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A new season of IBO is underway and it’s no surprise that the suits featured in the newest episodes look kind of familiar. Actually they look very familiar. The newest kit released has a different name. Not Glaze but Julieta’s Mobile Reginlaze but looking at it, it definitely looks like the thing I’ve seen so much of the past year.

The runner label is a good indication of whether we are using parts from older kits or all new stuff. Interestingly the A1 and A2 runners for this kit do say Mobile Reginlaze.

Is the lack of reference to Julieta a hint that we’ll see more of these? Do we even need hints at this stage.

Here is the B Frame runner.

These are labeled as Reginlaze Frame.

C runner has all the weapons and does have the same labelling as the B runner.

Filling out the box are these.

Minimal amount of stickers.

I am okay with that.

And I guess the human face on the box belongs to Julieta.

Nice uniform.

This kit despite not having the Graze name is pretty much a Graze kit when it comes to assembly. I’m even stickering the same areas.

Here are the sides of the torso.

The head has an interesting armour piece that looks like a collar.

I actually thought that was going to be a collar of some sorts, but no, it’s the head.

Parts for the arm.

Check this out. Here are the parts for the hand. You plug the finger piece into the part for the back of the hand.

Because the connection is just a peg in a hole the finger piece can rotate 360 degrees.

Not bad so far.

Now for the two feet.

This assembly is different from the feet found on the Graze kits.

Leg frame parts.

Add armour.

Slide the foot on from the back and the ankle armour on from the front.

Add the armour parts for the upper leg.

There is a fair amount of bend to these knees.

Skirt assembly.

That completest the body but this guy (or girl?) has some attachments that need to go on his (or her?) back.

There it is.

I actually kind of like those back thrusters.

Now for the weapons.

The body of the rifle is, unsurprisingly, two halves placed together.

You are then meant to put it in the Reginlaze’s hand before adding the rest of the parts but I’ll show them here.

You can add a longer barrel to the rifle if you want.

Now for, um, these.

You are meant to put them in the hand before adding the bottom but, like the rifle, I wanted to assemble the entire thing. There is a hand guard that goes on as well after you orientate this weapon in its hand.

And two of these.

These are meant to attach to the back of the cuff which looked, during assembly, like it was missing something.

To review or not to review? That is the question. There really isn’t much more to this kit than what I’ve shown.

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  1. Manpig says:

    I’d like a review. I’ve got the kit but haven’t built it yet. Would like to see how it fares on the old review rating.

  2. GingerPixel says:

    I like the kit, it has some new design elements and its interesting how these HG frames are progressing. Why wouldn’t you review it? I doubt anyone would complain!

  3. Danforth Vista says:

    Yes, Julieta definitely said that this is different from a Graze, but that is in the anime world, not in the real world. It may be structurally different or performs way better than a Graze, but after all, that’s just a model kit in reality. Maybe that’s my reason why I don’t buy much grunt suits, they usually differ in the weapons, side armors, or just color schemes.

  4. Paul says:


    Why is it that everytime I see a mostly in-depth review of the build process for a kit I always get ideas for a kitbash?

    • Paul says:

      Like, just right now looking at the shoulder assembly I think “Hmmm… This thing would look good with the standard Graze’s shoulders”. Then those shields (???) show up and I think “maybe if I glued the Graze Ein’s pile bunkers on it…”

      • Phillax says:

        That’s the essence of Gunpla, purchase without regret!

      • Paul says:

        Great. Now I’m getting ideas for those side skirts.

        I wanna mutilate and glue the Schwalbe’s rear thrusters onto the back portion of those things.

        Yes. Yes. I might actually have some time to pull this off this December. Now I just need to think of a paintjob.

  5. Ryan says:

    Very interesting design idea for the hands. Apart from that it’s all rather meh.

  6. Frankon says:

    The hands looks like a nice idea. Had to glue the ones for my season 1 kits cause the weapons always forced the hands to pop up.

    The legs are a bit of a letdown from the graze (based on the pictures), cause it looks like the knee cap armor isnt separate like the old graze frame. But i must admit i like the back thrusters/verniers.

  7. Ronal says:

    hey Syd do you plan to built the HG Io shinden ?

    i just want to know your opinion about it

    because when i see the picture of it’s frame it has RG feel

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