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Have we decided whether the newest HGCE kit is a Revive or not? I can’t remember what we settled on. In either case, a new HG means updated articulation and newer proportions so let’s just see what that means in the case of the HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam

Overall Look: 10/10

I left off the backpack/Dragoons for the first shots in order to show some of the detail that you wouldn’t normally be able to see behind there. Now that that’s done, I can add that monster thing.

Being one of the most popular Mobile Suits from any Gundam series the Strike Freedom has a look very much its own which has been released many a time in plastic model form in various grades. This newest kit, another HG, may be one of the best looking Strike Freedom kits released. This kit stands taller than the previous SF HG kit with some more bulk in areas such as the chest and nicely proportioned head.

Colors: 9/10

I’ve always liked the Strike Freedom’s colours so with this new kit I only really have two complaints. First, the gold on the Dragoons is done with stickers. Yuck.

And, second, the blue on the rifles is done with a large, not necessarily easy to place stickers.

Other than that there aren’t any other areas of the colour scheme that bother me and that includes the gold they use for frame.

Weapons: 10/10

Everything present and accounted for. You’ve got the Beam Shield which attaches simply by pulling the red piece off the arm guard and placing the shield in between.

The Beam Saber handles sit on the side skirts/railguns but can come off and combine into one double-bladed weapon.

I’m Darth Maul! With a Beam Shield!

And thanks to a simple design the two Beam Rifles can join into one long, more impressive one.

That might be my favourite Strike Freedom pose.

You should count the Rail Guns as weapons but I’ll leave those for now.

Articulation: 9/10

Yes, heavy backpacks will always mess with a kit’s stability so you should not expect the new Strike Freedom to be able to stand up well when all the Dragoons are out. Thanks to the new design there is a lot of articulation in this kit but you’ll need it on a stand to experience it.

You’ll be able to do crazy things with the wings if you have one.

Build Design: 9/10

Featuring a new design similar to the previous Revive kits the Strike Freedom now has more articulation in the torso area as well as frame sections in areas such as the knees and elbows. It also features some cool gimmicks such as the rail guns on the side skirts that can flip to the back.

This reveals a place (not a poly-cap) in which to insert the rifle if you’re not carrying it.

(Yes, I left the grip hand on there. Forgive me.)

It also has a panel which opens on the back of the lower leg.

Though there isn’t really anything under there to see.

The backpack is designed more on the simple side.

The two wings on each side can move independently.

With the Dragoons on each wing being able to separate somewhat.

One thing you cannot do, however, is move the lighter blue parts slightly to go into a Full Burst Mode.

That part will just come off entirely.

I’m sure some kind of exclusive Full Burst stand set is on its way but that doesn’t help towards the review score here. I can only evaluate what you’re given in the kit at release.

It is still fun to play with this guy and his backpack providing you have a stand.

Fun Factor: 8/10

It’s nice to be able to assemble, and play with, a much better looking and moving version of the Strike Freedom kit in 1/144 scale though with design being so similar to the other Revive kits a lot of the novelty is gone with this kit. The build wasn’t too exciting but seeing it completed is where I found my enjoyment.

Extras: 5/10
(no photo)
I didn’t really know how to grade this category. You’re not given anything beyond the kit and the stickers and while other kits from this newer line such as the Mk-II came with marking stickers this kit doesn’t have any which is a shame because the Strike Freedom has some of the coolest markings of any of the winged Mobile Suits. I guess you can use the RG Strike Freedom markings if you want to. This may seem like nitpicking but I can’t just abandon this category altogether and I do think Bandai could have done a little bit more with this kit.

If you’re a big fan of the Strike Freedom, and there are a large number of people who fit into this category, then you’ve likely already picked up this kit or have been looking into it. It’s definitely the best Strike Freedom in HG to date so if you want a bigger, better proportioned SF then you need to grab one.

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  1. Manpig says:

    Same weapons as the RG but different scores? O_o

    • Kushal says:

      It’s not unreasonable to expect more out of a RG than a HG.

      • Manpig says:

        But it has everything the Strike Freedom could come with,b the MS doesn’t really have any more than what we got.

    • wfm2 says:

      If anything, I think the HGCE’s rifles are better proportioned than the RG’s, which is too fat. The HGCE does uses stickers for the blue trims, however, minor paint applications are easily fixed compared to adjusting proportions by yourself.

  2. Chris says:

    You should mention the fact that this revive line uses the new universal standard backpack pegs, so the DRAGOONs can be changed with DX Satellite Cannons, Freedom’s Hi-Mat, Hyaku Shiki’s booster binders, etc. Gives it more additional points compared to its RG counterpart.

  3. xdarkx says:

    I heard the RG Freedom was kinda fragile compared to the HG Revive which is more durable, thus I heard more praises for the latter than the former. Can the same be said for the Strike Freedom (cuz I’m still thinking whether to get this or the RG if I can only get one)?

    • Brian says:

      The wings were fragile, but it’s nothing cement can’t fix. But the RG is definitely a reasonably-priced gorgeous Gunpla. I’d recommend it any time.

  4. Vince says:

    Will the red part on the head (v fin) fit with the rg strike freedom?

  5. Leo Judd Atanque says:

    Are the aftermarket realgrade wings good for this guy too?

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