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Back in 2012 Bandai was releasing new Master Grade kits for the Gundam Wing series. The Heavy Arms EW version was one of those released that year and as soon as it released people started talking about wanting the Heavy Arms Custom. Some people modified their Heavy Arms into a custom (in fact, I did that for someone) but those modellers who didn’t have the chance, skill, or time to do any significant modding were left without the Custom version of the Heavy Arms. Until Now! Kind of…

Bandai has released an MG Heavy Arms Custom EW. And, yup, it’s P-bandai.

The two main complaints about these types of releases were that they were both hard to get and expensive to do so. I don’t know if that argument really applies any more. So many third party internet sites are selling these now that obtaining one isn’t difficult. And because each store has to try to outmanoeuvre the others it seems prices are dropping as well.

I know some of my readers already have their MG Heavy Arms Custom EW. Likely, there are a few that have completed the assembly already.

For the most part this kit uses all the parts from the original Heavy Arms release but there are also some new things thrown is which is to be expected.

The original XXXG frame runners are here.

The other runners have the new designation.

You’ll notice right away that this guy comes with water-slide decals.

The kit is a whole lot of blue but you can see that Bandai did change the runners somewhat to get the teal and purplish blue in there.

You’re also given two dual Gatling Guns!

For me, that’s the best part. I like those!

Being a P-bandai release the box is monochrome but you do get the colour version of that image on the cover of the manual.

He looks pretty sweet in that illustration.

Here is the decal guide at the back.

Opening the manual you can see that, like the recent Eric Mansfield Zaku kit your given some runners in duplicate with the only change being the colour they come in.

The F runner is just that.

You’ll also notice a lot of English in the manual.

Looks like that will be a constant going forward.

As the build starts out just like the original Heavy Arms kit I can leave out the detailed WIP.

I just noticed I will have some foil work to do.

Looking good already!

This will be another kit I get onto when I’m not busy with something that needs to be done by a certain timeframe. I’m glad I decided to pick this kit up. It reminds me of the fun I had with my first Heavy Arms. Oh ya!

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  1. noob_sauce says:

    I wonder if any other EW Wing kits will follow? Wing EW is streaming live on Gundam Info.

  2. JangotheBlueFox says:

    do you have any idea why the instructions for this kit are in English? as far as I can tell this is the only P-Bandai kit with English instructions. other recent P-Bandai kits don’t even have English instructions, this is the only one.

    is it possible this one might get a normal release in the US?

    • S2 says:

      No, it’s not possible. Almost all kits from Bandai now are coming with English in the box and in the instruction manual.

      • JangotheBlueFox says:

        as far as I can tell MG and RG kits aren’t. also HGUC kits also aren’t getting English instructions. the only ones getting English instructions are IBO kits, some Build Fighters kits, SD EX-Standard kits, and the Figure-Rise Standard Dragon Ball kits.

        you’ll notice that everything I’ve just listed are kits that BlueFin regularly sells in the US. HGUC kits do come out in the US but not often, this is because the Universal Century isn’t popular in the United States.

        the way I see it is the only reason Bandai would make the instructions for this P-Bandai MG Heavyarms Custom is if they were planning to sell it in the US.

      • S2 says:

        We’ll have to see what happens with the upcoming RG and MG releases in December. We haven’t had one for several months so things could change. The english has shown up on the manual and boxes for the Figurise Mechanics as well.

      • Marc says:

        It’s too early to say whether HGUC will get English instruction manuals or not. From the pattern so far, all releases from the Barbatos Lupus onwards have been getting English instructions; I don’t think it’s impossible to assume that this will be the standard moving forward.

      • S2 says:

        The HGCE Strike Freedom which releases tomorrow has English all over it.

    • Phillax says:

      Well, seasoned builders (actually, adults with average perception) should have no problem with the Japanese, but I’m sending Bandai is opening up more to the global market.

      • JangotheBlueFox says:

        Bandai doesn’t sell P-Bandai kits in the US.

      • Manpig says:

        It’s not something unique to this kit. From what I can see, all new kit releases will have english in their manuals, which is honestly great news.

      • Whywai says:

        P-Bandai already selling to Singapore which mainly use English. And they have been considering open to international market which is a good news.

  3. Mike q says:

    While prices have gone down some on p-bandai, I’m not sure a kit of the size should price out the same as a Sazabi ver ka. Maybe I’m not looking at the right vendors.

  4. John D says:

    Glad you picked this one up. I got a preorder in with the 2nd production run later this month.

    Here’s hoping for a reissue of Altron Gundam now that it is pretty set in stone that they will be doing all the Endless Waltz suits.

  5. Michael says:

    Is the gatling gun of pbandai mg heavyarms the same as the 1/100 NG heavy arms custom?

    • Manpig says:

      No, they have actual color separation and look a lot better. Plus, the HG miniguns aren’t compatible with the MG ones OOB.

  6. FB says:

    Hi Syd! Can you assemble a full second set of leg missile pods with the leftovers?

  7. QB says:

    Hi, could you upload the parts list from the manual? I would like to compare which parts are missing from the new kit, like the combat knife, the shield and the hidden beam saber in left hand…

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