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Remember when the RE/100 lineup was announced and we thought it would be great because it would allow us to have the mobile suits in 1/100 scale that we may have never seen in MG scale? Bandai’s still doing that however the releases in the RE/100 line are coming even less frequently than the scaled back MG line. What’s a 1/100-loving Gunplar to do? Build IBO, I guess. I’m just kidding (a little). Yes, the 1/100s appear to be spread out across three grades now but there is still plenty of building to be done. Right now, I’m hitting the RE/100 AMX-107 Bawoo.

Check out all this English!

The Bawoo is unlike any RE/100 that has come before in that it can transform, or maybe just split in half (I’m sure you could split in half the previous RE kits but you get my point here).

‘With just a few part changes, switch the unit between the Bawoo Attacker and the Bawoo Nutter Mode.’ Lemme guess which one is the Nutter.

Here is the provided sticker sheet.

That one on the top right looks badass.

There are quite a few runners in this box so I’ll divide them by doubled runners and singled runners. Here are the runners that come two each in the box.

And here are the singles.

That by now very familiar PC runner.

The manual is laid out and easy to understand.

Wait, what’s that text?


Starting at Step 1 I prepare these parts.

Manual is clear that I should not cut off the side of that frame part.


Due to the shape of this piece it’s impossible to determine what is part and what is gate. Let’s see what happens. Everything goes together making this.

The opposite side of the torso is the same so I get another crack at that tricky part.

Too conservative?

Now for the section that is the top of the torso/neck.

Prepare this!

Like this.

Add small yellow parts in there.

Slap a poly-cap onto each side of the neck assembly and attach it to those things you built at the beginning.

Add the rear part you prepared.


Now I’ve got a larger black piece to drop on from above.

Looking more and more like a torso ala Zeta.

Now for this.

Fold it up.

I’ve got an emblem to add at this stage.

Note what looks like a gap between the black areas.

Adding the yellow parts there actually closes it up for good.

Same for the back.

It’s an interesting design and there are quite a few yellow parts to go on.

Add the start of the backpack fuel tanks. I think that’s what they are.

Now for the head.

I’ll need one of these.

That completes the first steps but this guy doesn’t stay upright well at this stage.

Next up is the shoulders.

This is more like the RE/100 kits I know.

Let’s do that again.

With the shoulders done you’ve got two arms to assemble next.

The frame assembly for the lower arm drop into the yellow piece.

A little black piece is added there as well.

Now for this little thing.

You’ll be placing that in the end of the arms.

Close that up with another yellow part then add the red armour.

You’ll need two of these.

Complete your arms.

The peg going into the top of the arm is quite long.


You’ll need to make sure the hole for the ball joint is facing out to get the hands in.

Two arms to go with my upper body.

Interesting start to the newest RE/100

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  1. Kihara Noukan says:

    I like the RE:1/100 line. Their MS choice is kind of bizarre, so every single kit offer different modelling experience, because all of them are new mold. I doesn’t really enjoy IBO and MG lately, a lot of them share similar skeleton, it feels like building the same kit.

  2. Danforth Vista says:

    Just as when you noticed the “follow the steps” procedure and giving us a meme, you unintentionally cut the frame part hahaha. Truely ironic hahaha

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