Gaijin Gunpla

Last time it was the Sword Striker Pack. This time it is the

That means I finally get to hit up that green runner.

I’ll take a couple parts from that runner and throw in a yellow piece.

I’ll also need to build that section that looks like a belt the engine of a car.

That gets included with the first little assembly and some extra parts.

More green and yellow this time for the wings.

This shot shows how the wings connect.

Finally some frame parts.

This fits into some larger frame parts and will be able to rotate.

Now for an arm of sorts.

Or, rather, two of them.

They connect together and then to the backpack.

That gets set aside and work returns to the green parts to make that long weapon.

You just keep adding and adding.

This thing isn’t necessarily complex but it has lots of details and will need to move.

Finally it is finished.

I won’t put it all together until I’ve got all the stickers on so for now it looks like this.

There are so many stickers with this RG Skygrasper kit that I can’t do them all in one go. Or two. What I did was put a huge amount of them on the plane and then took a break and built the second stage. Then went back and put a few more stickers on the plane before building this stage. Now with everything done (almost) I can put the stickers onto the Sword and Launcher sections and finish this thing off. Then it will be ready for review and inclusion into the RG Complete Project.

So many stickers!

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  1. Uriel Ventris says:

    Man I think there are more stickers on that plane than on the PG version.

  2. Mick says:

    There are so many stickers for the kit, but none for the scope on the big gun… I made one myself from some leftover shiny sticker sheet.

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