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Hurray! Another Origin HG kit is in my hands! I don’t normally get excited for HG kits, though there are a few exceptions and most of those come from the Origin lineup. This time I’m putting together the HG Guncannon Early Type (Iron Cavalry Squadron). It feels like I just did a Guncannon but that was the Revive version and this kit isn’t anything like that one. Even the box art is more bad-ass on the Origin kits.

And, perhaps the most surprising difference, this kit comes with a stand!

And marking stickers!

I’m digging the purplish colour here.

And I’ll point out that there is a lot of English in this manual.

I guess we can concretely say that this is the norm now.

Here is how the construction begins, with the torso and three poly-caps.

That third poly-cap slots into the front of the torso.

You then take these parts to make the lower part of the torso.

Plug that ball joint into that third poly-cap.

You then take the large part that makes up the back of the body and add the neck and collar to that.

Be careful to have the collar in the right way as it’s supposed to sit down below the rim of the front torso armour.

If it’s not lined up properly it could flex and get stretch marks.

Now for the backpack, or this large thing that makes up the back of the Guncannon.

Slap that on there to complete the torso.

The head is quick and simple.

At this stage quite often you move on to the arms but on the Guncannon you’re directed to the skirt.

You’re also instructed to put on the side skirts before putting the legs on.

Here are the parts for the front.

Yes, I did do the cut-the-front-skirt-part-in-half modification. I too like to live dangerously.

Here he is so far.

It’s just a flesh wound.

So here are the arms and you can see how they designed the elbow joint.

There is a separate armour part to cover the elbow.

Here are what make up the lower arms.

You only have the shoulders left.

You don’t get hands with this kit. No, instead you get… claws!

Add those when you add the shoulders and you’ve got complete arms (with claws for hands).

Be careful not to poke yourself in the eye.

Oh, you’ve got protective eyewear. Good.

Here are the feet.

Of course you’re building both at the same time.

Ankle joints.

Plug those in and bring them down.

Assemble the knee frames and thighs.

Check out how the manual is laid out for the leg section.

I just thought that interesting. That’s all.

Add the frame parts and armour for the lower legs to the knee assembly.

And a kneecap.

Assemble the hip.

Add the foot and you’re finished the leg.

He looks good so far.

But he doesn’t look complete. He needs something important.

Use these parts to assemble a piston.

Place that inside the body of the cannon and add the barrel.

Here is the range of movement.

Okay, so he has his Low Recoil Cannon. That means he’s complete! No, he’s not!

He needs his Gatling Gun.

And his Missile Launcher.

Wait, he’s got three shoulder mounted weapons but only two shoulders. What to do? Stop thinking about it and assemble the rifle.

You’re given a grasping claw for this rifle.

Assemble the shield.

Check out all this stuff.

I guess I have to choose what to put on the shoulders. For now, I’m going with…

Now I’ve got some stickers to apply.

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  1. Charlo says:

    I really like this design, hopefully Bandai releases this as a MG.

  2. Carlos Soto says:

    Thanks for reviewing this one. As a fan of the 0079 era, I’m really loving the Origin and MSD kits based on classic designs and the anime and manga of the same name. They are amazing quality for an HG series.

  3. JG says:

    Just finished putting this fella together last night, did you have any issues with the shield connector causing the end of the wrist to repeatedly fall off? I can’t keep mine together and it’s kinda dragging down my satisfaction with the kit…

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