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I’m not a Dragonball Z fan but I also have not been living under a rock all these years. I know what Dragonball Z is and also know about the Figurise-model kits Bandai was and are again releasing. Maybe I’m not gonna jump at every model of one of the DBZ characters but the Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod looked quite interesting and so I thought I’d give it a go.

Did anyone else notice all that English on the box?

Yup, it appears Bandai is putting English on their packaging and manuals now. And not just the Engrish that we see so often in Japan, but full-fledged, proper, no-grammar-error English! So comprehendible. Much wow!

The kit comes with the parts to make that giant round pod and parts for the Vegeta who sits inside it. Here are the Vegeta runners.

And here are the runners for the Space Pod.

There parts are huge!


You also get a set of foil stickers which I suspect are mostly for the inside of that thing.

Here’s the manual.


Unfortunately, this manual is one of those HG type that fold out.

I speak of this as being a negative thing because there are so many pages that unfolding it takes up so much space. Why isn’t the MG style manual used here? One can only wonder.

So let’s build a Vegeta. Oh. Those are some small parts.

Yup, you have to insert his eyebrows which are quite thin and hard to hold onto as you look for that one proper angle which will allow them to be inserted properly.

I had to panel line the eyes.

Now start adding all that hair.

It takes a lot of parts to make the hair but it is easier than the Figurise-Bust figures I’ve seen.

Just relax, guy. I’ll have the rest of you done in no time.

Here, have a gadget.

I wouldn’t check World News, if I were you. Maybe just keep your eyes closed for a while.

Here is the start of the torso.

Two parts make up the neck and then it’s placed into grooves in the white part.

Add white for the front.

Each arm consists of two parts.

The slot into the sides of the torso.

You have to line things up perfectly to get them in as the fit is quite tight.

Next up, shoulders!

You can see they’ve got slots designed here so you can’t mess up the sides.

Drop the one hand you can see on there, too.

Now for the lower body and it too is quite simple which is par for the course as this is a fixed-pose figure.

Add the tops of his pantaloons.

So at this stage you should have the sections of the body ready to go.

And there he is.

Let’s let him continue to rest while we put together his Space Pod.

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  1. sablenk87 says:

    The awesomeness of the pod is over 9000……! I want it, i order it, and I’m waiting it.
    It’s most iconic pod when i was still a kid, waiting vegeta coming to earth likes waiting a disaster, you can’t prevent it nor you have no power to confront it.
    I know the pod long before i know RB-79 the Ball

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