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The Figure-rise Bust series is a new line of plamo kits introduced by Bandai in June of this year (2016). Popular characters from popular anime such as Gundam, Macross, and Love-Live are given plastic models of their upper torso hence the term Bust in the item title. Bandai has introduced a new type of moulding technology known as ‘Layered Injection’ in these kits which is found in the eyes.

Figure-rise Bust Setsuna F Seiei is the third Figure-rise Bust I have put together and so far the one that I looked forward to most. That will change when they give me an Aznable bust.

Assembly is super quick (usually) so allow me to show the box contents before the what is sure to be short WiP. Here is the face and those layered injection eyes.

Here are the stickers for this kit.

Much less than for other Busts like those from the Macross Delta series. Those are half stickers!

One more sticker.

I wonder what the F stands for.


The hair always seems to consist of more parts than the entire rest of the kit.

So let’s unfold that manual and get snappin’,

The torso sandwich.

You’re got two sticker to put on here. They go on easy enough.

Add the white parts for the shoulders.

The neck piece uses two stickers.

Two difficult to place stickers.

The round sticker (#2) lays inside of the collar but it’s round…

and has to lay inside…

and it’s a sticker…

This means that I had a lot of problems lining every side up. I decided to ease my pain.

I cut the sticker in half this way I could work on lining up one side without the other just sticking onto whatever it came into contact with.

Once I was satisfied with the one side I could then do the other.

Then I had to put that white sticker around the collar, bending it down into place.

Now I know what the F in this Setsuna F Seiei kit stands for.

It stands for, “Are you f&$&^*ing kidding me?”

You give me this kit touting it’s advanced ‘layered injection’ technology and I have to sit here for ten minutes trying to line up these very awkward stickers and when I’m done it looks like s%$t. Two white parts were included. You couldn’t make the collar one more thin white part?

After taking a moment to calm down you then add the grey parts to the torso and shoulders.

Torso is done so moving onto the head.

The eyes are cool, though.

He won’t look me in the eye, however. It’s not your fault, Setsuna. I understand that.

You move onto the hair next but I thought I’d plug the neck in at this stage.

Okay, so the hair. It is plentiful.

Sliding these pieces together gives you the lower back portion.

It took me a moment to figure out how these connect. You are meant to approach side-on and have the grooves meet and slide into each other. They really only go on from one angle.

Add a part to the top.

Poor guy looks like he’s losing hair not gaining it.

Now there are three more parts to go on.

It’s like watching male pattern baldness in reverse.

On Japanese television there are countless commercials for men’s restorative hair systems. Setsuna needs to check some of them out.

Looks natural. I can imagine it was expensive.

You don’t even have to worry about it in the shower. You can get it wet and everything.

All your base.

Look at me!

Look at me, Setsuna!

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  1. Michael says:

    >Look at me, Setsuna!
    Alas, you’re not a gundam.

  2. HBSK says:

    Not so new technology if you look back at the early 90s (1990-1992)

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