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The RG Aile Strike came out in April 2011 (man, I’ve been at this a while) and not long afterwards, in February of the following year, the RG FX-550 Skygrasper Launcher/Sword Pack followed. Apparently at that time I was busy with other things and never got around to building it despite having it sit in my Gundam boxes in my various closets over the years. Well, as part of the Gaijin Gunpla’s RG Complete Project I have finished this kit and am ready to write about it.

For those who don’t know this kit comes with the Skygrasper, otherwise known as that cool jet.
And it comes with two packs which enable you to make a Sword Striker pack.

And a Launcher Strike Pack.

With these you can turn your RG Aile Strike into the Sword Strike Gundam or the Launcher Strike Gundam. There’s a lot going on with this kit and because of that this review may be a little different from what we regularly see here on Gaijin Gunpla.

Overall Look: 10/10


The Skygrasper, as a kit on its own, isn’t unique to the Real Grade line. It first showed up as Perfect Grade kit back in 2005 to accompany the PG Strike Gundam. Having built both I can say that the RG version, much like all the kits in the RG line, looks much better than its bigger counterpart thanks to the amazing details Bandai adds into their RG designs.

To see how great the two Striker Packs look you’ll need your RG Strike Gundam. Mine’s right here.

Sword Strike Gundam

The Sword Strike Gundam looks awesome! Sure he’s asymmetrical, but that’s probably the biggest part of his appeal. The proportions of the pack match perfectly with that of the Strike Gundam.

He looks mean.

Launcher Strike Gundam

The Launcher Strike may not look as sleek as the Sword Strike but he definitely looks fantastic. Again the proportions are perfect and the Launcher Pack has the RG quality to its look and not like we would see if it was an HG set modified for the RG Strike.

He looks brutish.

I’ll write about how these sets fit onto the Strike Gundam and Skygrasper in the Build Design section of the review which is likely to be quite long.

Colors: 10/10


I guess these are standard Gundam colours though the Skygrasper lacks any red (markings aside). I actually don’t mind that a bit. The breakdown of the blue and yellow combined with the two white tones makes for a simple looking colour design that allows all those markings to stand out. I don’t think I’d change this at all.

Sword Strike Gundam

When it comes to colour this is the pack I prefer. I really like that light blue and how it combines with the dark blue of the Strike to nice effect. There are a lot of details in this RG set and it shows nicely here.

Launcher Strike Gundam

The darker green can make seeing some of the details more difficult but Bandai breaks that up with the gold areas, done using stickers, found on the back of the shoulder section.

The belt inside the Launcher Pack is done using one large, detailed, red piece and looks good once assembled.

Unfortunately, there is no colour separation in the green in this kit.

If I had to choose by colour I’d probably go with the Sword Striker Pack.

Weapons: 10/10

The entire set is basically giant weapons with a jet to carry them around on so really, how can I give the weapons category a lower score.


The Skygrasper has weaponry all its own in the form of a gun on each side and a moving cannon on the top. That’s a lot of firepower already. If you need more stuff, the Skygrasper can bring it for you in the form of the Aile Strike Gundam’s Beam Rifle and Shield.

Sword Strike Gundam

For weapons the Sword Strike Gundam comes with some pretty crazy stuff. Let me list them for you.

*15.78m AVS (anti-vessel sword) “Schwert-Gewehr”

This thing is huge!

I can definitely see this taking out vessels. You can even add another effect part to the bottom if you like.

*Beam boomerang “Mydas-Messer”

I never really go for these types of weapons. I think the handle looks better attached to the shoulder.

*Roc-Ancher “Panzer-Eisen”

That section that attaches to the back of the forearm can split in two and an included cable can be used to show the anchor shooting out.

Launcher Strike Gundam

This setup doesn’t have weapons that will pop off here or there but does have some big, perhaps bigger, guns.

*320mm Hyper-Impulse Gun “Agni”

This is a big gun. So big you’ll be glad for that arm on the backpack that will basically do all the heavy lifting of this thing.

*120mm Anti-vessel Multi-barrel Gun & 350mm Gun-launcher Combo Unit

More anti-vessel stuff. This guy does not like vessels!

Articulation: 9/10

This is the category I was slightly dreading. How can I rate articulation on a kit that doesn’t have many moving parts or any limbs of any kind? I’ll list what does move and we’ll go from there.


First up, a really cool design that sees the wings of the Skygrasper move back slightly giving it a more sleek form.

It also has the turret which rotates and the cannon which pivots.

Those bars on the wings that just happen to look like Aile Gundam shoulders also raise up which you’ll need to do if attaching the Launcher Pack.

Sword Strike Gundam

Movement here is found in that large flap that covers the left arm.

The backpack has a swing-arm that changes heights depending on what you’ve got the backpack mounted on.

The sword will pivot on that but you’ll need to take it off for your Aile to hold it.

Launcher Strike Gundam

The Launcher Pack features that backpack which sports a multi-jointed arm which allows the Hyper-Impulse Gun, or the ‘Agni’, to point in almost any direction imaginable.

Build Design: 10/10

If you’ve got the RG Aile Strike kit then there is so much you can do with this kit, but I’ll start by writing about what this kit can do without incorporating the Strike Gundam first.

The Skygrasper is able to have both the Sword Striker Pack and the Launcher Striker Pack mounted onto it.

Sword Striker

Getting these two together is quite simple. Open up the hand guard on the sword.

The little tab that sticks out from the middle of the backpack just so happens to be the exact same size as that on the Aile Strike Pack for the Aile Strike kit and it is simply inserted into the back of the Skygrasper.

You can then close that hand guard again.

To get the Roc-Anchor onto the bottom of the Skygrasper an extra attachment piece is included.

Then you construct the shoulder armour around the other wing to finish it off.

View from below.

And there it is!

Bandai also includes parts that will allow you to mount either pack on an Action Base.

If you are mounting the Sword Striker Pack assemble these parts like this.

Attach everything as you would if you were putting it on the Strike Gundam.

Launcher Striker

An adaptor piece is included which will allow you to mount the 120mm & 350mm Combo Unit. It is fitted underneath the bars on the right wing while the backpack and 320mm Agni attach like the other backpacks do.

Looks great!

Like the other pack you can mount the Launcher pack as well to an action base. You assemble those parts the opposite way you did for the Sword Strike Pack.

The adaptor part that fit onto the Skygrasper needs to go on here as well.

Unfortunately, there simply is not enough space to mount both packs at the same time.

If you do have the RG Aile Strike kit you can mount the Aile Striker pack to the Skygrasper.

Attachments are provided for both the Beam Rifle and Shield.

To get these on raise the bars on the wings.

Slide the end of the wings towards the rear and bring down the bar again.

This creates a little gap where you can plug the adaptor.

Oh? I seem to have lost that small canopy piece.

I’ll worry about that later.


To get the Sword Strike Gundam to hold the Anti-Vessel sword you can use the extra hands provided by Bandai. Remember, the RG Aile Strike Gundam kit didn’t come with the molded hands but only the RG type hands. Those hands would work here but the inclusion of the better hands makes things much more manageable.

You’ll need to swing out the two little tabs in the handle.

Then carefully put on the included hands.

You are now ready to cut down any vessels which happen to come too close.

The kit is surprisingly solid given the weight of that sword.

My only complaint here is that those little tabs are so small they are likely to come off the sword handle when you try to remove the hands and there is a possibility they can break.

You’ll also find that the handle for the Mydas-Messer boomerang fits into a little tiny slot in the molded fingers.

This allows the Strike to hold this things securely.

It’s not so secure that it doesn’t come undone, however.

The Launcher pack doesn’t have any of those little tabs but the hands will fit around the handle of the Agni.

Again it’s quite solid given the weight.

Fun Factor: 10/10

Have you not been following along?! There is so much stuff in this small box and so much you can do with it, it felt sometimes like I was working on more than one kit. I got to build a Skygrasper, a Sword Striker Pack, and a Launcher Striker Pack and when I was done I got to swap parts here there and everywhere and mount them onto almost anything I had in my hand at the time. And posing with the sword is bad-ass.

Extras: 10/10

You are given a lot of stuff in this box, for example, the red effect parts and wire for the Sword Striker Pack, a pair of the much more solid hands, and of course so many marking stickers!

I do have a complaint about those. They ask you to put one sticker around the barrel of each side mounted gun. That is difficult to line up and, I felt, didn’t look very good so I took them off.

I’ve mentioned the extra parts that allow you to mount the two packs individually on an action base.

You’re also given landing gears for the Skygrasper.

The plastic parts you’ll remove from the Skygrasper actually fit onto the landing gears to provide a nice look and make it actually look like the landing gears came out of the Skygrasper’s body.

They also give you an extra landing gear on the same runner as all those attachments that let you get the Aile Striker stuff on.

And a nice action base adaptor that will hold the Skygrasper on the stand quite securely.

This kit deserves its high score, though it should be noted you need the RG Aile Strike to reach this score. If you had no Aile Strike kit I’d drop it down a point or two. It’s easy to think about this as an add-on set, and what a set it is, but remember this is a Real Grade kit. And what an RG it is.

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  1. Manpig says:

    This everyone, is the best plane model kit to ever be made.

    Sad we can’t make a Perfect Strike with the kit though, I would’ve loved that.

  2. Bocalt says:

    You can use the piece from the strike kit to put the sword shield on the side rather than below. Also loved that all three kits can be mostly merged. No balance issues having the strike hold all three packs

  3. Koki says:

    Can use this kit to MG aile strike?

  4. Wafi says:

    may i ask? where do you get the holding hands for the strike gundam? i thought we only get the rg hands and knuckle

  5. spongks says:

    Can I partner this with the 1/144 HGCE Aile Strike which I have?

  6. TheBerom says:

    There is one thing bothering me with my kit:
    where does sticker 51 for the skygrasper go??? it says AILE STRIKER unit.a so i thought it goes onto the aile strike backpack, but nothing says where it should go

  7. NvMe says:

    You can make the Perfect Strike by adding the Aile pack, Sword pack and the launcher pack. But you need to remove the two lower boosters in the Aile Pack to make it the Perfect Strike.

  8. Kevin says:

    Can we put the launcher/sword and the aile together to make a perfect strike?
    Despite the loss of battery packs.

  9. Eckhart says:

    So this is an old review and I don’t expect an answer but:

    Can the Skygrasper be modified easily to hold HG striker packs? I’d love to get a couple of these to display the various packs I’ve got kicking around (IWSP, Gunbarrel Striker, Noir Striker) diorama style with my custom painted 105 Dagger.

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