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It’s mid-month so I usually put a little blurb at the beginning of a post reminding everyone about the current ongoing Donate and Win Contest. Oh hey, that reminds me. We’re halfway through November with the prize offered this month being the MG Impulse Gundam Blanche so if you missed the announcement and want a chance to win this great kit check out the link.

Along with that reminder I need to make an announcement. So far the contest has worked out quite well, I think. I’ve been able to keep my site online which is very important to me and I’ve been able to offer some rare kits to people who help me out. However, I’ve been unable yet to send away the prizes for both the September contest (the MG Powered GM) and the huge prize for October drawing (the MG Z Gundam Unit 3 P2 Red Zeta). That means there are two winners out there who either haven’t received my email because I made a mistake with the address or haven’t checked their email recently.

I should point out that once the winners are drawn I go back to the paypal message showing their donation and email the email address shown in there. If people are donating from an account they don’t normally use it’s possible they will miss an email from me should they win.

So, I have to make sure to get these kits to the proper winners but I also don’t want to give out people’s names or email addresses over the internet. Instead I’m going to drop some hints in the hope that the lucky people will recognise themselves as the prize winners. (You’re all winners, by the way. Every single one of you. Never let someone tell you otherwise.)

If you are a Tom and possibly from NZ then you should check your email. Don’t be bashful. There’s a Powered GM that needs to be sent to you.

If your name rhymes with Melvin and you are very kingly there is probably a message from me in your email. I’ve a Red Zeta that wants to go to its new home.

If you recognise yourself in these descriptions but can’t find an email from me in your inbox, please email me at and we will get this sorted.

Thanks everybody!

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  1. Swervdriven says:

    I’ve tried to use the support GG button on the sidebar a couple of times now, but PayPal never loads the page all the way on mobile. Any suggestions?

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