Gaijin Gunpla

The SD NG Exia project started off relatively simply. Remember, this is a bit of a side-project that will be done in between larger ones so it’s something I will tinker with when I have the time.

The lower half starts with the two feet.

The number of red parts reminds me of the RG kits though they don’t all connect in the same way.

After the red parts are on you add the white.

Next up are the thighs and knees. The knees are two frame parts with one poly-cap stuck sideways inside. You’ve got a poly-cap to lay in the armour at the top as well.

I’m finding that the fit for the poly-caps is quite tight and I’m having a hard time closing the parts because the poly-cap is getting chewed up inside.

I had to trim the edges of a few poly-caps to get the parts to close up.

Once the thigh/knee combo is assembled you’ll build the lower leg frame.

The lower leg frame is then attached to the knee by the white armour parts that go on the sides.

From there add the front and back lower armour parts and the part for the knee.

Into the groove on the lower leg front armour part you’ll insert one of those rubbery parts.

Finally you’ll build the hip joint.

There is a small white part that fits on here.

You’ve got a sticker to put on and a clear part to lay over that but as I’m not doing stickers yet I’m skipping this for now.

Add the ankle armour to finish up the leg.

Repeat for the opposite leg.

Here is the first step of the skirt assembly.

How long has it been since I’ve seen or worked with a poly-cap shaped like that?
Rear skirt armour is two parts.

Slide the smaller part in from underneath then turn it down.

Place the assembled skirt sections onto the frame and add a touch of red.

You can see the red part sticks up over the edge of the white a bit.

Not a bad looking lower half.

You have to add one frame part, a stopper of sorts, that will fit between the skirt and torso.

And there it is.

Next up, a head of some sort.

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