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Back on October 16th of last year (2015) I reviewed the first kit from the newest Gundam Anime series at the time, the HG Barbatos. The kit turned out to be highly regarded thanks to the inclusion of an inner frame and the series of kits became more and more popular as they were unveiled while the anime series progressed. Well, you know what they say; ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and so here we are again with a new season of IBO and a new line of kits being unveiled bit by bit. The first of this is, of course, the main MS known as the Gundam Barbatos Lupus.

Overall Look: 9/10

I think, overall, that I like the look of the Lupus better than the original Barbatos. Maybe it’s the shoulders that I like better. Definitely, the two plastic parts to make the emblem is much better than the stickers we saw one year ago.

And he’s got the now (in)famous high heels found on the other versions of the Barbatos.

I guess Bandai is stuck with this design for continuity’s sake. Let’s just say it’s not my thing.

One thing I don’t like so much on the newest kit are the side skirts. I just don’t like long side skirts. Each time I see these kinds of skirts on an MS I know that it will likely limit articulation in the kit. Is that the case with the Lupus? There’s a section of the review just for that so we’ll get there eventually. I do think the Lupus looks more solid than the first Barbatos and there is a reason for that.

Colors: 9/10

Take the colour-scheme of the original Barbatos and add a splash of red found in the extra parts on the shoulders and there you go. Uninspired may be the word to use here however Bandai is usually pretty particular about sticking to their tried and true colours for the protagonist suits. Much of the colour on this kit is found on the stickers pasted on throughout.

Oooh green.

Weapons: 6/10

At least the first Barbatos had a sword to go with its awesome mace. The Lupus has one long, buster-type sword and that’s it. It does attach to the back of the backpack if you wish.

Hopefully he is able to grab it when he needs its.

But it’s the only weapon he has so he really should be holding it at all times.

Articulation: 9/10

He is as articulate as his older brother and in some ways more solid. The legs can splay out quiet far with the feet still able to be flat on the ground. This is due to the design of the ankle joint, which we have seen before in other forms of the Barbatos.

I did find that when bending the knee that the lower leg armour could get trapped behind the ankle.

You’ll need to be mindful of that and make sure the ankle armour is out of the way when bending the knee.

Then you can do poses like this!

Just kidding.

I also found that at a certain point those long side skirts will pop off.

This is due to the connection with the poly-cap at the hip. I don’t think you’ll often have your legs out wide enough needing the skirts to move so far but on those occasions that you do be wary of the falling side skirt.

The arm movement in the shoulder is excellent and Bandai has even designed a gimmick into the shoulder where the red piece can be moved further upwards thanks to a rail designed into the shoulder.

Slide it out and up.

And he passes the one-leg balance test (if knowing that is important to you).

Build Design: 10/10

I actually feel this kit is better designed than the first Barbatos. It is more solid and less parts seem to fall off. I remember having some issues with the torso of the first Barbatos, maybe even more so with the 1/100, but the torso is very stable on the new Lupus kit. The connection for the side armour is not just a little peg.

This connection will remain strong throughout the life of the kit, unless handled poorly.

The head also seems more solid with me not yet experiencing the V-fin falling off.

It also has the same gimmick the original had with the backpack coming apart and allowing you to mount sub arms there which can help hold the giant sword.

I haven’t yet felt the need to use these however. I like the backpack as it is.

Fun Factor: 8/10

Despite being a better kit than the first I’ll have to give it the same score when it comes to enjoyment. The kit is probably more fun to play but it doesn’t have the weapons the other did which really made me want to play with it. Building it is mostly ‘more of the same’ so it doesn’t provide the thrills of experiencing something new. It’s like when you own a car and enjoy driving it and then take the next model year of your car out for a spin. Things are mostly the same and you’re not wowed right out of the box. If you were to take a car worth twice what yours was out for a test drive the wow factor would be there right from the beginning.

I also don’t enjoy the hands. The connection at the cuff seems too unstable and they are popping off all the time when trying to pose it. The flat of the armour piece on the hand seems to run up against the armour of the lower arm so if you don’t move the hands they are on there nicely but if you try to move them it weakens the connection and the ball joint falls out.

Extras: 6/10

There are the sub-arms and the extra hands and the stand adaptor. And that’s all you get with this kit aside from a lot of stickers. It’s like a trimmed-down yet beefed up Barbatos package. I would have really liked to see more in the way of extras or even more weapons but this thing is following an anime so it has to accurately represent what is shown on television. Still, that means for a trim package.

If you like IBO then you’ve probably already ordered this kit and you won’t be disappointed. For me it will tide me over until the release of the 1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Barbatos Lupus. I do like this version of the Barbatos as the best so far. It’s too bad it didn’t come along first.

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  1. Adrindrata says:

    > IBO Series kits
    > Have extra pairs of hands with extra covers
    Done deal.

    • Etherdave says:

      The two extra hands included in this kit are for more realistic posing of weapons, an obvious attempt at improvement over the 1st season Barbatos in this scale (most of the HG IBO kits include only ONE set of hands); the four extra parts, however, would seem to disqualify the presence of extra weapons in a kit that already has an impressive parts tally, given the relatively low price-point Bandai has established for the HG IBO. To be fair to the company, they have released a comprehensive group of options sets that includes extra weapons, extra hands, extra this, and extra that. I personally would have liked to have seen more than 1(!) weapon issued with the Gusion Rebake, given that it has four arms. I would have thought that the Ryusei-Go could have been released with a Hyakuren-type weapon, given that it comes with the Hyakuren-type mount on its tookus. Clearly the equation is difficult to get done perfectly every time, especially when these kits were released at the speed that they were.

  2. some guy says:

    why wasn’t this one on the kit reviews page? for the longest time I thought you had stopped making kit reviews

    • S2 says:

      We are having a bit of an issue with memory and caching. We’ve noticed that the builds and reviews page will sometimes not update for some time.

      • Ral Zarek says:

        I’ve noticed this too. I was rather dismayed when I kept seeing no new reviews, then I realized something must be up. Where should I go to see a complete list of all your reviews?


  3. Rivalleus says:

    Not sure how the rating system goes, but from what I garnered you enjoyed this kit far more than the original Barbatos. So why then does it have a lower score?

  4. Bocalt says:

    Quite disappointed that this kit to keep it “cheap”excludes the guns which have been kept for option set 5 as a way of selling it. Why? Because the rollout Barbatos Lupus clearly features the guns in the anime, from the opening and first episode. So unlike so many lead gundams and their model kit, Bandai has decided to release and incomplete MS as model kit. Very cheap of them…

    • Ryan says:

      Well they are just releasing the mobile suit itself, the option set is very cheap too, i guess buisness tactics.

      • Dash says:

        yeah..just like they did with the 1st barbatos 1/100..releasing the kit with no mace..also with the gusion; offering you 2 versions but with only 1 frame..

      • Bocalt says:

        Any place you found the option set cheap. I can only find it at the price of a full kit.

  5. Bocalt says:

    As highlighted by some, let’s to a checklist of Gunpla malpractices over the IBO line. By Gunpla Malpractice, i mean things that don’t seem logical at the time of the release of the gunpla but might do for Bandai. For example hg Dynames doesn’t come with its handguns but do in the more expensive Arms type D. So far hg lines for Age, build fights have been correct, the G-Reco line had some issues. Now some kits are full and properly done , for instance the Kimaris or Graze Ein,etc… but damn for some in the IBO line:

    1. First Barbatos kit did come with the Sword, however this sword is upgraded quite quickly and the only way to get the other is by getting the more expensive Transport booster or the PBandai full barbatos release.

    2. Speaking of Sword, it is strangely lacking its proper colors on the 1/100 kit

    3. To get the Mace for the 1/100 Barbatos one had to buy the 6th form 1/100 Barbatos.

    4. There’s no Hi Res 1/100 Mace

    5. The hg Grimgerde does not come with a green visor, no visor in fact despite being illustrated that way on the boxart and nowhere featured without on the show. The 1/100 does though.

    6. There’s no way to actually build a ground type HG graze. Only the 1/100 Graze provides this option

    7. Sword for the Ground type Graze only comes in the option set and in the wrong color.

    8. 1/100 Barbatos lacks the stickers for the legs featured on both Hgs and 1/100 barbatos 6th form.

    9. The Gusion rebake is full of stickers but then even lacks those for things featured on the boxart like the white on the shield – both the HG and the 1/100 have this issue – pretty much asking you to get the markers for the kit

    10. Hg Barbatos 6th form weapon given in wrong colors.

    11. Gusion Rebake does not come with his Axe, its part of an option set. That’s the thing , an option set is for optional parts – not weapons and features the ms rolls out with.

    12. Options sets – Optional parts for Graze,etc… ok. but then weapons featured for the lead gundams are thrown in there.

    13. Gusion rebake full city – rolls out with no guns – no guns at all, its back skirt instead transforming into scissors.

    14. 1/100 Gusion – People still looking at how to get another frame for the remaing parts

    Anything i missed?

  6. tutuybatu says:

    I just bought this kit, I haven’t built it yet. Then I’m just appointed that those forearm guns and twin mace are not included, sigh… bandai, why you do this?

  7. AscendantEvincar says:

    Oh well, the weapons and extras suffered (as expected). Freakin’ MS Options line (had fun painting the mobile worker from option set 1, though). That is quite likely for all the HG IBO kits. I think I’d just get the 1/100 Barbatos Lupus.

  8. Audi Raafian says:

    did anyone had barbatos lupus or any hgibo with gundam frame and the ab part is loose? mine is loose. when i put the giant sword to hand the upper part of body is swivel down.
    anyone had this issue?

    • chiezhi says:

      I also had the same issue, but managed to fix it. The waist joint/ab part was loose as well.

      It was the parts A20 and A21 that were swapped around. When fixed properly, the joint becomes strong and secure.

  9. Etherdave says:

    Just building this kit now. Barbatos frame with updated skin intended to reference older Bandai properties, especially ‘Gundam Wing’ and ‘Endless Waltz’. Lots of parts. Some visible seams (shame). Kit seems sound, poses easily, holds poses well (then again, I never had any problems with the original Barbatos frame, of which this is a re-spin). Too bad there’s only one weapon, at least the improved hands can hold it properly. Backpack doohickis are interesting and fit together better than the original Barbatos. Good sticker set, difficult to replicate by painting. Overall a good 2nd season addition to the collection, but would have been a hard sell without those crazy multi-piece shoulders. Zug zug tojo!

  10. Reyniel says:

    I have issues with the torso. Keeps on getting detached if i pose it.

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