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Bandai continues their redesigning of older suits with the 1/144 HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam but am I correct in calling this a Revive kit? It lacks the emblem on the box indicating so that the first Revive kit had but it definitely fits in with what they were doing with that line. I guess I’ll just call it the newest Strike Freedom. I’ve built the older HG kit but unfortunately, I don’t have it at hand any more. But, for the purpose of this post, I’ll be posting a WIP of this upgrade.

The box art is tremendous and, if you’ve been paying attention to the recent comments here, the question of whether or not English is appearing on all (most?) kits coming out moves one step closer to being answer.

There is English all over this box and manual. A lot of it.

The box was quite heavy and you can see why. Here is the runner pile.

Gold poly-caps and stickers. I see they still give me stickers for the blue on the gun. Ick.


First off, let’s start on the torso.

Before we get too far into this I want to let everyone know that I had a very limited time in which to get started on this kit but I wanted to get as far as possible in the first session. Because of this rush (I’d like to think that’s the reason) I made a couple of mistakes that I had to correct later. I’ll point those out here in case something looks strange to those reading this post.

The torso!

The first error I made was in connecting those two blue parts. You can see in this photo how the rear part is upside down.

Oops. Easy enough to fix.

Add the large blue armour part and the vents in the front.

Now for the neck, collar, and cockpit hatch.

Even after just assembling the torso I feel the proportions are an improvement over the older kit.

Now for the head.

But if I put the black eye sticker over the clear part that goes over the optional silver foil then wouldn’t that render the silver foil unseeable?

Who am I to question, Bandai?! (I put the foil on, by the way. I know you may not be able to tell.)

Two armour parts clamshell around the face to make the head.

This part is tricky. You need to put the white V-fin into a certain position and then place the yellow one around it however the manual doesn’t really show the proper position. I placed the white V-fin too far up which made the yellow one impossible to put on. So I had to remove the white one. And it broke. I’ll just cement that and put it aside for now.

The shoulders!

No mistakes here. It was easy.

Now for the arms and like other Revive kits, you’ve got some frame to work with.

You have a cap to plug into the end of the arm once you’ve got the frame inserted into the forearm armour part. Be sure to align in properly.

Make this thing.

Finish up the arm by dropping a couple armour pieces on at the top.

Add the hand and connect to the assembled shoulder.

It has a nice range of movement.

So now we can move onto the lower body, starting with the feet.

You have to insert the poly-cap into the frame part from below and it’s tough to line up.

Once you have it started you can push it in all the way by adding the blue piece.

It needs a push.

Place the gold part into the front foot part from the back and then lock it in place by dropping the white piece on.

The knees are much like the elbows in that you have frame parts for the assembly.

You’ll attach the poly-cap at the bottom of the knee into the top of the lower leg armour while also adding the ankle assembly the same way at the bottom.

Add the ‘flap’. That’s what I call it.

You then add the armour for the front of the leg and follow that up by dropping the dark blue part for the knee on from above.

Then add the thigh armour.

Until this point you were assembling both legs at the same time. Once you get here the manual differentiates left from right.

Right and left leg hip joints.

Add the foot and then the ankle armour.

A nice bend here too.

With the legs done all that’s left to complete the body is the waist/skirt.

Those parts that will hold on the side rail guns aren’t poly-caps but are instead frame parts.

Rear skirts and centre block.

Front centre block.

I made the front skirts two parts instead of one. Snip snip.

Man, those legs look long.

Rail guns incoming!

These are pretty self-explanatory.

A frame part snaps on the underside.

This will connect to pegs found on the inside at the bottom of the torso.

Notice I’ve got the beam sabres on now. They were simple enough.

He looks pretty slick.

Gotta get that other thing in place now. What was it again? Oh ya, the Dragoons of Death!

That’s next time.

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  1. Michael says:

    I really love the new kit proportions. Old HGCE kits’ proportions were one one of the biggest reasons I generally avoided the line.

  2. stephen says:

    I think you don’t need to place the other set of eye stickers if you are to place the silver foil stickers at the back. That is what I did with the HGUC Gundam Mk.II (revive). The eyes do look great when being spot on with some light, however, you do need to put some paint on the lower parts where it is supposed to be black.

  3. JangotheBlueFox says:

    from what I can tell they took alot of inspiration from the RG kit when they were designing this one. the beam shield on this kit is identical to the RG version. and the way the rail guns on the side skirts fold up is also the same as the RG.

  4. Leah says:

    What I want to know is whether this kit is better than the RG or will serve as a good replacement for the RG which I’ve never been happy with.

    • CaptainPikachu says:

      the new HGCE SF is tad taller and slicker than the stout RG, the wings of the HGCE is larger than the RG and for me, the proportions of the HG revive are a bit better than the RG. especially the head size.

  5. Nua says:

    I see that the rail gun’s connection to the body (the swinging one) is bigger than RG, and that’s better, I think. My Rg broke in that spot, due to the tiny and fragile connection.
    I bet this one is much sturdier.

  6. HBSK says:

    Technically the Revive version are kits that already exist on the Universal Century lineup. Freedom was part of the “All Gundam Project” so it was a HGCE, and this one too.

  7. AscendantEvincar says:

    How’s the look of the gold parts in person?

  8. JG says:

    I cannot express how glad I am to read that the &^*$%&$ white V-fin on the head broke for you too when trying to remove it to complete the head! Bandai really didn’t make it clear in the manual, I was afraid I was just a bad Gunplar!

  9. Paul Emical* says:

    You know the saying: a trouble shared is a trouble halved!

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