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Thanks to everyone who participated in the September 2016 Donate and Wing Giveaway. The winner has been chosen at random and will be contacted very shortly. Congratulations on your MG Powered GM! This month the giveaway prize to the lucky donor is even bigger which is great news for those who donate and maybe a little bit sad for myself. The prize for October’s giveaway is…

(drum roll)

MG Z Gundam Unit 3 P2 Red Zeta

This is a monster kit in a monster box. Check out the how the box looks when you pop off that red lid.

Normally, I lay out the box contents and take a shot of everything but please don’t make me do that. There’s just so much stuff in this deep box.

Taking out three large runners hasn’t made a dent.

There’s even a giant base packed in here!

Being P-Bandai it comes with water-slide decals.

This is probably the reason I haven’t built this magnificent kit yet. As I wrote later on in this post kits that now are releasing with water-slide markings are actually getting put aside while I work on the kits which have stickers. Stickers can be done as you build and the build proceeds more quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I love water-slide markings, and I feel I’m pretty good with them but to be satisfied with them I need time and space both of which I don’t have a lot of a right now. I haven’t even put the markings on my MG Altron! First world Gunpla problems.

Here’s some shots of the manual and marking guide so you have an idea what I’m talking about here.

This kit isn’t just a recolour of the MG Zeta 2.0. There is so much all-new and that requires its own manual.

This manual is big, too. 27 pages!

So I hope the eventual winner of this kit can enjoy building it with water-slides though, if you decide to leave them out, this kit looks pretty amazing OOB as well. Be prepared. This box is big.

This is probably the biggest box prize I’ve given away on and it will cost me more to ship this than usual. Because of this I thought about setting a minimum donation amount to cover the shipping costs but I still want as many people to participate as possible and have decided to continue as usual with no minimum. However, to those who want a chance to win, if when donating you can keep in mind additional costs I may incur it is appreciated.

Onto to the drool-inducing images!

It’s stunningly beautiful. Please enjoy it for me.

Just like last time, to join in this, and to help me out while doing so, all you need to do is click the ‘Support Gaijin Gunpla’ button I put into the right sidebar right below the comments field.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Danforth Vista says:

    I’m totally fine having a minimum amount for the donation to somehow cover not just the subscription for this site, also for other things you need to cover to continue this adventure. I’m just curious, how many peeps out here send over donations? The average count would be fine, or if it’s a classified information you can email me for your reply (hehe).

    Ya know, this MS looks like a rose, with lots of thorns. I wish I’m not the only one who had that idea. hahaha

  2. theghostofchar79 says:

    so i have to ask…does this kit come with all normal Zeta 2.o armor or just the remolded bits?…in other words can i build an all red Zeta 2.o?

  3. Paul Emical* says:

    Hello Syd,

    this month I could afford a bit more… 😉

    I simply love this kit, there’s no other way of saying it. I got this and the gray zeta in my backlog, though I can’t even fathom where to get the time to try my hands at them. Magnificent pieces of kit!
    I’m still missing the White Zeta, but I hope one day I’ll catch one that doesn’t cost me an arm and leg.

  4. Jango says:

    I also like marking decals for their ease of use. I’m getting the MG Full Armor Gundam Ver. Ka and I’m not even gonna bother with the water slides. I wish there were more companies out there that make marking decals for kits that don’t include them.

  5. Javier Lusby says:

    Donation sent !

    Oh man, i wanted this kit (and the grey zeta) for quite some time.

    If i win, i don´t mind paying the shipping fees !

  6. dannick says:

    Damn you and your awesome giveaway now im throwing money at the screen hope you are happy with yourelf.

    -best regards from Canada

  7. Leah says:

    Hi Syd. I’ve really been enjoying your site so this month decided to send you a little bit. It’s not much but I hope it helps. Keen on the Zeta as well, teehee. All the best.

  8. Tom says:

    I know this is unrelated to the post (amazing giveaway though), but how many cans of tamiya sprays did you go through while painting the inner frame of the PG unicorn? Also, how many cans (primer and paint) do you think I will need to paint all the outer armor for all the white? Anyway I admire your work and I wish you good luck in all your future projescts!

    • S2 says:

      I probably used 3 can total for the frame but I was using 2 different colors. for the armour you likely won’t need primer if you’re using a color other than white.

      • Tom says:

        Thank you for replying! Now I know how to budget my money to paint that beast. Thanks again and I wish you good luck in all future projects

  9. Belson says:

    Hey I’ve been enjoying your posts and reviews so far. It’s not much but its pretty much all I can afford to give from my allowance (thanks to the exchange rate). Keep up the good work!

  10. Jack's Improving Gunpla says:

    I just donated for the first time and would help pay for shipping if I won.

    Thank you for a great site and resource. Keep up the great work here and on Gunpla TV!

    Cheers & hope this beautiful kit generates plenty of funds over and above your cost to give it away.

  11. Julius says:

    Done! have always enjoyed your reviews, hope you’ll raise a lot this month!

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