wing Fighter.

One thing that is a little different because of the colour scheme for Poe’s Fighter is the sticker sheet.

That’s a lot of orange! I cannot complain.

Did you notice how the sticker sheet is large than the water-slide decal sheet? That caught my attention at first and upon closer inspection it seems all decals are there on both sheets but a few are in different locations.

And while I’m showing all those markings I’ll show the guide as well.

Between this and my RG Skygrasper I’m in sticker purgatory for the time being.

You get BB-8 again but also a second droid, R0-H2.

And you get the stand, SWB9.

But it’s white? I guess they are going for the snow on Starkiller Base effect.

The build starts with you adding several small parts to the large sets of wings.

There are stickers, the orange and silver around the engines, to go on during this assembly as well.

When putting the pilot into the cockpit as you assemble you’ll want to add the stickers for his helmet.

Only three? No problem.

Oh… that’s not what I expected looking at the marking guide. These three stickers will completely cover the helmet and his eye goggles.

Nailed it!

I was laughing out loud the entire time I was fighting with these small decals on the even smaller round head.

The build went pretty quick (probably because I wasn’t taking pictures like I should have) and before long I had a (mostly) completed X Wing Fighter that Poe could use to rescue BB-8.

I say mostly because some things weren’t put on yet.

These go on the ends of the weapons on all four wings but you take two off if you want to use the effect laser parts. That means you will lose at least two of these. They so small. I’m not ready for that yet.

I also got most of the markings applied at the time.

I even prepared the landing gears despite wanting to use the stand.

There is actually something I want to try with the stand which is why it hasn’t been assembled yet and Poe is grounded for the time being. Once I’ve got that done, or I’ve failed, I’ll post some nice quality images like I have done with the other Star Wars kits.

For now, I’ll leave you with some shots of Akihabara a couple of weeks ago. When I met ASM there (when we ended up talking Final Fantasy it was the day of merchandise reveals for Rogue One. [Check out new trailer now!]

Bandai had a section of the small square in Yodabashi Camera and was showing off their new merchandise including the SHFiguarts and the upcoming Plamo kits (this may irritate many of you but I feel I need to show it.)

SHFiguarts (order them here)

Death Trooper kits.

1/6 Stormtrooper

I’m looking forward to this one.

Rogue One model kits slated to start releasing in December.

Forgive me.

Even Darth Vader made an appearance!

I didn’t know he hangs with the Sand folk.

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  1. Michael says:

    You nearly got me with 1/12 scale listed in the Title. 😉
    The new figures look great, the 1/6 stormtrooper is awesome.
    Will put my original kenner to shame.

  2. Felipe Cuevas says:

    The scale is 1/72, the title says 1/12.

  3. Manpig says:

    > I didn’t know he hangs with the Sand folk.

    I thought he hates them.

  4. Travis says:

    1/72 makes a lot more sense than 1/12. I was terrified for a moment at what the price would be, and where I’d find the space for it!

  5. Keb says:

    Just wondering. What is the size of the stand in terms of inches? My space is really limited and I plan on getting this kit soon.

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