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It’s been almost a full year since I reviewed the HG Barbatos kit from Iron-Blooded Orphans and now we’ve come full circle as the second season of the anime has started and I’ve got in my hands the new MS from the new season, the HG Barbatos Lupus.

Given how similar most of the HG kits from the first season were I don’t expect anything drastically different with the Lupus but I’m sure Bandai has some new things in store for us builders.

As usual, plenty of stickers.

Here is the A runner.

No wait, that’s the B Runner! A multi-coloured runner that isn’t the A runner (or the C runner in the case of the RG kits)? This B runner is new for the Lupus.

Here is the real A runner.

This A runner looks familiar. Which one is it?

Frame 4? I see.

The C runner contains all the white parts.

Inside this box is also a card for the arcade game which I just so happened to spot when I was in Akihabara with ASM last weekend.

Also included with this kit is a little mini-booklet, ‘Fun to Build! Iron-Blooded Orphans’

A plug for the new 1/100 Full Mechanics kit.

So let’s build this guy. I need to put a sticker on in the very first step?!

So far it is very similar.

Here are the parts for the chest.

Here is something different.

The side armour parts connect by a uniquely shaped peg.

The connection for that peg found on the underside of the white part?

It’s a heart. Lupus loves you!

Here is his face.

Add some yellow parts on the sides before the white.

Now add the top and the fin.

Next the shoulders.

The manual has you build only the right shoulder but I noticed the left one uses the exact same parts so I built both. I’m efficient. The frame part is different though and connects by sliding into space on the underside of the white part of the shoulder.

Then another frame part connects the red piece.

This frame part can slide in and out so the red part moves slightly.

Arm frame.

Put that little frame part on the back while sliding the white part on from above.

Place a black part on that seems to cover up the little frame part at the back you just added. Then you put on the armour parts.

Interesting connection.

You have two hands to choose from on each arm.

Feet look pretty familiar here.

High heels!

These two armour parts make up the top of the foot and front ankle armour.

Put a poly-cap into the red pieces and drop the ankle section on.

With both feet done you start on the right leg.

Hip joint goes on at the top.

Then the first of the armour parts.

Prepare the foreleg.

There is a small sticker there.

Sticker up the larger white part that goes on the back of the leg.

These stickers are large and uniquely shaped but go on fairly easily.

Here is a leg.

Plug on that foot.

Skirt assembly.

Front skirts.

That looks like what I’m used to seeing.

But these side skirts. They are different. It starts with these.

These fit into a large white piece and then are secured by another large white piece going on.

Here be stickers.

And here too.

There’s the bottom.

He looks good so far.

Still need a backpack though.

This is very similar to the backpack on the original Barbatos kit. You’ve got more stickers, too.

Next up are the connectors and the backpack arms if you want to use them.

I don’t at the moment. But I do want this giant sword!

Oh ya!

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  1. Frankon says:

    Not a fan of the design on the lead suits from season 1 or 2. Lets face it other Gundam frames looked way better. But at least the hollow V-fin isnt as noticable as on regular barbatos based on that one back photo you posted.

  2. Phillax says:

    A Gundam with beard, what more could you ask for?

    Please Bandai, release an MG :'(

  3. Kushal says:

    two questions

    1. Does that second page from the “Fun to build” manual show the Gusion Rebake 2.0 as having the sub-arms of the first one? I’ve been waiting for confirmation on that because I’m gonna get that one over the original if so.

    2. Is the 1/100 Full Mechanics the new formal name for the 1/100 NGs that we saw for the season 1 kits, or are these new ones different somehow?

  4. Charlo says:

    This kit looks like it’s a great build, I’ll still wait for the 1/100 though. Any of you knows what the Full Mechanics is about? From what I am understanding, it looks like the regular 1/100 frame but with all pistons working, though could be wrong.

  5. Very good, bro! This is a beautiful kit!

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